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Nevada Sports Betting

On this page, bettors in Nevada will learn all about sports betting and gambling in the state. They will learn about laws surrounding sports betting, the legal gambling age, and the best ways to wager on sports online and offline.


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How to Spot a Great Nevada Betting Site?

  • Available to legally bet in Nevada.
  • Great bonuses, odds, and promotions
  • Many ways to make deposits
  • Payouts are fast and secure

Best Nevada Betting Sites

BetOnline Loves Bitcoin User 

If you bet with Bitcoin, you will like what BetOnline has to offer. BetOnline gives extra juice on your welcome bonus when you make your first deposit with Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency.

BetOnline is often the first online sportsbook to post odds on upcoming games and sporting events.

While the website is a little busy, with lots of odds, an odds archive, and good bonuses – BetOnline scores well in most categories.

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JustBet specializes in props

JustBet offers some of the best player and team props around.

Choose between 50% or a 15% welcome bonus.,

Do not be fooled by the bare-bones aesthetic. This website has it all!

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Tried and true Bookmaker

Although the odds at Bookmaker are sharp, this is one more reason to trust this sportsbook.

Whatever your deposit method of choice, Bookmaker will make it easy for you to sign up and get started!

Bookmaker will take great care of you. its website is designed effectively with the user in mind. Enjoy!

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Nevada Sports Betting at WagerWeb

If you are looking for live sports betting, you will love what WagerWeb offers. WagerWeb often opens over 50+ live betting markets on many games and sporting events.

WagerWeb offers a great welcome bonus, matching up to $1000 when you make your first deposit.

Outside of users using Bitcoin, WagerWeb charges fees when you request a payout.

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Find All the Sports at offers odds on a huge selection of sports. They also have fun promotions on the most popular sports in North America.

One of the best sportsbooks to find reduced juice.

Their website is a little cluttered and can take those new to sports betting some time to learn how to navigate efficiently.

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Gambling in Nevada

Nevada Sports Betting

Over 70 Years of Legal Sports Betting

Nevada was the first and for a long time the only state to have legalized sports betting.

Encore and Wynn Las Vegas

Of the 400 plus casinos in Nevada, the biggest is the Encore and Wynn complex on the north end of the Las Vegas Strip.

Offtrack Betting Thrives

While Nevada only runs a few horse racing events at local fairs, offtrack betting is found at just about any casino worth its salt.

Nevada Betting Facts

Nevada is the capital of gambling in the United States, and arguably the entire world. It was the first state to legalize gambling (1931) and sports betting (1949). For years it was the only way for, not just Nevada bettors, but any American to legally bet on sports.

As technology has advanced and the world’s appetite for sports grows, sports betting has increased. Now bettors in Nevada have more ways to bet on sports than just at a physical sportsbook. They can now bet through online betting sites. This is a great way for Nevadans to bet on sports without dealing with busy casino floors and mobs of tourists.

Casinos in Nevada Evolve to Offer More

Once viewed primarily as a place for casino gaming and betting on sports, the biggest casinos in Nevada have evolved to offer much more. International stars host shows in Las Vegas. World-renowned chefs open restaurants. Company-wide conferences are held in the state.

Casinos still offer plenty of gaming in the state. The state is home to roughly 164,000 slot machines, 578 poker tables, and thousands of tabletop games. However, casinos are loud and busy, and some bettors want to avoid all the noise and overpriced drinks. Luckily, for bettors in Nevada, they can access online casinos through the online betting sites we recommend on this page. They offer all the fun and action you would find on a casino floor but from the comfort of your home.

Offtrack Betting Thrives, While Live Horse Racing Whimpers

For a state with so much gambling, live horse racing struggles in Nevada. The climate and the number of offtrack betting locations in the state have meant live venues have never had much success. A few races happen each year at some local fairs, but most bettors in the state bet on simulcast races from other states and countries.

Many casinos in the state have a racebook. You can also use an online betting site to bet on horse racing. The sites we recommend are all accessible from home and offer odds on all the biggest races from around the world.

How we Review Betting Sites in Nevada

When we review sports betting sites in Nevada, we look at what matters most. We check out bonuses and promotions. We check for fees and time payouts. We test out their live sports betting and look at the markets they offer. Through this, we only list the best and most complete sports betting sites on this page.  

Our Process for Reliable Reviews

To remain consistent and reliable, we follow a standardized process when reviewing sports betting sites in Nevada. Through this process, we can confidently and unbiasedly compare the options available and only provide bettors in Nevada with the best betting sites.

Avoid the Tourists by Betting Online

Bettors in Nevada deserve the best from online sports betting sites. Ones that offer comparable odds and markets to the sportsbooks operating in Vegas, but are easily accessible from home. The ones we recommend on this site are all that and more, offering great bonuses, fast payouts, and secure services to bettors in Nevada.

Gambling in Nevada FAQ

Is Gambling Legal in Nevada?

Yes, gambling is legal in Nevada. This includes gambling at casinos, betting at an in-state sportsbook, betting on horse racing, and charitable gaming.

The only form of gambling not allowed in the state is the lottery (including the Powerball) as the gambling industry has fought to keep it out as it views it as competition. The state’s lottery – Nevada Numbers – discontinued in 2009.

The state also does not prohibit the use of online betting sites to wager on sports, bet on horse racing, play casino games and poker.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Nevada?

Yes, sports betting is legal in Nevada. Nevada was the first state to legalize sports betting, doing so in 1949. For a long time, it was the only state where you could physically bet on sports legally.

Sports betting is also available through online sports betting sites operating outside of Nevada.  

What’s the Legal Gambling Age in Nevada?

The legal gambling age in the state of Nevada is 21 for all forms of gambling within the state.
However, many online betting sites will accept individuals who are 18 to 20 years old.

How to Bet on Sports in Nevada?

There are many ways to bet on sports in the state of Nevada. You can travel to a casino operating a sportsbook. Also, you can use a Nevada based sportsbook’s betting app. To use one of these applications, you will first need to register at a physical location (typically an existing sportsbook in the state).  

Additionally, you can sign up for an online betting site. Registering for an online betting site is done at home.  

How Many Casinos Operate in Nevada?

There are 441 casinos in the state of Nevada. While the majority of casinos (especially the biggest ones) operate in Las Vegas and its surrounding area, gamblers in Nevada will find thriving casino scenes in Reno, Lake Tahoe, and Laughlin.

What is the Biggest Casino in Nevada?

The biggest casino in Nevada is The Wynn and Encore Las Vegas. The complex (divided into two connecting buildings named the Encore Las Vegas and Wynn Las Vegas) is located on the north end of the Vegas Strip and has a combined 186,187 square feet of casino space. The hulking complex also features a 560,000 square foot convention center, and the two towers host 4750 hotel rooms (making it the seventh-largest hotel in the world).

What’s the address of Wynn Las Vegas and Encore Las Vegas?

The Wynn Las Vegas and Encore Las Vegas are located at 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109. The connected complexes, including the golf course, take up 183.6 acres.

What’s the Best Horse Racing Track in Nevada?

The best place to catch horse racing in Nevada is at the White Pine County Fairgrounds. Held annually for a weekend in August, the fair hosts three days of the best racing in the state.

What’s the Address of White Pine County Fair and Horse Races?

The address of White Pine County Fairgrounds is HC 33 33100, Great Basin Hwy, Ely, Nevada 89301. Located in the eastern half of central Nevada, the races are about four hours north of Las Vegas and four hours east of Reno.

What are the Best Sports Betting Sites in Nevada?

The best sports betting sites in Nevada are the ones accessible from home, offering great bonuses, fast payouts, and great odds. After opening accounts and trying out so many, we are confident that the sites we recommend on this page are the best out there. 

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