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Bettors who visit our site are searching for a comprehensive list of sports betting sites that accept bettors in the USA, and Canada, amongst other regions. It’s our pleasure to inform you that our team of experts, always on the beat and in the know, provide our readers with the most complete reviews of popular betting sites on the web. [+]

We believe that sports gambling is meant to be enjoyed, and this can only be achieved when amateur and professional sports bettors are comfortable with the site they’re wagering at.

Our team’s dedication and aim is to showcase the very best sites in the online sports gambling world, horse racing books, bookmakers and top promotions online today. Our hope is that our hard work contributes to the most exciting and ultimately satisfying experience, every time. With the vast and continuing expansion of the online landscape, sports fans have made their home on the world wide web for everything from fantasy football needs, fan sites, small e-commerce sites, and last but not least, Vegas style online betting. While questions of legality in the US cause players to wonder if betting is legal in their state, the industry continues to expand, taking the bets of hundreds of thousands of new sports bettors every year.

While placing bets on NFL football remains the most popular sport to wager on after European football in the rest of the world all sports betting sites agree that March Madness and the Kentucky Derby show similar clout as the Super Bowl in terms of enticing new players to open accounts. And of course, these players usually wind up making these bets at big name sportsbooks such as those you’ll find in our directory.


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Best sports betting sites

At, our top 3 recommended sportsbooks go up against the strict standards of our review process. Our visitors refer us to friends because we recommend sports betting sites with only the highest ratings and top bettor feedback, allowing you to worry about what matters most; your BETS.

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Where to bet on sports?

Whether you’re betting on the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS or even a UFC fight, the only thing that matters is winning. Easier said than done? Not really. The points outlined in this sports betting guide will help you become a better bettor, whether it’s learning the basics of sports betting or choosing from the best sports betting sites that suit YOUR specific needs.

Top Betting Sites Review


Whether you’re already a pro capper or reading a “…for dummies” book, our sports betting site reviews cover everything from bonuses, to news, to an exhaustive list of deposit options. [+]

It’s time to take a look at all of the sportsbooks listed above, and make your pick for this season, whether it be the NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL betting season. The cold hard facts of betting are that it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, there’s something you can wager on.

Canadian sports bettors will be especially happy to see that we feature a list of the top Canada sportsbooks and Canadian sports betting sites. So for all of you CFL betting fans and NHL punters, we graciously accept your thanks!

We take great pride in enriching the online community with our handpicked best betting sites list. The sites on this list feature nothing but the best customer service teams, fast and reliable payment departments, and safe and secure handling of player funds each and every day of the week. Enjoy these reviews, and do please contact us if you have any information you would like us to add.


Compare Bonus Offers


Sportsbooks are hungry for your business so they’re offering really generous bonus offers. We show you a complete list of those offers and promotions featured by the best betting sites. [+]

What you need to know about bonuses is that while they may all look nearly the same, they’re not! One 100% sign up bonus offer at Sportsbook A and another 100% sign on bonus at Sportsbook B might have completely different rollover requirements, which affects their true value enormously.

What are rollover requirements? We will look at this in detail, but the short answer is that rollover requirements are the debt you must pay to the sportsbook for the bonus money they’ve allowed you to bet with, before they will let you cash your own money out. After all, they have just issued you a bonus of their own money. Don’t fret, rollover requirements are a standard feature for every sports betting bonus. Click on Tell Me More for more details.


Tips and Advice on Betting


Betting on sports is much more than throwing a few bucks down on a team, crossing your fingers and hoping for a win. Our “How-To” section covers the basics that will elevate your game.  [+]

There’s nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to doing a bit of homework to polish up your betting skills. In fact, anyone who considers themselves a professional sports bettor will attest to the fact that it’s taken years of practice to hone the that gambler’s intuition. You need to learn about sports betting stats, sports betting odds, how to read betting trends and of course, proper sports bankroll money management techniques.

Learning how to bet like a pro takes years of practice. Once you’ve made your pick from the various sports betting sites listed above, implement what you’ve learned in our “How-To” you can be assured that you’ll be avoiding the costly mistakes of a rookie, as you get on your way to defining your own betting style.


The VIP Experience

For the more astute and big-ticket bettors, a different class of possibilities exists. If you consider yourself such a bettor, don’t waste any more time waiting in line as a red carpet awaits.