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On this page, you have access to all the information you need to navigate the sports betting environment in Tennessee. You will learn about the sports betting laws in Tennessee, the minimum gambling age, and the best places to bet online and offline.   


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How to Spot a Great Tennessee Betting Site?

  • Available to legally bet in Tennessee.
  • Great bonuses, odds, and promotions
  • Lots of ways to make deposits
  • Well designed website

Best Tennessee Betting Sites

Bovada and Sports Betting in Tennessee

Bovada is a great sportsbook. They offer Tennessee bettors an extensive number of markets and solid live sports betting.

Bovada offers a standard welcome bonus on your first deposit. They also have some cool promotions on popular sports.

Using Bovada is easy. They have an intuitive website that includes how-to-videos.

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BetOnline and Bigger Bonus for Crypto Bettors

BetOnline is a great site for crypto and Bitcoin bettors. You get extra juice on your welcome bonus if you make your first deposit with Bitcoin.

BetOnline is often the first sportsbook to post odds.

BetOnline offers an odds archive. You can use it to research before you bet on the many markets available at BetOnline.

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MyBookie and Loyalty Rewards

For Tennessee bettors using Bitcoin, MyBookie is an ideal site. They will double your first five deposits if you use Bitcoin.

MyBookie focuses on North American sports. They have great odds and fun live betting.

MyBookie offers a loyalty program that rewards you – win or lose – the more you bet on sports.

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Find one of the Biggest Sportsbooks at

While the welcome bonus here is around the standard, with some promotions and reduced juice, you can make the most out of it.

Few sportsbooks available in the state match the sheer volume of sports betting markets available at

The site is a little busy, due to the high number of sports. But once you get used to navigating it, you can have a lot of fun here.

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Explore Live Sports Betting at XBet

XBet is a great site for live sports betting. They have plenty of fun options open on your favourite North American sports.

Modern sports betting experience. Along with live sports betting, they accept Bitcoin and have odds on eSports.

Welcome bonus is alright – not the highest – but still up to $300 with a reasonable rollover.

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Gambling in Tennessee

Tennessee Sports Betting Sites

Sports BettingCame in 2020

Sports betting is now legal in Tennessee. The state launched betting (online or mobile-only) at the start of the 2020 NFL season.

No Casinos in the Volunteer State

There are no casinos in Tennessee. While the Governor legalized sports betting in 2019, he reiterated his disdain for casinos. So do not expect casinos anytime soon.

Nowhere to Bet on the Horses

While there has been a push to bring back betting at horse races, there is nowhere in the state of Tennessee to bet on horse racing.

Tennessee Betting Facts

Despite a conservative attitude towards gambling, the state of Tennessee legalized sports betting in 2019.  There are plans to launch the service in the state by Fall 2020, in time for the NFL season. All betting will be done online. There will be no physical sportsbook in the state, as there are no casinos in the state.  

Tennessee sports bettors can also join and bet at sports betting sites. The sites we list on this page are all currently available and will remain available even after the launch of the state’s sports betting app. They offer great odds on your favorite Tennessee teams (pro and collegiate), bonuses, fun promotions, and secure payouts.

No Casinos in the Volunteer State

Tennessee is home to zero casinos and the state has no plans to legalize casino gambling within Tennessee. Tennessee bettors are not too far from progressive states such as Mississippi and Missouri, but they still must leave the state to partake in any form of offline gambling (excluding limited charitable gaming).

The best way to gamble in Tennessee is through the online betting sites we list on this page. The options, along with odds on sports, have casino games and poker rooms. Best of all you can access them at home. No more need to hop in the car and drive over state lines.

Horse Racing Legally Unavailable

Despite horse racing and simulcast betting being legal, there is not one spot in the state where you can do either. There have been efforts to bring horse racing back to the state – including the formation of Horse Racing Advisory Committee in 2016 – but so far nothing has succeeded. The biggest race in the state is the Iroquois Steeplechase, however, they do not take bets.

The only way to enjoy betting on horse racing, without driving north to Kentucky or another state where it is available, is through one of the sites we list on this page. Every site on this page has a racebook with great odds on races from all over the world.

How we Review Betting Sites in Tennessee

Our review process for the legal betting sites available in Tennessee is thorough and objective. We check their welcome bonuses and look for fun promotions. We search for hidden fees and find fun markets. We make sure they accept many forms of payment and pay winnings out fast and securely. We do this to produce the definitive list of Tennessee betting sites.

Our Scoring System

To produce quality and reliable reviews, we assign scores to the aspects of sites that matter most. This allows us to compare sites unbiasedly and only recommend the best sites.

The Best Bets in Tennessee

The sites on this page are the best places to bet on sports in Tennessee. They have the markets Tennessee bettors love and provide the best, most secure, and most rewarding betting experiences in the state.

Gambling in Tennessee FAQ

Is Gambling Legal in Tennessee?

Yes, some forms of gambling are legal in Tennessee. These include the state lottery, sports betting, betting on horse racing, and some forms of charitable gambling.

Bettors in Tennessee can also check out and enjoy online betting sites.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Tennessee?

Yes, Tennessee legalized sports betting in 2019 and plans to launch mobile sports betting by Fall 2020. The state has no plans to open physical sports betting locations and they may never as the state prohibits casinos.

Tennessee bettors can also use sports betting sites to wager on hundreds of sports and thousands of games.

What’s the Legal Gambling Age in Tennessee?

The legal gambling age in Tennessee is 18 for the state lottery, horse racing (although there are no places to bet on racing in the state), and charitable gambling. The minimum age to bet on sports in Tennessee is 21.

How to Bet on Sports in Tennessee?

Currently, the only way to bet on sports in Tennessee is through a sports betting website. However, by Fall 2020, the state should have mobile/online sports betting up and running.

How Many Casinos Operate in Tennessee?

There are no casinos in Tennessee. The closest thing available in the state is charitable gaming casino night fundraisers in Nashville. However, you cannot win money at these events, only prizes.

The only way to enjoy casino gaming and poker in Tennessee is to use an online betting site.  

What’s the Best Horse Racing Track in Tennessee?

The best place to catch horse racing in Tennessee is at Percy Warner Park in Nashville. The park hosts the annual Iroquois Steeplechase, which draws around 25000 spectators. However, there is no betting at the track.

What’s the Address of Percy Warner Park?

Percy Warner Park – the home of the Iroquois Steeplechase every March– is located at 50 Vaughan Rd, Nashville, Tennessee 37221. The park is approximately seven miles south of downtown Nashville. They do not offer betting at the track.

What are the Best Sports Betting Sites in Tennessee?

The best betting sites in Tennessee are the ones that are easy to use, accessible anywhere in the state, and full of great odds, bonuses, and promotions. After trying out so many of the options out there, we are connoisseurs of sports betting sites and only list the best sites on this page.

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