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The world of NBA online betting is huge, and lots of fun. We have used our years of experience, and our nerdiness, to systematically compile the best NBA online betting sites.

Here you’ll find short, easy reviews of the top NBA betting sites. This is how to bet on basketball in the smartest and most fun way, by letting us do the research for you. 

What Makes an NBA Betting Site Great

  • Intuitive Design
  • Tons of Basketball Odds
  • Bouncy Bonuses

Best NBA Betting Sites

‘Nothing but net’ at Bovada

The Bovada Sportsbook really stands out for having so many NBA odds.

Bovada has a solid NBA welcome bonus. At 50%, it is a standard sportsbook welcome bonus.

The bovada sportsbook is easy to navigate, making NBA online betting easier than ever. Their betting guides will help you learn how to bet on basketball, or for the pros out there, how to do it better.

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Get an extra point with cryptos at Betonline

BetOnline has lots of odds, especially in their props and futures. Their odds archive is an especially great resource where you can see years of NBA online betting.

If you deposit with cryptocurrency, you can make their NBA welcome bonus more generous.

BetOnline does a good job serving NBA bettors. They stand out for the real-time game updates in live betting. This NBA sportsbook is a great resource for their bonuses and their odds library.

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Hoops betting at EveryGame

In addition to a full collection of NBA moneylines, EveryGame also has lots of futures and props.

You can choose between a %50, 100%, or 200% match for the EveryGame welcome bonus. The rollover requirement also increases with the matching bonus.

EveryGame is a solid NBA sportsbook. This is a long-standing and trusted NBA online betting site, and we recommend it highly.

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Special NBA Bets at MyBookie

MyBookie’s NBA welcome bonuses can be claimed multiple times. It gets even bigger for Bitcoin bettors.

MyBookie offers great odds, including NBA preseason and special betting. They have lots of NBA news for you to read.

MyBookie is a great NBA online betting platform. Use their multiple welcome bonuses to really extend your entertainment budget.

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Great NBA Futures at

Bitcoin bettors benefit from an increased welcome bonus, and reduced rollover requirements.

They focus mainly on sports, so their markets are broad, and they cover the NBA well.

Despite the older design, is an excellent online NBA betting platform with creative futures, and great Bitcoin bonuses.

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Claim your bonus at BetDSI

Bet DSI has huge welcome bonuses. These will satisfy any NBA bettor. At 100%, or 150% with Bitcoin, you will be able to get a lot of online NBA gambling for your buck.

BetDSI has lots of NBA lines. Their prop lines are still growing, and we have noticed improvements over the last couple of years.

BetDSI is super easy to use, and they have great customer service. With big welcome bonuses, BetDSI is one of the most fun sites around.

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Iconic Bets at GTBets

The GTBets welcome bonus is a great 100%. It is worth up to $250. Their Favorite Team promotion gets you better odds on the team you’ll bet on most.

GT Bets offers plenty of NBA betting. From NBA Draft betting lines and odds to parlay NBA bets, this is a great place where you can bet on the NBA

In addition to wonderful odds and big bonuses, GTBets is a very navigable, pleasant online betting site. It should be a regular, especially for sports fans wanting to bet on their favorite teams.

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Customer support is always open at BetNow

NBA gamblers looking to take home their winnings sooner will be happy with the low rollover requirements with BetNow’s welcome bonuses.

BetNow offers NBA futures and props, in addition to the standard moneylines and parlays.

With easy rollover requirements and fun bets, BetNow is a sportsbook for savvy and enthusiastic NBA bettors.

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WagerWeb replies to questions quickly

The WagerWeb welcome bonus is worth 50%. This is average for online sportsbooks.

They cover all the basics of NBA betting: money lines, point spread, future, parlays, and live betting. Their prop system is excellent and allows you to see the odds while adjusting props.

WagerWeb is great. Especially in its mobile version. Especially if you are into props, or enjoy the extra control from being able to adjust them, this is a great NBA betting site for you.

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NBA Betting Facts

Getting the facts about NBA betting sites is key. That’s why we have laid out this list of the best ones around. This is meant to save you a lot of time when it comes to the research you’ll need to do to make your first basketball bets. We provide a range of gambling sites that offer top-tier sports betting opportunities through the website or via mobile betting apps.

With the 2023/24 season almost upon us, we explore ways to make NBA best bets today and how to take advantage of some of these exciting betting markets. For those of you looking to make NBA bets tonight, we would strongly advise reading through the entirety of this page. Quality NBA betting advice is hard to come by, especially when the internet is saturated with novices trying to advise players on how to bet on NBA games. Stick with the pros. Our team has a wealth of experience and we’ll guide you through betting trends in the NBA and how to find value in the market.

You can also do research for individual matches. Get your NBA facts straight before placing a bet. This could mean research injuries on the team, how far they had to travel, or how strong home-field advantage at that particular stadium tends to be.

Luka put on a SHOW at MSG to lead the Mavs to the road W 🤩🪄

39 PTS
7 3PM
11 AST

— NBA (@NBA) February 9, 2024

How to Bet on Basketball

NBA sports betting is a lot like betting on other sports. Especially if you have been betting on other sports, you will have NBA betting down in no time. Even if not, it isn’t so hard.

Most NBA betting sites make this process as streamlined as possible. You can check our individual reviews to see how each oddsmaker handles their NBA basketball bets and their native betting systems.

NBA Betting Tips and Strategies

Working out your NBA betting strategy is key to success. The key to every basketball strategy is research. Know the players. Know the NBA team. Know the league.

For example, one thing that normally escapes casual basketball bettors is to check for court fatigue. For example, if the Los Angeles Lakers are flying in one day before their game, after playing up and down the East Coast, thwey will not be shooting hoops at the top of their game.

But also, know yourself. Are you best at on-the-fly decision making? Or are you more of a calculating type, who can make the most out of keeping an eye on wagering limits?

Types of NBA Bets

Our NBA Review Process

NBA Betting Bubble

Hoops betting experts

We know how to bet on basketball, so we know what matters most at NBA online betting sites. We examine betting options, betting odds markets, website design, and promotions. Our microscopic analysis leads us to our top NBA betting sites. 

Clear scoring

We use a standardized review process so we can systematically compare online NBA betting sites. Our knack for details led us to analyze prop bets, moneyline values, and NBA odds markets. 

Knock-out sites

We know what matters when you’re betting on basketball. We looked at it all and assigned scores based on welcomes bonuses, NBA specials, and website design. It’s organized so you can see clearly and objectively which are the best NBA betting sites.

NBA Betting Sites FAQs

Which are the best NBA bets today?

The best NBA bets are the ones that fit into your overall betting strategy.

Should I bet on my favorite basketball team?

Depends. Just be carefult o vote with your head, not with your heart.

What can I bet on in basketball?

You can bet on the outcomes of games, point spreads, or futures. Some fun props include betting on MVPs.

What makes these sites the best for basketball?

These betting sites have great NBA markets, as well as basketball betting guides and everything else that makes a betting site stand out.

What about college basketball?

At all of the best NBA betting sites, you can bet on a number of basketball leagues, including NCAAB.

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