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Ever wonder how to bet on sports online in Alabama? Below we explore the best online sportsbooks in Alabama and explain why they are great options for the Cotton State.  You will learn all about gambling in Alabama.


  • Reviews of Top Alabama Betting Sites
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How to recognise a great Alabama betting site?

  • Available and legal in Alabama.
  • Great bonuses, odds, and promotions
  • Lots of action on College Sports
  • Fast Payouts

Best Alabama Betting Sites

Best overall Alabama Betting Sites

Bovada is a highly reputable and reliable online sportsbook, with a significant number of members across the United States.

Bovada offers plenty of action on NCAA College Football and Basketball games.

Bonuses are available on Bovada, for both new and existing users.

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Alabama Betting at BetOnline 

BetOnline offers an extensive list of odds on a whole variety of sports (as well as entertainment and political markets).

BetOnline is one of the first online sportsbooks to post betting odds in Alabama. It also offers an odds archive for research.

BetOnline offers a 35% Cryptocurrency bonus on every deposit made using the payment method.

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Alabama Betting at MyBookie 

Great odds offered on plenty of the most popular sports in the United States and Canada.

MyBookie accepts Bitcoin and rewards users who use it as their form of deposit.

Minimal deposit and withdrawal amounts are higher than many other online sportsbooks ($45 min deposit, $100 min withdrawal for many methods).

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Alabama Betting at

While their bonuses are average, the reduced juice means Alabamians make the most out of them (no matter the bonus or promotion). does what the name says, Sports Betting! Meaning it offers one of the largest selections of sports odds available in Alabama.

While the website interface is dated, those looking for a pure sportsbook will like what has to offer.

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Alabama Betting at XBet

XBet is offering new users in Alabama a bonus of 50% on first deposits, up to $300.

Although new to Alabama, XBet offers a great selection of sports odds on the biggest North American sports.

XBet uses some of the best technology on its website to provide users with top-tier live betting. Live betting is available on most sports on XBet.

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Alabama Betting Facts

Alabama Betting Sites

Governor Bob Riley

This governor unsuccessfully sought to regulate Alabama casinos in 2010.


This is Alabama’s largest casino that is not on Native American territory. 

Walker County

Walker County was the historic seat of offline casinos in Alabama. They were closed by the county sheriff. 

Alabama Gambling Facts

The legal gambling age in the state of Alabama is 19 for slot machines, greyhound, and thoroughbred races (the only options that physically exist in the state). The legal gambling age is 21 for everything else including online bookies, online casinos, and online poker.  

We have already done the research for online betting sites and their legality in Alabama. With the rise of mobile betting, many sports fans are questioning the legality though there’s still a way to go. You can trust any site you find here on our Alabama betting sites page. 

However, the gambling laws regarding in-person use of slot machines, electronic bingo, and other Class II gambling machines vary county by county. Plus it is in constant flux. For example, in 2010, the then-governor of Alabama, Bob Riley, closed nearly all of the state’s gambling halls. 

They did reopen shortly thereafter when the Supreme Court ruled the governor had overstepped his bounds. However, legal battles have plagued offline gambling in Alabama ever since. 

To find Alabamians the best online sportsbooks, we have conducted intensive research on the sports wagering options available in Alabama.

Here is our guide to the best online gambling in Alabama. 

Alabama Gambling Laws

Gambling laws in Alabama are fairly restrictive. If you want to visit a retail casino and place some bets, you will be better off looking to a neighboring state.

Horse racing and dog racing, when approved through local referendum, are permitted. however, casino gambling such as poker and slots, are prohibited throughout the state of Alabama. The state is not so open to this type of gambling.

Offshore casinos are available to bettors in Alabama. You can visit the casinos at the sportsbooks we recommend on this page. They are available in Alabama because they are based offshore.

Sports Betting in Alabama

Alabama betting is possible for sports fans. This is true even though betting legislation that would legalize sports betting in Alabama. While the state has not yet regulated the market, this only limits sportsbooks based in the state. it does not limit Alabama sports bettors who want to access offshore sportsbooks.

There are plenty of great offshore sportsbooks that we recommend on this page.- Just click through the links above to go to secure and fun sports betting sites available in Alabama.

Mobile Sports Betting in Alabama

Mobile betting is becoming more and more possible. With the offshore sportsbooks on this page you will be in great hands if you are looking to use a mobile betting app. That is because the mobile interface and other needs that are specific to mobile bettors in Alabama form an integral part of our review process.

You can read more about mobile review process and find the best betting apps here.

Offtrack Gambling is Available in Alabama

Alabama is not home to any important horse race tracks. However, there are still plenty of horse race bettors in the state.

One place for them to have fun is at Victoryland. This is the only casino in the state not on Native American reservations. They do have greyhound races here.

There are lots of online racebooks that are available in Alabama as well. All of the Alabama betting sites that we recommend also have excellent online racebooks. These are more easily accessible in a state like Alabama without a lot of physical locations to bet.

How we Review Sites for Alabamans

The process we use for legal betting sites in Alabama is comprehensive and unbiased. We look at many factors including the welcome bonus, payouts, odds, and issues, to provide the citizens of Alabama with the best betting sites. 

How we Prove Quality Reviews in Alabama

For consistency and quality, we use a standardized process when reviewing online sportsbooks in Alabama. Through the process, we can confidently provide bettors in Alabama the best legal online gambling sites. 

How These Sites Won Our Dixie Hearts? 

The people of Alabama should only use the best. Here we have found the best online betting sites available in the state. Whether it is the best bonuses and promotion, biggest betting selection, accepts Bitcoin or has great live betting, we have found something for every sports bettor in Alabama.  

Gambling in Alabama FAQ

Is gambling legal in Alabama?

The legality of gambling in Alabama is a shifting patchwork. Often it seems legal in a county, but the sheriff reinterprets the sports betting laws and shuts down major operations.

Offline betting in Alabama is currently available in a few places. The gambling age for offline casinos is 21.

Is sports betting legal in Alabama

Offline sports betting is currently unavailable in Alabama. It is currently illegal. Currently, there are no laws specifically regulating it, but it is de facto illegal with no lawmakers proposing immediately changes.

Given the wild nature of some county sheriffs, and the quickness with which laws change, it’s no wonder that offline sports betting remains unavailable in Alabama.

How to bet on sports in Alabama?

If you want to bet on sports in Alabama, you do have some options. Offline sports betting is indeed unavailable in Alabama.

However, residents in Alabama can enjoy sports betting by joining any of the online betting sites we have recommended here on this page. These are offshore sites that are secure and legal for Alabama residents.

Sports betting laws do vary a lot from state to state, with many different forms of gambling the likes of mobile betting, wagering in tribal casinos and using offshore sportsbooks, which are all affected by federal laws. Sports bets on major North American leagues like the NHL, NFL, and NBA are of great interest to players in the state of Alabama.

State govenors are regularly introducing new sports betting bills, so we are likely to see some change at some point in the not so distant future.

How many casinos operate in Alabama?

Alabama has gone through some roller coaster rides with its offline casinos. While there used to be more prior to 2010, ever since, they have been closing and opening. 

As of now, there are currently four casinos operating in the state of Alabama.

What is the biggest casino in Alabama?

Alabama does not have very many casinos, but one of them will inevitably be the biggest. 

The winner in this case is Victoryland. It has 3200 slot machines, but it does not have any table games. It doubles as a greyhound racetrack as well.

What’s the address of Victoryland?

Victoryland is located in Shorter, Alabama. This town has a population of 474. 

It’s full address is 8680 Co Rd 40, Shorter, AL 36075, United States. It is located just off of I-40.

What’s the legal gambling age in Alabama?

The legal gambling age in Alabama for offline betting is 21. This is higher than most other states where people below the drinking age can participate.

However, if you are playing online, the legal gambling age drops to 19. So anyone in those two years can still have some fun online.

What’s the best horse racing track in Alabama?

Alabama does not currently have any horse racing tracks. They do however have a few racinos where greyhounds race.

Victoryland is the largest in this category.

What are the best sports betting sites in Alabama?

The best Alabama sports betting sites are the ones with great college football bets, and other wagers that are closest to home in Alabama. When we recommend sports betting sites for Alabamians, we don’t forget the basics, such as promotions, great customer service, and sleek website designs either.

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