Tennis Betting Sites

Our experts have reviewed and selected the best tennis betting sites!

Tennis Betting Sites

Throughout the entire tennis season, fans are always intrigued by the high number of bets that can be made on either the men’s or women’s side. Especially when one of the four Grand Slam tournaments get underway, you’re always going to see an increase in the amount of bets. 

Fortunately for you bettors out there, placing wagers is made incredibly easy when using one of our sportsbook partners here at SportsBettingSites. So, what’s the best tennis betting strategy for you to consider before putting money down? 

We take a look at that and much more in this piece.

What makes a great tennis betting site?

  • Easy layout which doesn’t complicate things for readers
  • Odds that are updated on a consistent basis leading up to tennis tourneys
  • Breakdown of the wide range of betting opportunities people have at any point during the campaign

Best Tennis Betting Sites

Bovada has tremendous odds for fans to check out at a moment’s notice

When you think of popular sportsbook options out there, Bovada is typically going to be one of the first ones that comes to mind. They’ve earned the trust and respect of millions of users out there and for good reason: they’re great at what they do. What really makes them special is how they’re able to provide the best and latest odds. For a tennis tournament, particularly a Grand Slam, having odds updated in real time is massive for bettors.

On top of the fantastic odds laid out by Bovada, users have also praised them time and time again for both the special bonuses and welcome bonuses that are made available. Especially for new users, the variety of welcome bonuses will always entice them to sign up.

As the time nears for a Grand Slam tournament you have your eye on, going with Bovada would be a wise choice for your bets. The site is easy to navigate.

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BetDSI gets the job done for tennis bettors

If you want to talk about great welcome bonuses, BetDSI also does a great job in that department. It’s an easy and great way to get tennis fans out there to make a bet. If you’re feeling confident in a player leading up to a tournament, why not take advantage of a welcome bonus and use the extra cash on who you think will be the champion?

BetDSI also does a great job of making things easy and simple to check out the tennis odds for any tournament you have your eye on.

This is a great site for tennis bettors, especially those who fund their account with Bitcoin.

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MyBookie is known for its amazing bonus deals

Whenever a new user is getting ready to sign up with a sportsbook, the welcome bonus will be among the first things they check out. Because of this, MyBookie has grown in popularity in recent years. Their top welcome bonus is $1,000. That large amount is something you can use for your top tennis bets.

MyBookie also does a fantastic job when it comes to updating the odds. So for example if leading up to the Australian Open a top player suffers a back injury and will have to miss the event, MyBookie will update the championship winning odds before you know it.

Whether you’re using the MyBookie site or app, things are easy to follow under the tennis section. For a Grand Slam or midseason tournament, you’ll be able to find all the odds and betting options you can imagine. This is why so many people continue to use MyBooke on a frequent basis.

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Tennis Betting Facts

Regardless of which one of our recommended sportsbooks you decide to go with, we can assure you that you’ll always be able to find the best and most updated odds out there. It will also be important to keep in mind, though, player rankings before you start to lay down your money for some exciting tennis bets. 

For example, if there’s a first-round match coming up in the French Open and the No. 10 player in the world is set to meet a massive underdog, picking that underdog to be victorious wouldn’t be the wisest of moves. First-round meetings are supposed to be the most easy ones for the higher-ranked players. With the French Open also being played on clay, that’s only going to make things more difficult for the top player to go down. 

How to bet on tennis

Betting on tennis matches is both fun and easy to get done. Whether you’re looking at a straight-up, futures, prop, or over/under bet, you’re going to be able to find the odds with our partners. Futures bets have become the most popular for tennis matches. With this kind of bet, you’re predicting something to happen well ahead of time.

An example of this would be picking the winner of the French Open two months before the first day of the tournament. Should the player you picked with the championship, you can expect a pretty handsome payout. 

Best betting strategies for tennis

Before you make a bet, you’re always going to want to take the rankings into consideration. Especially for a Grand Slam tournament, where it’s going to be extremely unlikely that the top-ranked players in the world will lose in the early rounds. Those top players will be expected to make a push for the title throughout the tourney. 

Also, keep in mind how a player has performed in previous years at a tournament. So, if a certain player has historically struggled on clay courts and never won a tourney on one, you wouldn’t want to pick them to win the French Open. These kinds of stats will be something to check in on before you place your wagers. 

Types of bets for tennis

Tennis betting conclusions

Tennis Betting Sites

Grand Slam tournaments

Grand Slam tournaments are always going to be the most popular events for tennis fans to place their wagers. With four every season, things are spread out so you can find the best players around the world to make a bet on. Our sportsbooks partners will be ready to assist you with those bets.

Tennis bonuses

The different bonuses our partners provide too will always entice users to place some bets. It’s essentially free, extra money for you to make your wagers with. If you’re confident in a player winning the U.S. Open, why not take advantage of the special bonuses/welcome bonuses to try and earn some extra money?

Best experience

All of our partners take great pride in providing the best, most easy to use sites out there. Because of this, you should have confidence when using any of the sportsbooks. When it comes to tennis betting, we’ll have you covered with the best and latest odds. 

Should I bet on the most famous tennis star?

While betting on Serena Williams is very tempting, it is not necessarily the best idea. While they are likely to be very successful, fame can often inflate one’s betting numbers, making them a less than idea, bet.,

Can I bet live on tennis?

Of course! Live tennis betting of one of the most exciting ways to get involved in the tennis pitch.

What’s the best type of tennis bet?

You should always make your tennis bets as part of your overall betting strategy. This means that you should stick to your bankroll management principles no matter the sport.

Can I bet on tennis around the world?

Yes! No matter where the match is taking place, you will be able to find betting odds on our trusted partners.

Where can I find tennis betting odds?

At all of our recommended tennis betting sites, you can see their odds. Normally you can see and compare them without even signing up.

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