PayPal Betting Sites

PayPal betting sites accept a safe global payment method

Paypal Betting Sites

PayPal is among the world leaders in e-wallet brands, so it comes as no surprise that they have become popular in the sports gambling industry.

Not only do they enable bettors to make deposits and transfers without giving out their bank or credit card information to a bunch of different sites, but they also offer a high level of insurance on international transactions. This is not normally present with other forms of payment.

Sold on testing out PayPal for your own sports wagering experience? Good, because we here at Sports Betting Sites have the skinny of how to use them, and which online bookies accept them.

Why should you bet with PayPal?

Best PayPal Betting Sites

We selected the best PayPal betting site for USA and Canada. We are also introducing the best PayPal bonuses, lowest fees, and fastest transactions.

BetOnline – The Best PayPal Betting Site in US


You will not be responsible for paying a fee at BetOnline when making deposits and withdrawals via PayPal. However, while PayPal doesn’t levy a surcharge on deposits, they sometimes hit you with a fee for receiving money. It is typically 2.9 percent of the inbound cash, plus a flat $0.30 fee.


Depositing money at BetOnline with PayPal is an incredibly quick process. Your money will be available instantly. Even withdrawals are completed faster than the norm.

BetOnline is quite easily the best all-around online bookie when it comes to PayPal transactions. They’re processed posthaste, include minimal to no fees and you also have the chance to capitalize on one the industry’s most competitive deposit-bonus offerings.

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SportsBetting – Fastest PayPal Payments


PayPal deposits at will not subject you to any extra fees. The same goes for withdrawals, though you might be subject to PayPal’s own fees.


Speed is the utmost priority at They make sure your PayPal deposits are active and ready to be wagered as soon as you submit them, and they’ll process your withdrawal request as quickly as anyone else in the industry.

Unless you’re trying to make a few high-roller deposits greater than $2,500 per day, SportsBetting is a no-brainer landing spot for PayPal gamblers. It’s pretty easy to process deposits immediately; most sportsbooks do. But SportsBetting really separates themselves with minimal wait times on their PayPal withdrawals, which are usually hitting your account within 24 hours.

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BetNow – The Lowest Deposit Fees 


Fees are not charged at BetNow on PayPay deposits and withdrawals. They are also among the sportsbooks that PayPal themselves won’t charge for processing incoming transfers.


If we’re being honest, BetNow could stand to be faster with their completed transactions. Deposits are no sweat; your money hits your bankroll immediately. But withdrawals can sometimes take longer than a couple of days.

Longer wait times on withdrawals shouldn’t be a deal-breaker if you’re considering BetNow. That extra time is worth the money you’ll save, and you also have the ability to snag up to $1,000 in free sportsbook money when you make your first deposit.

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Bovada – The Best Mobile Betting Site


PayPal transactions are processed at Bovada free of charge. That said, if international bettors need to complete currency exchanges as part of the transfer (i.e. they haven’t already turned euros into U.S. Dollars), then Bovada will implement a charge for doing so.


As basically the most popular online sportsbook on the planet, Bovada is committed to completing your deposit and withdrawal requests with almost unparalleled speed. Their PayPal transactions are no different.

If you’re going to use an e-wallet as your primary payment method at sportsbooks, and if you’re going to do most of your work from a mobile device, you won’t find a better fit than Bovada. Both their app and mobile site designs are sleek and intuitive, so it won’t take you any longer to make deposits, request withdrawals, save information or, most importantly, place bets.

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GT Bets – The Best Bonus for PayPal


No one will pay a fee at GT Bets when making deposits and payouts using PayPal. The only surcharges you might incur are on PayPal’s end when requesting withdrawals, and even those are often waived for smaller transaction amounts.


PayPal deposits are finished as soon as you click the “submit” button. If all goes according to plan, you’ll be able to place wagers in seconds.

GT Bets really outdoes themselves with their PayPal bonus. They have installed a two-transaction approach. You will get 100 percent of your first deposit matched, up to $500. Then, on your second deposit, you’ll be eligible for another 50 percent bonus, up to $250. Bargain bettors will love this site.

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PayPal Betting Facts – Accepted Everywhere You Bet

Try to find an online sportsbook that doesn’t accept PayPal. Go ahead. We dare you.

Give up already? That’s smart. These places are almost nonexistent. A few smaller-scale, international sportsbooks will give you some trouble, but for the most part, PayPal is accepted everywhere...because it’s built for everywhere. They have made completing international transactions a literal breeze. They do everything from currency conversion to multilingual customer service. 

Perhaps the best part of PayPal betting: The speed with which transactions are processed is on the quicker side at both ends. Sportsbook deposits are instant, and withdrawal requests aren’t far behind. If your online bookie cannot guarantee they’ll be finished with one to three days, it’s time to move on, because the issue isn’t PayPal. They’re ready to approve inbound transfers immediately. There’s a better-than-good chance you’ll be able to complete withdrawals within 24 hours—a largely unprecedented speed.

Paypal is an online payment processor par excellence. They work with real money and bank transfers to get things going quickly. You will be able to conduct all kinds of gambling transactions with this e-wallet. It is even a withdrawal option at most online casinos and sports betting sites.

How Do You Create a PayPal Account?

Signing up for a PayPal account is easy. When you visit their website, the registration button will be prominently featured on their homepage. Aside from entering personal information—name, date of birth, email, etc.—you will need a credit card or linked bank account to start completing transfers. After you set that up, you’re good to go. The entire process shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes—provided you have your preferred bank account or credit card information at the ready.

Using PayPal at Online Sportsbooks

Registering your PayPal account with a sportsbook is the definition of an uncomplicated process. When you visit the deposit or withdrawal sections, you just have to select PayPal as your preferred payment method. Websites will then prompt you to enter all your necessary information. After you’re done, the transaction will begin processing immediately.

For the incredibly time-conscious, you will also have the option of saving your PayPal information for future use. This is your prerogative, but doing so will turn deposit and withdrawal requests into a one- or two-click process moving forward. We highly recommend it, as it will both quicken and enhance your betting experience.

Yes, PayPal betting is legal and common across the United States. Online sports betting with PayPal is one of the most common payment options for bettors. And it is no secret why. With so many people having access to this financial tool, there are more and more sports betting websites that accept PayPal.

PayPal is such a common payment source that there is no reason to worry about additional legal issues here. If this is a tool that you tend to use, you will have no trouble finding legal betting sites that use PayPal. In fact, you can click through from our website to a number of great ones.

List of all PayPal Betting Sites

You needn’t fret about finding sportsbooks that accept PayPal. Almost all of them do. Instead, focus on the gambling sites that offer you the most pleasant PayPal experience. Here are our top five:

Fees Associated with PayPal Accounts at Sportsbooks

Here’s the good news: Online sportsbooks usually don’t charge you for completing a PayPal transaction. This is true whether you’re making deposits or withdrawals. 

Now, here’s the not-so-good news: PayPal will sometimes charge you a fee when receiving money. They classify most inbound transactions as “sales” which are subject to a flat $0.30 surcharge, in addition to another fee that amounts to 2.9 percent of the transaction.

However, there are often exceptions. Fees are usually only charged to registered businesses on incoming transfers under $5,000. For individuals, you can receive up to $5,000 per day—and $15,000 per month—without encountering any extra fees. This could be a turnoff if you’re looking to transfer massive amounts of money to and from sportsbooks. 

Even then, though, PayPal has been known to increase limits for individuals on a case-by-case basis. Contacting their customer service can help you get around these daily and monthly limitations. Just be prepared to answer questions about why you need the maximums raised.

Bonuses at Paypal Online Gambling Sites

When using your Paypal account as your payment option, you will have access to plenty of welcome bonuses and free bets. Welcome bonuses are matches on your first deposit. Online bookmakers will add funds to your betting account when you make your first online payment. Some of them will require a bonus code, which you can find in our sportsbook reviews.

Paypal and its instant deposits will help you make your first bet fast. Having access to all the welcome bonuses will keep your bottom line happy. It is a great deposit method, and also works to get your cash out at many online sports betting sites. You will be able to use this withdrawal method for the bonus money once you fulfil the rollover requirements.

Betting Strategies

Because PayPal is just about universally accepted, your betting strategy should be simple. Shop around for the best sportsbook bonuses. You don’t have any fees to make up for when making deposits, but it’s never a bad thing to get free money.

We strongly endorse sites that offer both 100 percent matches on your first deposits, as well as subsequent bonuses on future deposits. This is where a sportsbook like GT Bets really gets it right.

Safe betting with PayPal - Worry-Free Transactions 

Sports gamblers needn’t worry when they’re using PayPal. Online betting sites are inherently secure because they have so much money trafficking in and out on a daily basis. But PayPal adds a layer of their own security.

They are the only site in which you need to enter your personal bank or credit card information if you’re using them, so you’re not handing that intel out willy-nilly at a ton of other sites. They also let you customize security preferences, such as alerts when you send or receive maximums, daily and single transaction limits, and much more.

PayPal Sports Betting Tips

Every deposit option will come with its own specific tips for making the best bets. Whether you are looking into live betting, moneylines, or futures, you will have to keep these PayPal sports betting tips in mind so you can improve your bottom line and overall betting experience.

For example, if you are into live betting, you will want to make sure your PayPal is well connected to your favorite sportsbook for live betting. Because of the high speed and high stakes of live betting, you will want to have this ready to go before the game starts. Even depositing and betting a few times to make sure it is all good to go. You do not want to miss out on the fast-changing odds.

However, if you are wanting to bet on the futures market, you will have more time to get your PayPal betting site up and running. It will all depend on how much time you have, and how quickly the odds are changing.

Our Conclusions - A Payment Method for Everyone

Access to Your Money Whenever and Wherever

The PayPal model ensures you’re always in tune with your finances. They offer various debit cards to complete withdrawals, make purchases and check your balance, and they provide a detailed transaction history on their website so you can keep track of your spending. An easy-to-use mobile interface also guarantees you’ll always be a click away from checking your balance.

Worldwide Safety and Security

PayPal isn’t used by many people around the globe on accident. They make international transactions safe and secure for everyone. And if you’re extra worried, they allow you to customize alert settings.

A Cost-Effective Payment Method

High rollers are the only bettors who should have any issues with PayPal fees. Sportsbooks traditionally don’t charge them on deposits or withdrawals, and PayPal themselves processes transactions of up to $5,000 for non-businesses without hitting you with a fee.

What are the best sports betting websites that accept PayPal?

The best PayPal sportsbooks will process transactions fast and with minimal fees. We recommend many on this page.

Are there fees associated with PayPal sports betting?

Yes, there are some small fees normally associated with PayPal sports betting. They tend to be a non-issue for everyone except the highest of rollers.

Can I collect welcome bonuses when I deposit with PayPal?

Yes, you can. Most welcome bonuses are available to you regardless of the deposit method you use.

Is PayPal a secure sports betting deposit option?

Yes, it is. PayPal is a trusted name for many types of transactions.

Is PayPal sports betting legal in the US?

Yes, it is. Everywhere you can enjoy online sports betting in the US will allow you to use PayPal as well.

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