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Sportsbetting Sportsbook Review

We have looked in every nook and cranny of the Sportsbetting.ag sportsbook. We have all the details for you in our honest, vetted Sportsbetting.ag review.

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Why We Like Sportsbetting.ag

Sportsbetting.ag is truly an excellent sports betting site. Their online betting odds go deep, with many different types and options, as well as wide, across many markets, politics, and entertainment.

Their live chat responds quickly, and they give you an extra bonus if you use cryptocurrency.

As a bookie, Sportsbetting.ag plays in the same league with online gambling giants available in the USA such as Bovada and BetOnline.

Welcome Bonuses at SportsBetting

3 x $1000
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50% Sign Up Bonus – Up to $1000

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Our Review

Sportsbetting Key Facts

  • Licensed






    Excluded areas

    Australia, Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, France, Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, …


    Live casino, poker, table games, slots, video poker, specialty games, promotions


    Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, Cycling, Darts, Entertainment, eSports, Football, Futsal, Golf, Ice Hockey, Horse racing, Motorsports, Numbers …


    No, but Sportsbetting.ag Poker offers Comp Points which you can use to buy into special tournaments

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How to Sign Up

Speedy Sign Up

Making an account was easy here! It did not require a bunch of information, and the email confirmation arrived in just a few minutes. You can get going really fast here.

It is nice to be able to sign up at this bookmaker so quickly. The email verification is a nice security touch, but overall, Sportsbetting.ag leans toward convenience.

Sportsbetting Bonuses and Promotions

More Bonus with BTC

It’s nice to have a few welcome bonuses here at Sportsbetting.ag, which offer various types of deposit bonus. Also, note the benefits of depositing with a cryptocurrency here. You get more money and you can withdraw it much quicker. Welcome bonus gets rewarded after your first deposit.  There are also a range of great specific sporting events bonuses, rebates and free bets catered specific to the mobile app, as well as free cash on initial deposits.

Bonus NameMatchMax bonusBonus code
Casino3 x 100%3 x $1000SBCASINO


More with Cryptos

Between all the extra promotions at sportsbetting.ag you can get a bonus on every deposit. 

They have a reload bonus with 25%, which you can use whenever you deposit at ñeast $50 with the promo code FORLIFE. If you deposit with cryptos, that goes up to 35% with promo code 35CRYPTO.

Sportsbetting Deposits and Withdrawals

Fast and Cheap Options

I found depositing here to be fast and easy! I also like that the promo codes were available from a menu during the deposit process. 

Bitcoin: Super Fast

My Bitcoin deposit only took 6 minutes to arrive! That was fast! 

The interface was easy! And Sportsbrtting.ag offers extra cryptocurrency bonuses. This is a great site for Bitcoin sports bettors.

Credit Cards: All Major Cards

Depositing with a credit card at Sportsbetting.ag is really nice, mainly because you will have so many options. They accept all major credit cards:

  • Discover
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express

For all of these card options, the minimum deposit is $50, and the maximum is $2500.

Withdraw Winnings

Cryptos are a Great Choice

Bitcoin Withdrawals

Sportsbetting.ag accepts Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies. You can also withdraw with:

  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple

Not only do they accept these cryptocurrencies, but they are great payout options. You will get your Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency within 24 hours, and there is no processing fee.

Credit Card Withdrawals

Sportsbetting.ag does not accept credit card withdrawals.

Placing a Bet

Big Markets

The folks at sportsbetting.ag know what they’re doing. Their markets are extensive and easy to navigate. You can make moneyline, over/under, spread, and prop bets here. And those are just the straight bets.

Their offerings also include multiple types of parlays.


Basketball Futures, Specials & More

You can find NBA bets within the basketball section of the sportsbook. You will find more than just the standard moneylines here. You will also have props, spreads, over/unders, and futures.

You can also find all these bets for college basketball as well. They have it all here.

US Open

Futures & Global Tennis Bet

At this Sportsbetting sportsbook you can bet on the Men's and Women's US Open. But your tennis betting options are not limited to this big event. You can bet on tennis from the whole world year-round.


Complete Football Bets

Some of the most complete markets are here in the NFL section of the Sportsbetting betting site. You can find futures, spreads, lines, and props. Moreover, you can find bets on individual players or on whole teams.

Beyond the NFL, you can also bet on college football and the CFL. This is truly a substantial collection of wagering options.


Bet on Home Runs & More

You have lots of MLB betting options here. You can place bets on the outcome of each match (lines, spreads), and also on season-length ventures (futures). Bet on which player will have the most regular-season home runs, and who will be the MVP.

Beyond the MLB, you can also bet on baseball from around the world.

Politics Betting

Extensive Options

Sportsbetting.ag offers quite a lot of politics betting. You can find in their sportsbook, organized as if it were another sport, like soccer. 

They have not only big contests but also the smaller ones. This is a good site for political junkies. You can bet who which presidential candidate will which each state, who will be appointed to different positions, and a variety of other timely creative bets.


Great eSports Options

Sportsbetting.ag offers a lot of eSports betting options. They offer a great website with lots of betting options. If you want to be on eSports, Sportsbetting.ag is a great spot for you.

 You can find it separate from the rest of the sports. From the home page, click eSports, rather than sports.

There you will see that you can organize the markets in a number of different ways. You can sort by country, by game, or by type (futures, prop, within 24hs, live)

They offer bets on a number of games:

  • Dota2
  • Counterstrike
  • League of Legends
  • King of Glory
  • Starcraft 2
  • NBA2k
  • FIFA
  • NHL 

Virtual Sports Betting

Not available at the moment

Sportsbetting.ag does offer sport sims, or simulations. This allows you to bet on virtual sports games. Because the game does not actually take place, the outcome is determined algorithmically using team statistics. 

This site has a lot of options. A few dozen everyday. For any statistics junkies, sportsbetting.ag has some good options to see if you and the computer agree.

More Betting Options

Check out the Racebook

Although the sportsbook is sportsbetting.ag main focus, they do offer additional betting options. Here you can bet on entertainment, horse races, and in a video and a live online casino.


Live & Video Casino

Sportsbetting.ag has a diverse range of offers at the casino. This includes two live casinos and a video casino.

At the live casinos, you can play classic casino games like table games, such as blackjack and baccarat. They include a live dealer, making the whole experience feel much more complete. They also have slots across all the casinos. 

By having live dealers and video casinos games, Sportsbetting.ag really covers the gamut. Despite their name, they are definitely not limited to sports bets.

The casino side lets you to try slots and table games in a free play mode.


Get the Poker App

Sportsbetting.ag offers high-quality poker options. These include live tournaments, sit and go tournaments, Sunday specials, and highly competitive poker rooms available 24 hours a day.

They even have poker apps for Android and iOS. You can download them by clicking poker from the home screen.

Live Betting

With In-Game Graphics

Live betting is really nice at sportsbetting.ag. Just click it from the top menu.Instead of Sports, or Casino, find Live Betting.

It’s especially nice here because of the extra graphics, the quickly updating odds, and the nice touch of having actual game updates right on the same page. This helps me put the changing odds in context, so I can make strategic bets. 

They have live betting, lots of it, and they do it well.

Parlay Betting

Three Parlay Options

Sportsbetting.ag offers a few different types of parlays. This is nice to have some options. It’s also a sign that they take things seriously. 

They offer:

Parlays are multiple bets folded into on. Normally, if any of them go south, you lose the entire parlay. In If parlays, if you lose an earlier bet, the rest is just cancelled. You don’t lose it, it’s like it never happened.

Customer Service

Comprehensive Support

The customer support agents here have always been super friendly and responsive. They have multiple ways of contacting the sportsbetting.ag customer service:

  • Email: General: cs (at) sportsbetting.ag
  • Email: Poker: poker (at) sportsbetting.ag
  • Email: Casino: casino (at) sportsbetting.ag
  • Phone: 1-888-843-9027
  • Live chat

Live chat can be accessed by clicking Contact Us from the home screen. A tab for it also often hovers on the right side of the screen. So you can access this feature whenever you need it.

Sportsbetting.ag Costumer Service Screeniphone

Live Chat Screenshot


Social Media Accounts

Sportsbetting.ag has a lot of auxiliary media. They have a Twitter account, that is really quite fun! They have goofy memes, and also commentary on updated odds. Check it out.

Their news section is not updated much anymore. It seems that they have migrated this asset to Twitter.


Helpful Info

Sportsbetting.ag will send you confirmation and verification emails when you get started. It's always nice to be welcomed!

They also send regular emails where you can find information about their bonuses and promotions. This online sportsbook keeps things fresh! So check their emails for promotions that may be only available for that day!

Live Streaming

Not available

Sportsbetting.ag does not offer live streaming at the moment. If you love live betting as much as we do, you can always watch the game on another screen.


Connect Easily

Virtual Private Networks, VPN’s, redirect your internet connection. This makes it seem like you’re logging in from another location.

With changing gambling laws that vary by location, this can be an important tool. If you are traveling and want to access your account, you may want to have a VPN ready.

I use the free version of ProtonVPN. You can download the app onto your mobile device and take advantage of some great mobile betting markets. Once it's running, you can log in to your sportsbetting.ag account like you normally would. 


Great Markets

The Sportsbetting.ag sportsbook is top-notch. I love their large collection of odds and the low rollover requirements for their bonuses. You can have lots of fun here at Sportsbetting.ag.

Sportsbetting.ag offers a wide range of deposit methods including a bunch of cryptocurrencies.

Available deposit options include:

Remember that all deposit methods don’t necessarily work as withdrawal methods.

Available cashout options include:

If that wasn’t enough, their casino and poker offerings are also extensive. This sportsbook is one to marvel!

Sportsbetting Sportsbook Review

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