Best MLB World Series Betting Sites

The beautiful thing about betting on the World Series is that if today is not your day, you may get as many as six tomorrows to make up for it. This isn’t the Super Bowl, a one-game winner-take-all showdown. No, the World Series is a test of mettle, seven-game series and generally when all is said and down, it is a testament to which of the two competing ballclubs is in fact the best team. That doesn’t mean both teams won’t have their shining moments during the series. [-]

Knowing ahead of time when these might occur will work to your advantage as you seek to make hay with your wagers. Know the pitching rotations for the series and look for mismatches. Did one team’s bullpen get a long workout the night before, meaning they might not be up to the task the next game, even though that team’s starter looks to be a shaky proposition? Pay attention, watch for these signs and they will speak to you.

MLB World Series Betting Lines Today

When looking to make a wager on Major League Baseball’s World Series, a good way to get in on the action early is via the futures line, and the earlier the better. [-]

Are you the romantic type who believes this is finally going to be the year that the Chicago Cubs end a World Series drought that’s existed since 1908? Or maybe this is the year that the Texas Rangers finally win their first World Series. Maybe you think the addition of Zach Grienke and Shelby Miller to their starting rotation will give the Arizona Diamondbacks enough pitching to go with what was baseball’s most explosive offense a year ago.

Perhaps you admire consistency. If that’s the case, the always contending St. Louis Cardinals, who are to MLB what the San Antonio Spurs are to the NBA and the Detroit Red Wings to the NHL, should be your team. If you follow trends, note that the San Francisco Giants won the World Series in 2012 and 2014.

Make your pick, take your chances and ride your horse to the finish but don’t wait too long to get on board, because once the season gets going, the more success a team enjoys, the lower the odds will be on them in the futures book.

MLB World Series Standings Right Now

The up-to-the-moment World Series standings are here and like a Shakespearian play, each act reveals another chapter toward the ultimate finish. [-]

Each fall, someone is waiting to step forward and fill the role of World Series MVP. It could be a starting pitcher answering the bell and going above and beyond the call, such as Mickey Lolich winning three games for the 1968 Detroit Tigers, Orel Hershiser’s two wins with the 1988 Los Angeles Dodgers and Madison Bumgarner winning two games and saving Game 7 for the 2014 San Francisco Giants.

Maybe it’s the hitters you admire, such as the walkoff home runs delivered by Pittsburgh Pirates second baseman Bill Mazerowski in 1960 or by Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Joe Carter in 1992. Sometimes, the hero is an unknown like Oakland Athletics reliever Darold Knowles, who made World Series history in 1974 by coming out of the bullpen to pitch in all seven games against the New York Mets, something that had never been done before.

Whatever the outcome, won’t it be satisfying knowing that as this all unfolds, you had a piece of the action?

How To Win At World Series Betting

One different way that you can win at World Series betting is by wagering on prop bets. Who will hit the first home run of the Series? Who will hit the most home runs? What pitcher will work the most innings? Which reliever will be called upon out of the bullpen with the most frequency? It’s one way to spark more interest and add more fun and opportunity to cash in while watching the Fall Classic.

The face of the World Series has changed significantly over the years. It’s hard to believe that the first World Series night game didn’t take place at night until 1971, when the Pittsburgh Pirates faced the Baltimore Orioles. The last day game in World Series history took place in 1987, between the St. Louis Cardinals and Minnesota Twins. The 1989 Bay Area World Series between the Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants was halted by an earthquake. 

You might not want to bet on that happening again but there are plenty of World Series wagering options available to make the Fall Classic pay off for you.