MLB Betting Sites

You can be sure to hit your bets out of the park with these baseball betting sites

MLB Betting sites

We have analyzed and compared lots of online baseball betting sites. No matter your MLB betting strategy, you can find the site for you on this page.

We’ve done all the tough research and organised it into short, easy reviews.

What makes a great MLB betting site?

  • Intuitive Design
  • Large Selection of Up-To-Date Odds
  • Bonuses to Keep You Rolling

Best MLB Betting Sites

Hit a home run at Bovada

The Bovada Sportsbook has a great selection of MLB odds.

Bovada offers solid MLB welcome bonuses. At 50%, it is a standard sportsbook welcome bonus. With the Bitcoin boost, it gets even better.

Bovada is a top MLB betting site for how nice it is to navigate their extensive sportsbook. They also provide an MLB betting guide across a number of helpful articles, where you can see different baseball betting strategies. This makes Bovada online baseball betting site great for newbies or seasoned pros.

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Get Extra crypto bonus from BetOnline

BetOnline has a good number of odds, including props and futures. Their archive is an especially great resource.

Their MLB welcome bonus is good, but you can make it great by depositing with Bitcoin.

BetOnline does a good job catering to MLB bettors with their excellent live betting. This MLB sportsbook is a great resource for their bonuses and their odds library.

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Lots of MLB odds at EveryGame

In addition to a full collection of MLB spreads and moneylines, EveryGame offers lots of MLB props too.

With up to a 200% match, the EveryGame welcome bonus is among the most generous at online baseball betting sites.

EveryGame is a solid MLB sportsbook for letting you choose among its big bonuses. This is a long-standing and well-trusted MLB sportsbook. We recommend it highly.

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Get extra with Bitcoin at MyBookie

MyBookie’s MLB welcome bonuses can be claimed five times. They give bigger awards for Bitcoin too!

MyBookie offers the standard odds, including MLB preseason betting. Check out their MLB news section to fine tune your betting strategies.

MyBookie has good auxiliary assets for making informed MLB bets. Claiming their welcome bonus so many times can keep your betting going longer and longer.

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Free picks for MLB at

You can boost the welcome bonus and reduce the rollover requirement by depositing with Bitcoin.

With their focus on sports betting, they have extensive MLB odds, including futures, props, spreads, lines, and parlays.

Despite the older design, sportsbetting,ag pulls to the front of the pick with free MLB picks and excellent Bitcoin bonuses.

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MLB Betting Facts

The MLB has a long season so you can really gather steam throughout. Whichever recommended MLB betting site you choose to use you will be well-taken care of throughout the season. Betting on baseball online is taking off like never before.

The long season will also provide you with plenty of fodder for making the best MLB bets possible. You can see if teams tend to falter or improve throughout a series, or if they tend to benefit from home-field advantage.

How to bet on MLB

For those who are new to MLB betting, you have nothing to worry about. Placing a bet at all of our recommended MLB betting sites is as easy as can be. You will get the hang of it in no time.

Something we do encourage for those looking to find the MLB best bets is to find a consistent baseball betting strategy. Doing this will give you consistency and make it easy to find the MLB best bets today, or any other day!

It can be good to start with your favorite team. This will give you an opportunity to understand how betting odds and outcomes correlate throughout the season. As you get warmed up, you can spread to other MLB teams.

Best betting strategies for MLB

When making MLB bets you have a lot of different factors to consider. Always check to see the last few times these two teams matched up. If you can find a pattern that is not reflected in the odds, you’ve hit gold.

Another baseball betting tip is to take into account any injuries. If the star pitcher is injured but was starting the last time they played, then you can expect a different outcome this time. This type of research is key for creating the best MLB betting strategy and for making the best bets in MLB.

If you follow MLB betting trends, you will be able to create a betting system in relation to them. By this we mean if you follow the hype around Major League Baseball betting, you will be able to know which betting markets are inflated and which are undervalued. This is a key tip when it comes to how to bet on baseball.

Types of MLB Bets

MLB Betting Conclusions

MLB Conclusions bubble

Best MLB Betting online

We studied tons of MLB betting sites and systematically compared them. Nothing is out of reach of our analysis: betting options, customer service, website designs, and promotions. We’ve comed through the details and can give you the list of top MLB betting sites.

Objective reviews

Our standardized process objectively compares online baseball betting sites. We analyzed MLB markets, props, and the value of the lines. We have a passion for details.

Homerun galore!

We measured welcome bonuses and MLB specials across lots of online baseball betting sites. After stacking them up next to each other, you can see clearly and objectively which are the best MLB betting sites with the highest batting averages and on-base percentages. 

Best MLB Betting FAQs

What makes these the best baseball betting sites?

We judge these sites by putting them through a strict review process. In addition to being great sites generally, they also have great baseball markets.

Can I bet on other baseball leagues?

Definitely. MLB betting sites will also have markets for baseball in Taiwan, South Korea, and other countries. 

What types of bets are only in baseball? 

Baseball-specific bets include innings bets. You can bet on what will have happened after five innings. Also, bet on home run contests.

Are these MLB betting sites legit? 

You can absolutely trust these baseball betting sites. We have tested them all. 

Should I bet on my favorite baseball team?

If that sounds like fun to you! It might not lead you to winning much money, however. Check out sites offering baseball betting tips before you wager, it might really help!

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We have analyzed and compared lots of online baseball betting sites. No matter your MLB betting strategy, you can find the site for you on this page. We’ve done all the tough research and organised it into short, easy reviews.