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Titan Bet Sportsbook Review

BetAnySport is in the Vietbet family. Its user interface is outdated, and customer support is lacking.

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Hot Take

Betanysports is a catchy name, but does it actually live up to its lofty claims? Not so much.

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Pros & Cons

Basic Information

Titan Bet Key Facts

  • HQ

    Costa Rica




    Not public information


    United States, Canada, and most of Asia


    Blackjack, Craps, KENO, Poker, Roulette, Slots


    Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, Cycling, eSports, Football, Golf, Horse Racing, Hockey, MMA, Motorsports, Soccer, Tennis



Account creation

Verification Through Email Necessary

To get started on Betanysports, you’ll need to enter your personal details. It’s all the usual information you’re used to by now — name, physical address, email, password, etc. After this, you’ll receive a verification email from Betanysports. Just click on the link they send you and you’ll be redirected to a page with your unique username. This is what you’ll use to login from here on out. 

BetAnySports Sportsbookiphone

Account Creation Screenshot

Welcome Bonuses

Hard To Find Deals

Betanysports doesn’t openly promote a new player sign-up bonus on its site. However, there usually is one running, just discreetly. Your best bet to find out what’s available is reach out to customer service upon sign-up and ask directly. For us, it was a 50-percent initial deposit match that could top out at $1000.  

BetAnySports Sportsbookiphone

Welcome Bonus Screenshot


Verify Identity To Unlock Options

Betanysports supports deposits done through bank money order, bank card, person-to-person, or Bitcoin. However, the first three options aren’t available until you verify your identity via an ID, passport, or monthly bill of some sort. Bitcoin, however, is accepted with or without verification. 

Bitcoin: The Most Convenient Way To Deposit

What’s not like about Bitcoin deposits? They’re free of charge, have the highest deposit limits of $10,000, and don’t require identity verification. We just wish Betanysports would accept other cryptocurrencies aside from Bitcoin. Regardless, Bitcoin is the most hassle-free way of funding your account on Betanysports.

Credit Cards: Harsh Limits Imposed

For US- and Canada-based players only, deposits with Visa and Mastercard are allowed on Betanysports — in either credit or debit card form. But get this, the max deposit limit is a measly $500. That’s overly constraining and pales in comparison to the higher limits offered up by competing sportsbooks. 

BetAnySports Sportsbookiphone

Depositing Screenshot

Withdraw Winnings

Free and Paid Options

You can withdraw funds at Betanysports in one of four ways — bank wire, Bitcoin, check, or peer-to-peer. However, three of this will cost you a price. An $80 surcharge comes with a bank wire or check, while a peer-to-peer transfer can range from $30 and $140. You might as well go with the free option, which we cover next.

Bitcoin Withdrawals: Free-Of-Cost Method

Yep, Bitcoin is charge-free. Not just that, it’s also the quickest turnaround time. But wait, there’s more. The withdrawal limit is also the highest at $10,000, while the other options top out at $3000. There’s no question Bitcoin is the most advantageous way to cash out at BetAnySports.  

Placing a Bet

Easy To Do But An Eyesore

Upon signing in, the Betanysports interface does a complete 180-degree turn — and not necessarily for the better. The platform’s “bet the board” section looks like a relic from the early 2000s Internet. But at least it works like it’s supposed to, but it sure is an eyesore to look at. Anyway, the sportsbook menu is organized by sport and league so it’s easy enough to find a bet. Once you see a line you like, enter how much you want to risk and click “continue.” And that’s it, easy enough, right?

Politics Betting

Heavy On The US Presidential Election

All politics-related betting can be had in the “other sports” section of the sportsbook alongside events like competitive eating, the puppy bowl, among others. The US Presidential Election makes up the entire politics board. That includes odds for which candidate will win outright and props on individual state winners. 


Sticks To The Big Guns

Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Overwatch — those are the type of video game titles you’ll see betting lines for at Betanysports. As you can tell, the selection is mostly geared toward the big-name games. Lesser-known and more niche eSport leagues probably aren’t available at Betanysports. 

Virtual Sports Betting

Live Streams On Twitch

Sports simulations definitely have a place at BetAnySports. The betting catalog is reserved for actual eSport games like Madden, NBA 2K, FIFA, etc. This should not be confused with normal eSports wagering, though, as virtual sports are 100-percent simulated without any human element. BetAnySports also includes live links (usually from Twitch) for the simulated game so you can watch along. 


Basketball Beyond Borders

The basketball catalog at BetAnySports is incredibly diverse. It spans from the Americas to Europe to Asia and everything in between. Of course, the NBA has the largest wagering selection among the sport. But there’s also solid options for more obscure leagues elsewhere in the world that only the most diehard fans would know about.  

US Open

Hard Serve

You’ll be hard pressed to find an ATP or WTA event that’s not bettable on BetAnySports. And for major events like the US Open or Wimbledon, BetAnySports actually goes out of their way to provide an ample amount of lines for the men, women, single, and doubles tourneys.


A BetAnySports Favorite

The NFL is a prominent fixture in the sportsbook. You’ll find the full gamut of NFL bets here including spreads, over/unders, in-play, props, and futures. That variety should satisfy most football bettors during the regular season.


Turning The Hot Corner

If there’s one sporting league to master betting at, it’s the MLB. It beats out other leagues in sheer number of opportunities on a daily basis thanks in large part to its 162-game schedule. A wealth of those opportunities find themselves on BetAnySports. The months of April to October are jam-packed with baseball odds on the platform.

More Betting Options

Big Time Racebook

The racebook at BetAnySports is no joke. Here you’ll find thoroughbred racing odds from tracks across the world. Moreover, betting at the racebook also pays back in the form of a rebate (more on this later). 


Plenty Of Games But Too Many Casinos

For the life of us, we’ll never understand why BetAnySports has five separate casinos. Yes, that’s right, five casinos!

More often than not, having options is music to a bettor’s ear. But in this scenario, it’s just downright confusing. The casinos are more alike than they are different and offer the same types of games — slots, table games, video poker, etc.

In that regard, the BetAnySports casino does excel because there are hundreds of games to choose from. We just wish it was easier to get them under one link instead of five.   


Grand Games Await

BetAnySports is one of a slew of betting sites that run its poker games through the Grand Poker Network service. That all but guarantees that the amount of player traffic will stay high, which it certainly does. The poker room can be downloaded or played in-browser from a desktop or mobile device. Tournaments are all the rage inside the poker room, with multiple held each day. 

BetAnySports Sportsbookiphone

Poker Screenshot

Live Betting

Diverse Offering

Head over to the “Live Betting Extra” menu item underneath the sportsbook. This is where you’ll find all in-play wagers to be had, and let us tell you, that’s usually a lot.

Whereas many competitors only offer in-play on marquee games, BetAnySports has the option on an array of games across all sports. Also make use of the calendar, where you can look ahead to see which upcoming games will have in-play ability. 

Parlay Betting

Easy As A-B-C

Placing a parlay is almost identical to making a straight bet. Of course, the only difference being you’ll add more than one betting line to your ticket. Most odds can be parlayed together, aside from futures and in-play wagers. Everything else? It’s there for the taking at BetAnySports!

Additional Betting Help

Not Here

Any sort of betting guidance will have to come externally because BetAnySports doesn’t provide it. A regularly-updated blog would’ve come in handy here for either newbie bettors or those researching their next bet, but BetAnySports doesn’t maintain one, unfortunately. 


Rebate In The Racebook

BetAnySports isn’t too promo heavy, however, it’s horse racing book does benefit from a bettor-friendly rebate program. The rebate will range between four to nine percent depending on the track. Moreover, the reward applies to ALL bets made, not just losers. Rebate is credited back to players on a daily basis and there’s zero limit on how much you can earn back. 

Customer Service

Reasonable Hours

Unfortunately, BetAnySports doesn’t have around-the-clock customer support. However, its operating hours of 10 am to 8 pm EST should suffice for most players. They can be reached via telephone (1-800-442-0151), email (cs@betanysports.eu), or live chat. Languages supported include English, Chinese, and Viatnamese. 


Option to Subscribe Or Not

“I would like to receive information about BetAnySports’ offers and promotions” — that’s the last thing you’ll see on the registration process. You can either checkmark yes or no. We chose the former and were actually surprised to see how little BetAnySports contacted us. Seeing them in our inbox was incredibly rare.  

Live Streaming

Keep That Cable Subscription

We’ll keep this one short and sweet: there’s no way to live stream games on BetAnySports. None. Virtual sports can be streamed, but even then, not on the website itself. You’ll have to follow the external link to watch those. 


Hide Your IP Address

Fair warning: the use of virtual private networks (VPN) isn’t permitted on BetAnySports, per its rules. However, getting caught using one isn’t very likely. If you’re feeling risky and need to mask your IP address, it’s completely doable on BetAnySports. You may need to do this if you’re located some place where online betting, or just BetAnySports in particular, is barred. 

HideMyAss: Can’t Go Wrong With This One

If you’re on the market for a VPN, HMA is highly recommended — not only by us, but by bettors far and wide. HMA has about 300 different servers around the map where users can flip their IP address to. Not only that, but connections prove to be stable. Very rarely do we experience any drop-offs or so much as lag while browsing with HMA. 


Just A So-So Bookie

BetAnySports is neither a good bookmaker nor a bad one. In fact, the site as a whole is just kind of there. That sentiment will remain until BetAnySports figures out how to differentiate itself. Here’s some areas where they can start:

Titan Bet Sportsbook Review

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