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VIP sports betting comes with lots of advantages. Because you can reap rewards from this program, as well as from your gambling winnings, it’s like having a double jackpot waiting for you every time. 

Here you’ll find out what you can earn via VIP Programs in the United States, and how to decide which one’s the best sports betting site for VIP customers. 

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Best VIP Betting Sites

MyBookie VIP

How to get in?

The VIP program at MyBookie is invitation-only. They decide this based on how long you’ve been a customer, how much you bet, and other factors.


Here you get cash back, faster payouts, dedicated customer support, and exclusive bonuses.

MyBookie’s VIP program, called MyVIP, comes with even more benefits than most. The expansion of limits, and accelerated payout times really makes this VIP program exceptional.

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Automatically Register at GTBets

How to get in?

At BetUS you are earn loyalty points for every wager you make. No sweat!


Earn Cash Back into your account. You can also earn merchandise and sweepstakes as well.

Here, every bet you make counts towards your rewards points.

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BetNow with Lifetime VIP Membership

How to get in?

All you have to do is make a single large deposit, and you are in. At least $500.


At the lowest level, you get a 10% match on all deposits. Move up to the next level, and that goes up to 15%

BetNow gives lifetime membership to its most valued bettors. This is great because with one investment, you can continue to cash in here for as long as you want.

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These are the VIP Sports Betting Sites we recommend, but you might also be looking for other types of betting sites and for different sports or for different locations. We have created an extensive list of the top betting sites that will give you a full overview of our recommended choices for the best betting experience.

How VIP Sports Betting Accounts Work

Every bookie will have a different structure for their VIP accounts. But in general, the outline remains basically the same. Of course, the details can vary significantly from one online sportsbook to another, that’s why it’s always worth checking around the top bookmaker’s rules and regulations to make sure you’re in tune with what’s expected.

One thing to keep in mind is that these VIP programs are for people who are really passionate about sports betting. If you are into getting an extra kick out of your favorite sports matches now and then, you probably don’t have much need for a VIP account.

However, if you roll deep and wisely want to make sure you are getting as much back for your money as you can

Almost all bookies will have more than one tier. Each one costs more money for more benefits. They can range in price typically costing a few hundred at least. 

They often reserve the highest tier for even more exclusive clientele. This is sometimes, not always, an invitation-only level. In other words, the sportsbook has to see your activity, be impressed by it, and decide that you would benefit from entry in this elite club. 

Once you sign up, you can start collecting rewards points. How many you will need to earn before you can cash in will depend on your level and your sportsbook. 

Not all VIP programs are equal. We recommend reviewing possible rewards and prices and making an informed decision. 

Do not hesitate to open a new account if you think that VIP program would better suit your needs. Afterall, that is a relatively easy process that could be worth thousands of dollars to you.

Tips for VIP Bettors

It is important to make sure to protect this investment. After all, you are putting in lots of time and money into this project. It’s smart to make sure you are getting the most out of your precious resources. 

So we have some tips for you to keep in mind. These tips are things that every VIP bettor should keep in mind as you choose the right VIP program for you, and also as you reap the rewards. 

There is no reason to forgo the welcome bonus. After all, it after requires months of reloads after the initial deposit before being invited to VIP programs. This is still real money that you can use to make more sports bets. The best sportsbooks will let new customers claim the deposit bonus and let sports bettors continue working their way towards VIP membership.

Understand your VIP rewards

Monitor your deposits

Use Additional Perks

Make Sure the Site has a VIP Program

Is Having a VIP sports betting account worth it?

In order to make having a VIP account worth it, you have to know how much you bet and compare that to the potential rewards. 

If you are a regular bettor who wagers good amounts of cash, then a VIP premium sports betting account is probably worth it! It is just a matter of finding the correct bookie for you. 

If you are an infrequent bettor, who does not wager a lot of money, then you will probably be best suited by the free accounts. 

You can still win big without a premium account, of course. History is full of examples! But by the very nature of the premium accounts, you are more likely to win big! 

These bets are more likely to win big for two reasons:

Benefits of a VIP account

Sports betting sites offer lots of incentives for joining in on their premium bettor programs. They want the best bettors to stick around.

One of the big benefits comes in the form of bonuses. These sometimes include beefed up bonuses with reduced rollover requirements. Other times they are entirely new bonuses just for members of the VIP program. 

Premium accounts can also enjoy more deposit options and eased deposit limits. Similarly, withdrawals will also be more convenient. You will likely have more options, and they are often expedited. 

You should also expect a dedicated customer service or account manager. These people will help you make better bets. 

In other words, you not only get insights, and more money to make the best bets, you can also get a hold of that money faster and more easily.  

Costs of a VIP Betting Site Account

The costs of opening and maintaining a VIP account at a sports betting site will vary from bookie to bookie. In fact, some of them will also require an invitation either from the sportsbook or from another member to be able to join. 

A good ballpark range is $1,000 as a monthly minimum deposit. You can find VIP programs for less, and you can find others for much much more. It all depends on what type of bettor you are.

Premium programs are also called loyalty programs. Because you have to meet the entry requirements month after month, maintaining a premium sports betting account can become quite pricey. 

It might be something to give a trial run for a month or two. Do some calculations and find out if you have been able to leverage the premium benefits to make even more profit.

Another drawback of having a VIP account means that you will no longer fly under the radar. The magnifying glass will be on. This is no big deal if you are most bettors, but if you are into arbitrage betting, then this might put you at more risk. 

Our VIP Betting Site Review Process

VIP Sports Betting Sites

How to get in?

What exactly are the entry requirements? Do you have to spend an eternity waiting for the invite?

Is it worth it?

Now that you’re in, what do you get? Are the promotions and benefits worth the entry requirements?


The sportsbook should be clear about how to get in, and what the benefits are.

Is there a VIP betting app?

Most betting sites do not offer a separate app for their VIP players.

Will I get access to exclusive VIP picks?

Yes! Members of VIP programs get exclusive access to insider tips.

Can I get VIP betting tips for free?

Not likely. VIP betting tips are typically behind the red rope, so to speak.

Can I get VIP tips for football?

Yes, absolutely! VIP programs will include tips for all the biggest sports, including football, basketball, baseball, and more.

Is VIP betting for me?

If you are thrilled by the exclusive and want to make the most of your high-rolling entertainment budget, then absolutely.

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