If you have landed on this page at SportBettingSites.com, looking for the best sports and entertainment betting sites available to VIP bettors, you have come to the right place. At SBS, we understand that bettors who wager in high volumes can often find it difficult to hook up with websites that cater to their lofty deposit and betting needs.

Best VIP Sports Betting Sites

High rollers want the ability to fund their bankroll with large sums of cash and then have the luxury of betting a bundle. For that reason, our expert gambling website review team has scoured the Internet to bring our loyal readers the very best VIP sports betting sites. The wagering destinations listed below are always pleased to accept high rollers and then they treat them as the very important punters that they are.

# Min. deposit Max. deposit Min. wager Max. wager Min. withdrawal Max. withdrawal VIP

Best Online Betting Sites for High Rollers

While they may offer different incentives to attract and retain their high roller clients, a couple of key factors are common when it comes to VIP online betting sites.

  • Large deposits and withdrawals: First and foremost, they must be willing to accept large deposits that are placed through trusted and respected payment processors. Our top recommended VIP websites will normally accept deposits of up to $100K – with the flexibility to raise that limit on request.
  • High limits: A second key component is giving VIP clients the ability to make high limit wagers that are reflective of their bankroll. As well as knowing the betting limits, it's wise to look into the winning limits. Every sportsbook has a maximum daily cash out allowance, and you are making big plays, you will want to know that you will also be able to access your winnings as soon as you choose to get the money.

Top Sites for High Limit Betting

With any of the high limit betting sites, wagering large sums of cash is always acceptable and even encouraged.

In fact, if the set maximums still aren’t high enough, VIP bettors can usually contact the sportsbook manager with a simple toll free phone call to get the wagering limits bumped up to the level of their choice.

Most sportsbooks are willing to up their betting limits to accommodate a major player.

Easy accessibility to their betting bankroll is also a priority for high rollers, as they are usually always on the go. Mobile, Internet, and phone wagering options are always at the ready with high limit sports betting websites.

Another factor to keep in mind is that some online sportsbooks place governors on high limit wagering from certain countries. Will your chosen site accept large wagers from your country? Be certain to know this before you sign up. Also, be wary of sportsbooks that will place restrictions on you going forward should you cash a huge winning ticket.

Sportsbooks that accept Bitcoin Deposits and Payouts

Crypto in general and BTC in particular are more and more favoured by offshore bookies and VIP players alike, just because they tick all the boxes in terms of the criteria we listed above: higher limits, bigger bonuses, speed of deposits and withdrawals.

If you haven't tried it yet, go for it. Check out the list of sportsbooks who take Bitcoin.

Sites that accept Wire Transfers

Accepting large deposits is one thing – getting the cash into your account quickly, safely, and hassle free, is quite another.

The same can be said when it comes time to cash out some or all of your winnings. High limit betting sites, like BetDSI for instance, set their online deposit limit at $100,000 in the currency of your choice with the popular and efficient BANKWIRE deposit method.

In most cases, wire transfers are credited to your account instantly and the funds are available for immediate betting. For the best in high limit wagering, we remind bettors to refer to the recommended online VIP betting sites listed above. As well, ensure that your sportsbook of choice is a reliable, trustworthy site with a solid reputation for paying out promptly and with a strong security system in place to protect your bankroll. You will be putting a lot of money into action and it's reassuring to know that you needn't worry about whether your money is in safe hands.

You will be putting a lot of money into action and it's reassuring to know that you needn't worry about whether your money is in safe hands.

Most, if not all bookies, offer bank wire transfer as payment method. Check our up-to-date list here.