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NFL Conference Finals Picks

January 18, 2021Blog

We are nearing the end of the NFL Playoffs, and things are heating up. So far, the final four are mo...

Heavyweight Years 1971 – 1975

January 12, 2021Blog

Heavyweight Boxing: Golden Years 1971 – 1975 The world of heavyweight boxing knows many heroes...

The Mayweather-Paul Fight Preview

January 11, 2021Blog

The boxing fight between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul is quite strange. We could not pit two oppo...

Ohio State and Alabama Head to National College Football Championship Game

January 4, 2021Blog

This college football season has been unlike any other in history. And we expect a championship game...

The NFL Playoff Picture Heading into Christmas

December 21, 2020Blog

With just two weeks left of the NFL regular season, the playoff picture is coming more and more into...

UFC 257 Will Open The New Year

December 14, 2020Blog

The commission for the Ultimate Fighting Championship has decided to open the new year with a bang. ...

Boxing’s Big 2020 Closing Month

December 7, 2020Blog

Boxing is known for going ahead despite challenges. During the beginning of the pandemic when everyt...

Sports Betting Set to Launch in Michigan

December 1, 2020Blog

Michigan will soon launch sports betting and casino games online. Well, actually, they will soon all...

Thanksgiving Football Betting Preview

November 23, 2020Blog

Turkey Day football is as old of a tradition as the National Football League itself. Every year peop...

Despite Challenges, US Masters was a Success

November 16, 2020Blog

The US Masters celebrated its 64th year this past week. Another successful and invigorating week in ...

How to Make Payments at Online Sportsbooks

November 11, 2020Guide

This guide will lay out the benefits, risks, and strategies involved in arbitrage betting.

2020 was the Most-Betted-On Election in History

November 9, 2020Blog

The eyes of the entire world were watching the results trickle in last week. With bated breath, not ...