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Best Sports Betting Apps

With so many of us placing our bets on the go, we have created a guide to finding the best sports betting apps. Mobile online sportsbooks come with lots of benefits for savvy bettors living fast lives.

Bettors are increasingly using their mobile devices to access sportsbooks, and the sports betting sites are taking note, making wagering easier and easier. 

Find what to look for in a mobile betting site, some of its benefits, and some of the best examples available.

  • Why to bet using your mobile device
  • iOS and Android mobile betting comparison
  • Sportsbook app criteria

Best Sportsbook Apps & Mobile Betting Sites Has Exclusive Mobile Bonus Offers


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The poker room at sportsbetting is legendary. You can access it via the mobile platform.

You can access this mobile platform by going to from your mobile device. Of course, if you to on your mobile device, it should automatically redirect you.

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BetOnline has a Great Betting App

Get the app

You can download it from the Apple Store or from BetOnline directly if you are using Android.

Live Streaming

The mobile comes with live streaming. this is a great feature open to mobile bettors with funds in their accounts.

Having its own app adds unprecedented convenience. BetOnline offers an easy and beautiful mobile betting experience.

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Bovada Mobile Sportsbook, Poker, and Casino

Android or iPhone

You can access the Bovada mobile site from iOS4 and up. You can also use Android, no problem.

The full suite

Poker, the casino, and the sportsbook have all been optimized for mobile use.

Bovada is top-notch sportsbook, and they have spared no expense in creating their mobile betting platform.

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Criteria for Best Sports Betting App

Finding the best sports betting app means looking at a number of criteria. But which criteria are important for betting on the go? You will want to know this before heading to the app store to place bets.

Betting on your mobile device opens up new possibilities, so it is important to consider them in a new way. In addition to looking at how to find the best sportsbook, we have some things to remember when looking specifically at mobile sportsbooks. 

That being said, most sportsbooks have an online option. In reality, if they do not have a version optimized for mobile devices, it is difficult for them to make it into our list of recommended sports betting sites.

It is not always the case that the best online sportsbooks are also available sportsbooks on iOS and Android, or that they have optimized correctly for the mobile revolution. All of the criteria for sportsbooks also apply to mobile betting apps. But we then add a number of additional criteria to make sure we are serving mobile bettors and their specific needs.

Criteria For Sportsbooks

Betting Apps Available Widely

Geolocation is very important when it comes to betting apps. Many state sportsbook apps will monitor this to make sure you are in the correct position when it comes to signing up, placing your first deposit, and enjoying your sports wagering. Each state in the USA will have its own rules, though many of the offshore sportsbooks we recommend here are available wherever you take your Ipad in the country.

For details on legal sports betting in different states, check out our sports betting guide by location.

Customer Support is important

Having excellent customer support is key to making the best experience on a sports betting app. Customer service is always but it becomes even more prescient in mobile betting. 

This is because it can be urgent for mobile sports bettors. Often we are betting on the go because we lead busy lives, so we want our questions answered quickly. 

Also, they should have plenty of options. Some options for contacting customer service may be extremely convenient on the desktop, but less so in the mobile version. So the more options available, the more likely you are to have one that works for you on your mobile device

Here are some of the common customer service options that we look for in our mobile sportsbook reviews:

Betting app and mobile-site design are tell-tale signs

When we navigate the web on our mobile devices, we have fewer tools at our disposal. The keyboard is not as easily accessible. It requires a redesigned layout to make sure that we can bet with ease.

We do not want to be worried about getting stuck, just when we are getting excited about live odds! In the fast-moving and exciting world of online sports betting, the design of the sports betting app is absolutely vital. 

Having a design that allows you to cruise around with ease is an important criterion for finding the best sports betting app. Imagine your frustration if the user interface caused you to miss a betting opportunity.

Another aspect of the design is how easy it is to access your banking options. Deposit methods such as PayPal should be easy to connect, especially on mobile devices.  

Sportsbook Mobile Bonuses

Bonuses on mobile sports betting sites are an important criterion when we are trying to find the best sports betting app. These are huge opportunities to rake in extra money. Make sure to grab the promo codes from each sportsbook review.

Of course, looking for the best bonuses is a key part of finding the best sportsbook. All of the regular sportsbook bonuses will be available as well on the mobile platform. On your first deposit, they will give you a deposit match.

But sportsbooks also offer bonuses that are specific to bettors accessing their site or app from their mobile device, such as smartphones or tablets. Of course, if you plan on mainly using your phone to place sports bets, you should consider which ones will give you extra money. is a good example of a sports betting site that offers bonuses for its mobile users. They give $50 in free bets to new users who sign up via their mobile devices. These deposit bonuses are virtually risk-free bets that you can use on the NBA, NFL, or the MLB.

To do this, just use your mobile device to click through to their website. Sign up, make a deposit, and start betting, including all those free bets! 

Sportsbook Mobile Bonuses

Betting Options at Moble Sportsbooks

The best mobile betting apps will provide plenty of betting options. These will include legal sports betting across major and minor sports. One of the biggest advantages of online betting is access to such wide markets, and we do not want to lose this with sportsbook apps.

The best betting markets will also include types of bets. The best bookmakers will have:

Live Betting on Mobile Sportsbooks Apps

One of the most important betting options for mobile bettors is live betting. This is one of the main reasons we love mobile betting so much. Having access to live odds as they come out and being able to bet on the games that matter most to us is one of the main benefits of mobile betting.

This is why live betting interfaces on the apps are a key part of our mobile review process. If it is smooth, you will be able to log in, find the live betting market you want, and be able to monitor the evolving odds in real-time. Because the betting opportunities can appear and just as quickly slip away, it is essential that this is a smooth experience.

If the live betting feature is clunky, ugly, or otherwise uncomfortable, then this is a pretty big problem for mobile bettors. Follow our recommendations to make sure you sign up at top live betting apps.

How to Enjoy Mobile Sportsbooks

There are lots of ways to enjoy mobile sportsbooks. Your options will vary depending on your sportsbook of choice, and what type of mobile betting they offer.

Many offer real betting apps. BetOnline is a great example of this. They have a wonderful real betting app that will never disappoint you. BetOnline is a wonderful sportsbook, and their app continues its streak with a great user layout and full markets. There are not many real betting apps, and this is one of them.

It is also available for both Android and iOS devices. In fact, all of the apps we recommend are available on iOS and also available on Android devices. This sort of compatibility is an essential criterion we look for.

Some sports betting sites do not have a separate app. Instead, they have a website that is optimized for mobile use. This also has its conveniences.

If there is no app, this means that you do not need to download anything extra onto your phone. It also means you can just enter the site, the mobile use will be activated. 

Apps have the added convenience of being accessible directly from the homepage. But you can also add specific websites to your home screen! 

Just navigate to your mobile sports betting site, click the share button, and then “Add to Homescreen.” It’s as easy as that! It will almost seem like a betting app. 

In other words, there are a number of ways to enjoy mobile sportsbooks. Which route you take will largely depend on what the sportsbook offers.

No matter what, all of these are free sports apps for betting. Whether you have to download the app, or just visit the website on your mobile device, you can sign up without a problem and get started sooner rather than later.

Signing Up at Mobile Sportsbook App

  1. From the mini reviews above, click through to the mobile betting site
  2. Sign up using our exclusive code if we provide it
  3. Make your first deposit, collecting on your welcome bonus
  4. Start placing your bets from whever you are
  5. Win big and cash out!

Benefits of Mobile Sports Betting

There are lots of reasons to be using a mobile sportsbook, rather than a physical or even a desktop version. 

Betting from a mobile device is great for savvy bettors. This is because you will have more access to the odds; you can monitor their changes and better know when to dive in. 

You can also hop on odds right as they are released. This is important because they tend to change in predictable ways as time goes. So you can build better strategies if you have better access to betting via your mobile device.

Plus, betting on sports on a mobile device comes with all the conveniences we love about our smartphones. 

You can play wherever you are. You can compare your bets with your friends while you are out together. You can also place live bets on your phone while watching a game with your friends at a sports bar. 

These are all things that are inherent in the mobile betting experience. As long as the interface is good, you will benefit from these conveniences and extra opportunities.

Also, some mobile sports betting experiences come with additional perks and features. These are even tough to find on the standard desktop version many times.

For example, BetOnline offers something on their mobile app that you would be hard to find on almost any desktop sportsbook. They have live streaming that is available to all paid account holders. 

They stream thousands of matches every year, and you can find the full offer of live streaming in the in-game betting section. 

Benefits Of Mobile Sports Betting

Key Advantages of Using Mobile Sportsbook Apps

Sports Betting Apps by Device

Ever since the 1990s when sportsbooks went online, the move towards mobile betting has been inevitable. The sites have become more and more streamlined for smaller devices.

Mobile sports betting sites are available and accessible via Android and Apple (iOS) devices. You will not have trouble accessing from most mobile devices. 

Android devices are very open. It is easier for users to add hardware and modify them generally. You can easily add a memory card, for example. 

No betting apps are allowed in the Play Store, so you will have to download the app from the sports betting site itself. 

If you access the sportsbook from your Android device, you will either get the mobile version directly, or you will be redirected to download the app. A warning may appear about the download coming from “unknown sources.”

You may have to change your phone’s settings to allow downloads from unknown sources. 

Apple is known as the gold standard in mobile devices. You will be able to access mobile sportsbooks just fine using your iOS devices. 

The Apple store has few restrictions on betting apps. You can find them right in the Apple store. This is an added convenience for Apple users, as they can browse all the betting apps. 

Of course, if you visit a sports betting website, you can still download the app right from their website as well. The choice is entirely yours! 

Mobile Betting Sites get better and better

Best Sports Betting Apps

Most people play on mobile

Mobile betting is no longer a specialty, but rather, the norm. The majority of online bets are placed from mobile devices.

Bookies think ‘mobile first’

This is why our review process and bookies have a mobile first attitude. Mobile design is both more fluid and more used. It’s a no-brainer to prioritize it.

Use both, mobile and desktop

We look at both versions in our reviews. The best sites need to be accessible to the highest number of users.

Online Sportsbook Apps FAQs

What if my sportsbook does not have a betting app?

You can always include a shortcut from your home screen to the mobile version of the sports betting site. This is almost like having an app.

What does “mobile-first” mean?

This means centring the experience of mobile-device users in design and reviews.

Why is “mobile-first” better?

For two reasons: more people use mobile, rather than desktop, devices. And, mobile design requires more care, so if the design works well there, it likely will on the desktop as well.

Where can I download mobile betting apps?

You can download bettings apps directly from the sites listed above. You can also download form the Apple store.

What makes these mobile betting apps the best?

we have thoroughly tested them for user experience, mobile bonuses, and much more.

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