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Whether it be in the spring, summer, winter or fall, golf action is always incredibly fun to watch and keep track of. Now, though, fans have taken golf wagers to a new level, especially with odds available at a moment’s notice for big events throughout the year. Whether it’s a major or an annual tourney, the competition is always going to be impressive.  

So, what are the best golf betting sites to take a look at before you place your money on major tournaments? We take a look at that in this piece by offering up our reviews for the best outlets for you to take a look at and consider using when it’s time to put some money on your favorite player. 

What makes a great golf betting site?

  • Great, intuitive design and layout
  • Updated and fresh odds leading up to the biggest events
  • A wide range of variety and betting options throughout the year

Best Golf Betting Sites

Bovada provides outstanding odds for golf fans to take advantage of


Bovada is perhaps the most respected and well-known outlets we work with here at SportsBettingSites. They update their golf odds in real-time, something important for live betting on exciting tournaments.


Bovada’s sportsbook bonus is solid! Plus, they will roll out fun promotions throughout golf campaigns.

Bovada is a shoo-in for most online sports bettors. It is a go-to for trusted golf betting.

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MyBookie is known for its amazing bonus deals 


The odds are updated consistently and timely when it comes to golf. So if a top player suddenly is ruled out of The Masters, you can expect MyBookie to make the necessary changes either before or during the tourney.


Just like Bovada, MyBookie provides especially incredible welcome bonuses for new users. Their most generous bonus will give you up to $1,000 on your first deposit.

MyBookies app is especially well-designed. They’re ahead of the game when it comes to getting fans ready for those highly-anticipated 72 holes of golf.

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BetNow has a fun and easy to navigate site. This is huge for the British Open, as all the odds and player options are there for you to take a look at. For the most part, you’ll have no problem whatsoever finding your bets for all sports, especially the British Open.


One thing in particular BetNow prides itself on is its 24/7 customer service. At any time of the day, you’ll be able to reach out to their customer service team and they’ll help you out with any British open questions or concerns you might have.

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Golf Betting Facts

With such an open field heading into golf tournaments, even the top-ranked players in the world sometimes will miss a cut. That’s why predicting who will win a major, for example, can be so difficult. You might see favorites at the top of the leaderboard, but we’ve seen time and time again even they can struggle. 

Though Tigers Woods is one of the best players in the world, keep in mind he went 11 years without winning a major. He of course wiped away that streak by winning the Masters in 2019. With that being said, higher-ranked players will have the better odds to win a tourney but don’t be surprised if an underdog ends up stealing the show. 

Sports betting on Golf

Just like all the other sports, you’ll have a chance to lay down a straight-up bet, futures bet or prop bet with golf tournaments.

So, when’s the best time to lay down a futures bet? Leading up to the British Open or US Open, say Rory McIlroy is tearing it up in tourneys beforehand and you think he can win it all, that’s a futures bet to make. The same can be said for players like Jordan Spieth, Jon Rahm, Brooks Koepka, Justin Thomas and others. 

If during a final round you also think a player can go on a run and overcome his deficit, that’s another popular bet you can make living during a tourney. 

There are tournaments running throughout the year, so golf bettors will never get bored. The Open Championship, Augusta National, European Tour, The Ryder Cup, the list goes on, as professional golf offers unique wagering opportunities.

Best betting strategies for Golf

Before you place your wagers on a golfer for a tournament, you’re always going to want to check out how he fared during that tournament/on that course in previous years. If the golfer is known for struggling on that course and hasn’t placed well, you’re not going to want to pick him to win. 

At the same time, keeping in mind how golfers have been playing in the tourneys leading up to a major for example can help you make a decision. If Tiger Woods has been on fire leading up to the PGA Championship and performing well on the PGA tour, he may be a smart pick to win it at the end of the weekend. 

Types of online Golf betting wagers

How to bet on Golf

The most popular tournament in golf is the PGA Tour, which is by far and away from the most famous tournament, though others like The Masters and The US Open have a huge following. Golf enthusiasts compete in events on an almost weekly basis throughout the year, with new events popping up all the time. If there’s money to be one, top players will turn up and play. The four major tournaments are the focus though, and these are:

The vast majority of wagers placed in golf betting online centre around futures bets, as in which golfer will win a  tournament outright, or in a heads up. The PGA tour schedule runs throughout the year, so these kinds of odds get quite exciting to follow as the season rolls on. The end of the season always finishes with the FedEx Cup Playoffs, which establish who will be the championship winner for that year.

We’ve mentioned the value of futures bets, but another very important market is golf live betting. One of the most popular golf betting systems, and indeed in any sport these days, live betting offers bettors a chance to follow the match and make in-game bets on smaller aspects of the sport. Bettors will no longer have to worry about pari mutuel betting golf, things have advanced a lot since those days!

In terms of how to bet on golf, it can be difficult to get to grips with things at first, but bettors quickly learn. Betting on golf online is convenient for players that live in states that offer legal betting. But, for those that don’t, there is a whole host of offshore bookmakers offering odds. 

The registration process is swift and simple. Typically, it takes just a few minutes to complete and sign up with some basic information is all that’s required, such as:

Aside from the legal aspect of gambling according to state law, there really is little else to worry about. The one consistent thing throughout the states is the minimum legal age in the state you’re betting in, which is typically 21 or older, but some only require bettors to be 18 years old. 

Golf Betting Conclusions

Golf Betting Sites

Golf odds

When it comes to golf odds, our sportsbooks will always provide the latest ones for you to take a look at. Those same odds will differ with each tournament and for each player, which will make it easier for you to make a decision on what to bet on. 

Golf bonuses

Each of our partners also provide different bonuses throughout the golf season. You could see a special bonus pop up for a tournament. Also, don’t forget about the welcome bonuses you can take advantage of at any time. 

Best experience

Always have confidence in using our sportsbooks partners before betting on golf. We have tested them all through and through.

Can I just bet on golf tournaments?

You can bet all year-round using golf sportsbooks. No problem.

Can I bet live on golf?

Of course! Live golf betting is very exciting and can be accessed using mobile betting.

Are these betting sites legit?

We have put all of these betting sites through our strict review process. You can trust them.

What is an each-way golf bet?

It is technically two bets, where you cover all your bases.

What kind of golf props are there?

You can bet on whether or not there will be a playoff, or if a golfer will end up in the top five, for example.

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