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Every two years, the golf world stops for the Ryder Cup. It’s a competition that features the best golfers in the world, with it featuring golfers from the United States going up against Europe’s best. The tournament changes locations between the USA and Europe, which makes things even more fun for fans to check out and watch. So, with that being said, what are the best Ryder Cup betting sites for when the tourney arrives? 

We take a look at that and much more in this piece. 

Best Ryder Cup Betting Sites

The Ryder Cup is so incredibly intriguing to watch because there are some serious bragging rights on the line. With players from the United States and Europe going up against one another, the last thing they want is to go two years as the losers. For all of you fans out there, the Ryder Cup has become even more fun now that betting on it has become a consistent option. 

We have here the best Ryder Cup betting sites. With the odds always being updated throughout the event and also well before it gets underway, you can make the Ryder Cup even more enjoyable by placing some exciting wagers. When you are ready to do that, we highly suggest checking out our sportsbook partners, including MyBookie, BetNow and BetDSI. 


For the Ryder Cup, you want to make sure whenever you check a sportsbook, the best odds will be present on their site. That’s exactly what will happen with MyBookie. They take pride in updating their odds at the drop of the hat for the Ryder Cup. This will be extremely helpful for when you place bets.

We of course can’t mention MyBookie without discussing the articles they produce for their site. Leading up to the Ryder Cup, you’ll be able to find pieces that are stacked with information to help you make your best wagers for the tournament. This is a free gift to its users and can help make the difference in you cashing in big time.

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BetNow is one of the best sportsbooks out there when it comes to customer service. They’re known for their 24/7 help to golf fans out there, which will of course be crucial if you’re having any issues or have any last-minute questions or concerns leading up to the Ryder Cup getting underway. They’ll also be ready to help in the middle of the action too.

In terms of ease, BetNow is also above so many others because of how simple it is to navigate through their site and make your bets. They don’t try to do too much for Ryder Cup odds. Everything is presented in a way where you won’t be confused by what you’re getting ready to put your money on whatsoever.

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Using Bitcoin has become a growing trend for bettors out there. Fortunately if you check out BetDSI, not only is Bitcoin a great way to deposit money, but you’ll also find some special bonuses for that deposit method as well. Having free, extra Ryder Cup money to bet with is always going to be a benefit.

BetDSI will also have all kinds of different bets ready for you to take a look at. It doesn’t matter if you have a futures, over/under or moneyline bet in mind. Once you visit their website, we’re confident they’ll have exactly what you’re looking for.

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Ryder Cup betting picks

The Ryder Cup’s outstanding history adds to the thrill of not only watching the best golfers compete, but seeing a group of players rise above the other team to capture the championship. When you are ready to make your picks, though, be sure to pay attention and keep in mind who the top-ranked golfers are leading up to the tournament. 

You’re always going to see the best and highest-ranked golfers compete in the Ryder Cup for their respective sides. However, as we’ve seen in the past, injuries could prevent superstars from competing. It’s a terrible thing to see, but as is the case in all sports, even the best of golfers aren’t immune to hurting themselves. 

However, when the competition does start, odds are the higher-ranked golfers will be the ones to go on a serious push in helping their side win the Ryder Cup. It’s also crucial to take a look at how a golfer has done in previous tournaments on the season, and also if they’ve competed in the Ryder Cup before. If multiple players on Team USA have struggled on the year, and are new to the Ryder Cup’s format, then it might make sense for you to bet on the European side. 

Ryder Cup betting preview

Entering the Ryder Cup, you’ll likely see a pretty even split in the odds. This is because when you have the top golfers from the USA and Europe going at it, there’s going to be a strong balance on the two sides. The highest-ranked golfers come from all over the world, with the USA and Europe leading the pack.

The tournament also will start on a Friday and end on a Sunday. There’s two days of fourball and foursome matches, while one day will be dedicated to single matches. This is quite exciting, as you’ll see outstanding golfers go head-to-head to try and take down the other. 

In all honesty, the Ryder Cup is one of the most competitive events you’ll see on the golf course. Not only is their pride on the line in representing the USA and Europe, but remember that it takes place every two years and not once a year. 

What can you bet on during the Ryder Cup?

Regardless of which one of our partners from SportsBettingSites you use, so many different odds will pop up for the Ryder Cup. It’s what makes things even more fun. We should say we always provide the best Ryder Cup betting predictions from our experts, who will also inform you about any Ryder Cup betting offers available at the top-tier bookmakers. At any point during the competition, or before things get started, you’ll be able to make a bet. But, what exactly can you bet on? 

Futures bet

A futures bet is when you place a wager on something to happen down the road. For the Ryder Cup, the most popular futures bet would be to pick the Ryder Cup team betting on an outright winner, far in advance. So, if you think Team USA will come away with the victory over Team Europe, that’s a bet you can make. Odds for that futures bet will often be available months ahead of the first match, too. 

Prop bet

A prop bet is an unusual, out of the ordinary bet that differs from a typical futures or straight-up bet during a tournament. During the Ryder Cup, you might see odds for how many yards a specific golfer’s farthest drive might be, or how many putts a golfer/team misses during the first day of the tourney. You’ll be able to find these odds for a prop bet. 


An over/under is when you place a bet on a certain number of strokes a golfer/team shoots, or potentially wins by. For the Ryder Cup, the scoring format is much different than a usual tournament. With there being 28 total ‘matches’ played, one point is given for a win, while each side gets ½ point for a draw. The first team to reach 14.5 points will win. So, an over/under you could make on the next Ryder Cup would be on how many points Team USA/Europe will win by. 

Betting Strategies for the Ryder Cup

With there being so much talent in the Ryder Cup, and the format being much different than what golf fans are typically used to, it’s important to research and see how the participants have been golfing leading up to the three-day event. If the European players have been dominant on the year, and won multiple majors, then you might lean in their direction.

However, if the opposite is true and the Americans are the one who have been hot, betting on Team USA could be the right move. Whatever you do, make sure to use a great Ryder Cup betting site.

How does the Ryder Cup betting work? 

Betting during the Ryder Cup is simple. The top golfers in the world will participate in the event, with there being 28 matches featured over the three days of play. 

You can lay down a futures bet, prop bet, or make a live pick during the tournament on who you think will win. With all of the odds in the Ryder Cup, you’ll surely be able to find a bet or two that you’re confident in. And once you’re ready, be sure to use one of our sportsbook partners. 

Ryder Cup betting history 

Winning the Ryder Cup is an incredible feeling. It’s a historic tournament, with the Europeans being dominant in recent years. But, who will win the next Ryder Cup? That’s something we can’t wait to see. 

From 2002-2018, for your reference, the winners in order have been as follows: Europe, Europe, Europe, USA, Europe, Europe, Europe, USA, Europe. 

Our take-aways

Europe has dominated the most recent Ryder Cups 

Unfortunately for golf fans in the United States, they’ve seen the Europeans come out on top time and time again throughout the competition. Prior to the 2020 tournament, Team Europe has won four of the last five Ryder Cups. That showcases just how strong they’ve played and how great of a team they’ve been able to put together against the USA. When getting ready to make your bets, either for the outright winner or on individual matches, keep this in mind. 

The Ryder Cup is always fun to bet on

The Ryder Cup weekend never disappoints when it comes to entertainment. This is why betting on the tournament or specific matches makes things even more entertaining. Imagine the tourney is tied at 13.5-13.5 and it all comes down to the final match. For No. 28, you enter that last match hoping Team USA wins and you come out on top of your bet. Well, they sink a match-winning deep putt, which also gives them the Ryder Cup win. It’d surely be an amazing moment to see for those who bet on Team USA. 

Always use our Sportsbooks partners

All of the Ryder Cup betting sites we recommend here at SportsBettingSites offer great odds and promotions. This is especially true during the Ryder Cup. Don’t forget about the welcome bonuses either. So, if this is your first time betting or you’re a veteran placing bets, be sure to check out our partners early and often. You won’t be disappointed and will find reliable odds and numbers in only a few clicks. 

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