Australian Open Betting

Updated April 9, 2024

Over in Melbourne, the Australian Open takes over the entire country and fires up fans across the globe, as it’s the first tennis Grand Slam of the year. Just like all of the other Grand Slams, the best players from all over the world will head to town to try and take down the entire field and call themselves the champion. Australian Open betting matches the excitement of the game itself.

For the Australian Open, it’s truly never been more simple or easy to lay down your bets on the tournament. Whether before things get started or in the middle of the action, our sportsbook partners over at SportsBettingSites will always have the best and most-updated odds available. 

With that being said, what’s the best Australian Open betting strategy to consider? We take a look at and more in this preview of the event. 

Australian Open Betting Sites

Tennis fans love the Australian Open, as it’s always the first Grand Slam of the tennis season. Because of this, the excitement for the first round to arrive is always going to be through the roof. And with the simplicity of placing wagers on the Australian Open, more and more bettors have laid their money down on top players over the years. 

Because of the increased popularity for betting during the Australian Open, we have several sportsbook partners who we’d highly recommend to go with as you prepare to place your bets. The list includes Bovada, BetDSI and MyBookie, which all do a fantastic job of providing the latest odds for its users on a day-to-day basis. This is especially true during the Australian Open. 


Regardless of the sport you’re looking to bet on, Bovada has earned the trust of bettors out there. For the Australian Open, you can count on them to deliver as well. Whether you’re new to the site or a veteran bettor, Bovada is known for its bonuses throughout the year. You’ll also likely find special bonuses for the Australian Open.

The only bummer for Bovada is that there are no live stream options for the Australian Open, but that doesn’t take away from its outstanding customer service, terrific odds and overall ease of placing bets.

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One of the biggest things that attracts bettors to a site are the bonuses. Just like Bovada, BetDSI has become known for its bonuses. On top of that, they also take great pride in keeping its site new and fresh. This will only entice you to check them out when you’re ready to make bets during the Australian Open.

BetDSI doesn’t just do a strong job with straight-up bets either. They present everything simply for your futures bets, Over/Unders (more on these kinds of bets below) and so much more.

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When it comes to MyBookie, what makes them stand out so much is the assistance they provide before you make your bets. MyBookie’s site is loaded with informative articles that are well researched. For the Australian Open, you can check out their site for these kinds of articles. Reading one of them might help you make a decision that you’ve been on the fence about.

MyBookie’s odds are constantly being updated. We can’t stress enough how important that is for the Australian Open, or any Grand Slam, as injuries or star players losing can make a major difference on the odds the rest of the way. Because of this, we’d most certainly recommend for bettors to consider MyBookie.

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Australian Open Betting Odds 2024

The Australian Open 2024 betting odds are now available. If you want to bet on the Australian Open, check out the below odds swept from the top-tier online providers available to US players. The Australian Open tennis betting odds were last updated on January 9, 2022:

Novak Djokovic+110
Carlos Alcaraz+335
Jannik Sinner+650
Daniil Medvedev+900
Holger Rune+2200
Alexander Zverev+2500
Stefanos Tsitsipas+3300
Grigor Dimitrov+4500
Iga Swiatek+240
Aryna Sabalenka+550
Elena Rybakina+550
Coco Gauff+800
Naomi Osaka+1400
Jessica Pegula+1600
Ons Jabeur+1800
Mirra Andreeva+2200
Qinwen Zheng+2500

Australian Open Betting Picks

From Day 1 of the first round all the way to the championship matches for the men and women, the action is going to be jam-packed at the Australian Open. Melbourne will be the place to be for tennis fans for around two weeks.

It’s not often for a player to repeat as the champion, however. Normally during the open, fans will have a strong sense of who will be able to push for the title as more and more rounds pass by. Obviously, once the quarterfinals and semifinals arrive, you’ll really have a strong idea of who could be the champion. At this time, it could be a wise move to bet on who you think will be the champ if you’re feeling confident. 

Australian Open Betting Preview

As we stated above, there are going to be so many options for you to bet on during the Australian Open it’s going to be tough to keep track of things most times. In addition to the singles tournaments, don’t forget that you can also bet on the doubles tournament too. All the odds for whatever you have your eye on for the Australian Open will be available through our sportsbook partners. 

Whenever you are getting ready to make your bets, we always tell our bettors to pay attention to the rankings. At the same time, take a look at how a player has performed previously at the Australian Open. If a certain player has been playing professionally for eight years and never made it past the third round of the Australian Open, betting on them to win the championship probably isn’t going to be the best decision for you to make. 

What can you bet on during the Australian Open?

Though the time difference may be tough for some tennis fans across the world to catch some Australian Open matches, placing wagers might entice you to stay up late, or wake up early in the morning, depending on where you’re watching from. Whether you’re looking at a straight-up bet, futures bet or something else, our sportsbook partners and the odds they present will be waiting for you. But, what are some of the examples of bets fans can put their money on? 

Futures bet

At the Australian Open, a futures bet is when you as a gambler are putting your money down on something to happen in advance. For example, the most populars futures bet at the Australian Open could be you picking the winner, for either the men or women, a month or two before the first round gets underway. 

When you do this, you’re going to see great odds and a strong payout because of how far in advance you’re making your pick. If your player ends up winning, you’ll surely celebrate quite the pay day.  

Prop bet

If you’re hoping for something more on the fun side, a prop bet could be just what you’re looking for. With a prop bet, it’s when you’re placing a wager on something a bit out of the norm. For example, you could place a bet on whether or not the Prime Minister will show up for the final, how many aces a star will have in a match and more. 


For an over/under bet, it’s exactly what it sounds like. In these instances, you’ll be betting on a certain number either going over, or staying under. Say in the final match for the women’s tourney the over/under is listed at four sets. If the champion wins it all in a five-set thriller, and you took the over, you’d win your bet because the match went more than the four sets. If it ended in four sets, it’d be a push, while anything less than four would result in you losing the bet. 

Betting Strategies for the Australian Open

There’s no scientific method to best prepare yourself for betting on the Australian Open, but taking a close look at the rankings will always be a smart decision. If in the second round the No. 5 player in the world will be meeting the No. 85 player, the chances of a monster upset taking place won’t be very high. You’d see an incredible payout if you picked the No. 85 player with a moneyline bet, but that’s because the odds of it actually happening would not be in your favor. 

How does Australian Open betting work? 

Now more than ever, betting on the Australian Open is incredibly simple. Our wide range of partners will have great odds and lists of bets you can make from start to finish for the tournament. You’ll have the chance to make a straight-up bet, a futures bet, an over/under or even a parlay. 

With a parlay, this is the kind of bet where you’ll be pairing multiple odds together. You could do a three-player moneyline parlay for the first round if you wanted. In this case, you’d pick three players to ALL win their first match of the Australian Open. If all three win, you’d hit the jackpot. However, if two win and one loses, you’d lose your bet. 

Australia Open Betting History

One of the most incredible feelings for a tennis superstar is winning a Grand Slam tournament. Because of the prestige of the Australian Open, we don’t have to tell you how much it means to a player to call themselves the champ after the seven rounds of action. 

Throughout history, Novak Djokovic has the most Australian Open titles (as of 2024) on the men’s side with ten. Serena Williams, one of the best female tennis players of all time, has won seven Australian Open titles (also as of 2024). She’s second on the all-time list, though, with Australian native Margaret Court winning 11 titles.  

Our Top Players For This Year

We go into the first major tennis tournament of 2024 in Melbourne, where Rafael Nadal clinched the title last year. The leading all-time title holder Novak Djokovic will be hoping to regain his title as champion, while Iga Swiatek starts out as the clear favorite within the betting odds for the Australian open.

Our Top Female Players of the Year

This is a challenging decision, with Iga Swiatek being the favorite. Placing a bet on her at +250 at Bovada seems reasonable. The Polish player has showcased impressive form in Australia, and it’s evident that she is eager to secure another Slam for her collection.

However, Aryna Sabalenka is a strong contender, and we believe she has the potential to defend the trophy after her breakthrough last year, particularly in Melbourne. Consider placing a bet on Sabalenka with odds of +550 at BetUS.

Our Top Male Players of the Year

Djokovic stands out as the clear favorite according to bookmakers, given his recent impressive performance in major tournaments. However, the odds are remarkably low, and the impact of his current wrist injury remains to be seen.

It might be a opportune moment for a new contender. Alcaraz, who managed to halt Djokovic in a Slam last year (albeit on grass at Wimbledon), comes to mind. Nevertheless, he is relatively inexperienced at the Australian Open, having skipped last year and reaching only the third round the year before.

An alternative worth considering is Jannik Sinner. The Italian offers attractive odds at +650 on BetUS, higher than many other sportsbooks. With his recent outstanding form and the accolade of the Most Improved Player, reaching the fourth spot in the rankings, Sinner seems like a promising choice.

Our Takeaways

Betting on the top-ranked players will always be the safest and smartest move

If a player is ranked in the Top 10 for either the men or women, they weren’t given that honor by mistake: they’re a tremendous talent. Because of this, going with someone with such a strong ranking leading up to the Australian Open will be a smart option to consider. Everyone does love seeing upsets and when a player comes from out of nowhere to stun the rest of the field and win it all, but it’s just not likely that it will happen. 

You’re always going to have a good time betting on the Australian Open 

Just like with other sports, betting on the Australian Open will always provide you with plenty of entertainment. Things are made even sweeter if you win your bets. Say for example you put in a futures bet for your favorite tennis player to win the Australian Open one month before the first round starts. That player ends up cruising to the final and then wins the title following a five-set, heart-stopping battle. Not only would you have seen your favorite player win the Australian Open, but you’d also earn yourself a nice payout too. 

Never have any doubts when using our sportsbook partners

Regardless of what event you’re looking to make a bet on, the sportsbooks we recommend here at Sports Betting Sites will always do their absolute best to get you fresh and updated information around the clock. For the Australian Open, we’ll pride ourselves each and every year to make sure that happens. So, if you have a strong feeling on who will be the next Australian Open champion, use one of our partners to see if they’ll get the job done and make some money for you. 

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Australian Open FAQs

Where can I find quality Australian Open betting tips?

You can find quality odds across any of our recommended bookmakers, all of which provide some of the most competitive odds available to US players.

Do mobile betting apps offer Australian Open live betting markets?

If you’re wagering with bookmakers mentioned on this page, you’ll find a range of live/in-play betting lines.

Are Australian Open bets popular?

As it’s the first tennis major of the year, the event garners global attention with bettors wagering on all the most popular lines, such as moneylines, parlays, outright, and over/under.

Is Australian Open tennis betting legal?

As long as you’re wagering with a registered online provider, you’ll be betting legally. Always check that the provider is licensed before you place a bet.

Which bookmaker is best for making Australian Open best bets?

We cannot single out one bookmaker as being better than the rest. But, we can direct you toward our list of recommended online sportsbook providers, which offer the best odds markets available online.