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Guts Sportsbook Review

Guts Sportsbook does the basics really well: where many others fail to provide clean, user-friendly designs on both their desktop and mobile sites, Guts sportsbook seeks to attract the bettor interested in a functional experience. With a near-flawless design, they will reel you in with their aesthetics and keep you with their extensive casino gaming and esports betting options. In the interest of streamlining your experience, we’ve reviewed every aspect of Guts’ betting procedure, from start to finish.

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Our Hot Take

Guts sportsbook make me think of four things: Customer service, customer service, design and customer service. We’re being serious. Guts is committed to helping you with live experts or via email, and they do it all on a site that’s incredibly easy to navigate.

But being unavailable in the US and Canada makes this sportsbook off-limits for many.

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Pros & Cons

Basic Information

Guts Key Facts

  • HQ

    Guts sportsbook is run by Zecure Gaming Limited, a company that operates out of Malta. Their official address is Betsson Experience Centre, Ta’ Xbiex …




    Undisclosed information


    Guts is available in most countries but restricted in the USA, Belgium, Denmark, France, Hong Kong, Italy and Turkey. You can, however, use their site…


    Football, badminton, baseball, basketball, boxing, cricket, cycling, darts, soccer, golf, handball, hockey, MMA, motorsports, rugby, tennis, table ten…


    Blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps and other dice games, video slots, jackpot games



Account creation

Lengthy, But Easy

Creating an account with Guts takes a little longer than it does for other sportsbooks, but the process is enhanced by an above-average experience.

The screen prompts walk you through everything step by step. They ask for your email, and for you to create a username. Then you move on to other information like your name and address.

After you’ve completed the three-step process, you’ll need to confirm your account via a confirmation code sent as a text. At that point, you’ll be good to begin making deposits and placing bets.

Welcome Bonuses

100 Percent Deposit Match!

Though Guts doesn’t have a sign-up special for sportsbook users, it offers welcome bonuses in the casino and poker room.

In the casino, they’ll match 100 percent of your first deposit up to €100 while also awarding you free spins for certain custom casino games. For the poker room, you’re eligible for sign-up promos that could net you an extra €1,000


Safe and Secure

Finding Guts’ deposit option isn’t particularly difficult. It’s right at the top left hand side of the homescreen.

However, there is one drawback. You need to have a phone number from one of the countries Guts operates in, otherwise, you won’t be able to confirm your account and set up deposit options. VPN services, unfortunately, cannot help you here.

Bitcoin: Yes!

Bitcoin users can indeed make deposits without being subject to any large fees. The minimum deposit on these transactions is €10.

Credit Cards: Use Them Here!

Guts does not provide a list of credit cards it accepts—but only because they accept most of them, including Visa and Mastercard. Better yet, they don’t charge a fee when making a deposit with a credit card, though depending upon your issuer, you could be subject to certain fees.

Withdraw Winnings

Simple and Fast

Requesting withdrawals is easy at Guts. You’ll see the withdrawals option at the top of your page, and all you need to do is confirm the withdrawal amount and select your desired method.

Different withdrawal options will have various wait times. For example, bank transfers take two to seven days while credit card withdrawals will take around two to five days. All withdrawals will include a 24-hour processing grace period.

Placing a Bet

Guts Sportsbook Offers Cool Features

Placing a bet is a highly interactive experience at Guts. They have all the different sports clearly labeled with bright tabs, and they categorize all the different bets you can make by sport, separating single game lines from win-total and big-picture future odds.

Our favorite part of the experience is their mobile bet slip. It is, in essence, a small pop up window that stays in the bottom right of the screen so you can scroll through all the different events and lines without ever losing sight of what you’re already planning to bet on.

Politics Betting

Not Many Options

American politics betting is not currently available at Guts. They do give you the option to bet on UK politics, but the selection isn’t all that extensive. You’re limited to wagering on the most seats in the next general election and the permanent party leaders.


Options Galore

Plenty of esports options are up for grabs at Guts. They have all the major games to choose from, but they offer the most betting options on Rainbow Six, Dota, Overwatch, King of Glory and Counter Strike.

Virtual Sports Betting

Not Here

Virtual sports betting entails placing wagers on electronic competitions that are simulated in real time. Guts, however, does not offer any virtual sports betting options. 

To be clear, we don’t hold this against them. Virtual sports betting isn’t available at every sportsbook, and many of them don’t do it correctly even if they have it.


Incredibly Thorough, with Limited Props

You’ll love the NFL betting experience over at Guts. Their game lines are once again clearly marked by visually appealing design, and they do a great job separating the single-event bets from the futures wagers—which they refer to outrights.

Perhaps most impressive, Guts shows you the most popular outrights, so you can know which win totals, Super Bowl odds or conference championship lines bettors have invested in.

Admittedly, though, Guts doesn’t have a ton of props available. Like most places, their options will increase during the playoffs and the lead-up to Super Bowl week, but offering plenty of regular-season props is a great way for sportsbooks to distinguish themselves.


Flawless Experience

Baseball betting is no different from NFL betting over at Guts. They have game lines sorted by which contest is going to begin first, and they also offer a look at the most popular outrights on World Series and American League/National League championship odds.

If you’re looking for lots of MLB props, you’ll need to go somewhere else during non-playoff stretches.


Let the Fun Begin at Guts Sportsbook

We’re going to repeat ourselves, and we’re not sorry. Betting on the NBA at Guts is an incredibly user-friendly experience.

Not only is there a countdown to the next upcoming games, like there is for MLB and the NFL, but they also provide you a snapshot of each team’s record next to the game lines. And like always, Guts shows you the most popular bets on the NBA’s conference championship and NBA Finals odds, in addition to win totals if you’re shopping around during the offseason.

US Open

Dicey Selections

Somewhat surprisingly, Guts’ golf betting section is a letdown.

Forget about props. Guts has limited options there across every sport, just as many other online sportsbooks do. But they don’t list the odds for tournaments that far out in advance. They had zero odds for the closest tournament when we were shopping around, even though the lines for outright winners were available elsewhere.

More Betting Options

You’ll Never Run Out of Bets

Restrictive prop betting is a clear limitation for Guts, but what it lacks in that market, it makes up for with a wealth of general sports options. On top of everything listed above, you can also wager on badminton, boxing, cricket, cycling, darts, soccer, handball, hockey, MMA, motorsports, rugby, tennis, table tennis, volleyball, the NBA 2k league and more.


A 100% Matching Casino Bonus

Guts promises many of ways for you to get your casino fix through the following options:


After signing up, Guts will match 100 percent of your first deposit up to €100. You will also be eligible for up to 100 free spins on their casino game of the week.


With its own Bonus

Guts is currently overhauling their poker room where, where they offer an abundance of different sit-and-go games and tournaments:

Expect Guts’ list of options to increase once their poker room reopens for business following the redesign.

Poker Bonus

Guts’ poker bonuses vary. Depending on when you sign up or make your first deposit, they’ll offer to match a certain percentage of your investment. While that potential value of this bonus may shift, the maximum amount it will match does not. It is always up to €1,000.

Live Betting

Instant Lines and Updates

Keeping in theme with their friendly UX design, Guts clearly outlines their live-betting section, breaking your options down by sports and, most impressive, how much time is left in each live event.

The numbers on these lines will be updated in real-time, so be sure to make your decisions quickly. Even if you don’t, though, Guts’ trusty Betslip will update the odds in the bottom right as you scroll through the rest of your options.

Parlay Betting

Increase Your Winnings

Parlay betting is a cinch at Guts. All you need to do is hit the “combined” tab on your betslip. Easier still, whenever you add multiple lines or futures to your betslip, Guts will automatically change your wager type to a parlay.

Additional Betting Help

Get Extra Help from Guts Sportsook

Guts’ other user resources include:

Would it be nice if Guts had a blog that offered advice on live sporting events? Of course. But they do a nice job of keeping you informed of the larger picture. Their FAQ section in particular is effortless to navigate and includes every issue under the sun.


Needs More Sportsbook Options

Guts has a few nice bonuses in place for the casino and their poker room, but aside from running daily specials, they don’t do much to entice you to use their sportsbook.

Customer Service

Guts Sportsbook is the Best in Class

Good luck finding a sportsbook with superior customer support. Guts has the customer service section clearly labeled at the bottom of their homepage—”Help”—and they offer you an array of options, including email assistance, live help and call-back support.

When seeking live help, you have to make sure you’re contacting them during normal hours of operation, otherwise you’ll be unable to talk with someone. For the call-back option, meanwhile, you’ll usually receive a follow-up within an hour of your inquiry–provided, once again, you’re contacting them during their normal hours of operation.


No Spam Here!

Despite having your email, Guts sportsbook will never spam you. They confirm your account at sign-up with a text message, and you have the option of selecting what type of correspondence you’ll receive from them.

Live Streaming

Not Right Now

Only a few sportsbooks offer live streaming options. Though Guts keeps you up to date in real time with live-betting odds, they do not have live-streaming for any sports.


Yes. You. Can.

Using Guts from an unsupported territory with a VPN worked for us. That being said, they do ask you to confirm your account after signing up via text message from a phone number that matches the territory you’ve selected. You’ll need to contact customer service to get around this.


A User-Friendly Sportsbook

Unfortunately this sportsbook is not available to bettors in North America.

Anyone else who is interested in a smooth, visually appealing experience will find enjoyment at Guts. Their site teaches a masterclass in web design.

Guts Sportsbook Review

They do a fantastic job of iterating you through every step of every process, whether it be account creating, placing a bet or searching for help on the website. With the promise of fast payouts and a customer service infrastructure to rival the very best, Guts is a sportsbook worth your time.

Editor’s rating