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EveryGame Sportsbook Review

Check out our rigorous, honest Everygame Review. You’ll see that there’s more to the Everygame sportsbook than you might think.

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Why I like the Everygame Sportsbook?

Everygame comes with two casinos, a racebook, a sportsbook, and a poker room. With great customer service and plenty of odds, their site is easy and fun! During our Everygame review, we realized just why we loved this sports betting site so much.

Welcome Bonuses at Everygame

Sports Welcome Bonus
Crypto Welcome Bonus
King Football: Double Your Deposit
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Up to $500 Sign Up Bonus

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Our Review

EveryGame Key Facts

  • HQ






    Excluded areas

    Countries: Australia, Austria, the United Kingdom, France


    Slots, jackpot games, instant play, promotions


    Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, Cycling, Darts, Entertainment, eSports, Football, Futsal, Golf, Ice Hockey, Horse racing, Motorsports, Numbers …


    Earn 1 COMP POINT for every $10 you wager

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How to sign up?

Lightning fast

Creating an account with Everygame was fast. It took a total of 2 minutes to get everything set up. The process didn’t involve anything unnecessary, or burdensome security steps. I was relieved to get it done so quickly.

Plus, right when you’re done, they take you to the screen to input your credit card information. So you can really get it all set up and start playing in just a few minutes.

Everygame Welcome Bonuses

Choose your Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonuses at the Everygame sportsbook are especially nice because you can choose from a variety of welcome bonuses.  We love it when sportsbooks give us the ability to shape our own experience.

Basically, the higher the percentage match, the more stringent the rollover requirements.  So you can get larger sums of money in your betting account, but then you have to bet more before you can withdraw them,

It’s great to have a choice in this! You can fit the bonus to your own needs. To use it, just enter the code in the cashier. This is separate from the deposit process.

Bonus NameMatchMax bonusBonus code
Sportsbook Welcome100%$500WELCOME500
Cryptocurrency Welcome Bonus50%$1000CRYPTO1K

Everygame Promotions

Parlay promotions and more

The Everygame sportsbook offers lots of fun promotions. They get creative here. Let’s go over a few of my favorites. In fact, if you keep an eye on your email, you’ll see new and limited-time offers on a regular basis

Odds Hunter

This is a monthly contest with a $500 prize. Whoever places the bet for a winning parlay with the highest odds gets an extra $500. No rollover requirements either, so it’s all yours! 

Parlay Free Bets

If you lose a parlay by exactly one bet, you are automatically entered into a lottery. Every week they select 20 people to give $50 of free bets. This is a nice consolation prize when our luck is a little dry. 

In addition to the teaser option, this type of promotion makes the Everygame sportsbook a great place for parlays. You can combine these things to get a real discount.

Everygame Payments

Secure Bitcoin deposits

This whole Bitcoin deposit process is secure and streamlined here Everygame. In fact, right after you make your account, you’re taken to the logical next step: the deposit page.

I really love the Bitcoin deposit process at Everygame. It was fast and safe.  Depositing Bitcoin here was unlike anywhere else. And I mean in that in a good way!

What made it special was the encrypted connection. This is an extra level of security that did not require any effort on my part. It simply hides the wallet address, so only I can see it. This makes Bitcoin even more anonymous. 

My deposit arrived in 14 minutes after sending it in from my crypto wallet. Here’s how I did it:

Withdraw Winnings

Payout with verification

Bitcoin withdrawals

Bitcoin payouts are free of charge at Everygame. You do not have to pay any processing fee at Everygame.

Your funds should arrive in your Bitcoin wallet within two days. Pus you can transfer huge amounts. Up to $2,500 every week. If you want to withdraw more than that in BTC, you can just wait until the following Monday.

Bitcoin withdrawals will require account verification at Everygame. This means sending in some documents that confirm your address and identity.

This is similar to mot payout methods at most sports betting sites.

Credit Card withdrawals

Credit card withdrawals are not available at Everygame.

Placing a Bet

Easy to wager

Placing a bet at Everygame is always a breeze. They have a lot of odds that are well-organized. I can always find what I am looking for here, whether it’s a specific market, or what my next step in placing a bet is.

It is a complete and intuitive site for placing sports bets. They have clearly spent some time making this as smooth an experience as possible. Even if you have never been on a sports betting site before, you will have this down sooner than you think.

Here's how I did it:


Basketball futures, lines, and spreads

Of course you can place great bets on the NBA at Everygame. As such a high scoring game, spreads and over/unders are good options here.

They also have NBA futures covering championship winners and the like. If you are a basketball fan more generally, you can also bet on leagues from Europe or Asia.

US Open

Placement golf bets

As golf's biggest competition, you can place interesting bets on the US Open at the Everygame sportsbook.

In addition to betting on the outright winner, you can also place placement bets. These give you a wider margin of error. So you can bet that someone will win, or you can bet that they will place between first and third.

If you make both of these bets, you can win big!


Complete NFL markets

The NFL is a league no sports betting site can ignore. It is the most watched sport in the United States, and the energy behind the fans is unmatched.

Everygame does more than this. They excel in this critical section of their sportsbook.

They have futures and lines all year round. So you can bet on the winner of the Super Bowl anytime you want.

But they also have props not just for individual games but for the season as a whole. You can bet on who will be the defensive rookie of the year, for example. Or which wide receiver will advance the ball the most yards.


Great futures

Baseball betting is a serious business at Everygame. You can make lots of types of bets on the MLB. In fact, you can also bet on baseball from around the world.

The futures here are available all year round. Right from the beginning, you can bet on the winner of the World Series and on who will take home each League's Pennant.

And they include every available team. So you can bet on the Kansas City Royals just as easily as. on the New York Yankees.

Politics Betting


Everygame does offer wagers on political happenings. They have the big ones: US presidential elections, stuff on that scale. Their betting markets are mainly focused on US politics.

If you are a political betting junkie, you will find better sites. But if you just want to dabble now and then, Everygame is perfect.


Matches from around the globe

Everygame offers plenty of eSports betting. If this is your jam, you are all set here. eSports is an exciting up-and-coming sprout in the sports betting industry, and, as always, Everygame is there to lead the way.

Given the global nature of eSports, it’s important to know that the times given at this site are in the local time where the game is taking place. So keep that in mind if you want to place a bet right as a game is about to start.

Everygame covers the four major eSports thoroughly, with many leagues within each game.

Virtual Sports Betting

Not available at the moment

Everygame does not offer to bet on virtual sports, or sport simulations. 

More Betting Options

Bet on more than sports

Everygame has some of the widest betting options around. They offer two casinos, and a whole poker section. They also offer betting on politics, entertainment, and the stock market.

On top of covering all the sports deeply and widely, the Everygame empire has tons of fun betting options to keep you entertained long-term. Let's take a look.


Choose from two casinos

The Everygame Casinos are amazing. Yes, plural. With your Everygame sportsbook account, you also get access to two casinos: Red and Black.

Each has its own look and its own bonuses. The Classic Casino has a James Bond feel to it, so it’s my personal favorite.

However, the Red Casino has larger promotions. Using the bonus code SIGNUP1000, you can get a 125% match up to $1,000.

The Red Casino also has promotions for specific games. these are always rotating, but they normally include free spins if you use the right bonus code and deposit combination.

Check their promotions page for the latest.


Poker room and bonus

Everygame has a special section just for poker. It’s apart from its sportsbook and its two casinos. It’s more than video poker. They include tables and tournaments as well. This is a complete poker experience.

This means they also have their own bonuses. New poker players can get a 200% match up to $1000.

Also, if you keep an eye on your emails from Everygame, you will see frequent reload bonuses. They change and are offered through emails.

Everygame offers Texas Hold ‘em and Omaha. They offer them for different levels of players, so you can find the right table for you.

Live Betting

Unaivable at Everygame

Everygame promises to offer live betting shortly to its customers.

Parlay Betting

Teaser parlays are a specialty

Betting on a parlay here was super easy. It works just like a regular bet, but you must choose more than one wager to fold into your parlay, of course.

Everygame goes the extra mile and offers teaser parlays. This allows you to adjust the odds slightly in your favor. This not only makes things more fun, but also more profitable. not to mention that these types of parlays open up more betting opportunities.

Because parlays fold multiple bets into one, big bet, your risk and potential winnings are multiplied. The great selection here and the teasers make parlays at Everygame a lot of fun.

Customer Service

Contact via chat, email, or phone

Everygame has more options for customer service than almost any other sportsbook. You can reach them via phone, email, live chat, or Skype.

The live chat here is very fast, so it is what I would recommend using. In addition to being at the bottom of the homepage, you can also find it in the three-bar menu in the top right corner.

In my experience, they respond very quickly, and take care to answer my queries thoroughly.

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Costumer Service Screenshots


Via promotional emails

Everygame does not keep an active blog or betting guides. They send regular updates and notices about their websites and different offers for their players.


About once a week

Everygame sends more emails than most sites. I get about one a week. The good news is that they always have new and useful information!

Some sites send the same email multiple times. Everygame lets its customers know about expiring deals or updates to their site.

You can always decline them if they are too much for you. Lilke the welcome bonuses, here the choice is yours.

Live Streaming

Not available

Unfortunately, there is no live streaming at Everygame. If you want to watch the action while you bet live, you’ll have to watch the game somewhere else.


VPN for when you're away

VPN’s, or virtual private networks, redirect your internet connection. This can make it seem like you are logging in from somewhere else. Say, from California when you are actually in Illinois.

Online sports betting sites sometimes restrict where their customers come from. This means that if you are travelling and would like to access your account, you might need a VPN.

I have never run into this issue at Everygame when traveling, but I have nonetheless used Everygame with ProtonVPN. No problem.

Their free version worked fine. Just download the app, create your account, and once it’s running, sign in to Everygame like you usually would.


Great parlays

Everygame is a great sportsbook for all types of bettors. Where they really stand out is in their parlays. They take this exciting and high-reward bet and make it affordable.

Between their amazing teasers and their parlay promotions, this sportsbook is great for trying out your parlay skills.

Everygame is always fresh. With new promotions sent out via email on a monthly basis, there’s always something to do here. Plus, you can bet on politics, entertainment, two casinos, a sportsbook and so much more.

EveryGame's Latest Updates and News

EveryGame Sportsbook Review

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