WebMoney Betting Sites

WebMoney is an innovative online payment system

WebMoney Betting Sites

WebMoney is an anomalous sports-betting payment method. It is both popular and flies under the radar. WebMoney is popular among gamblers in the sense that they’re an e-wallet, and e-wallets are one of the three most used payment methods at online gaming sites. But the company is also relatively unknown compared to the wider-reaching e-wallets from Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal. That doesn’t mean WebMoney isn’t right for you. It is just as universally available, and they claim to have over 40 million users. Your decision should come down to factors other than their name. Fortunately, we’re about to take you through all the most important ones.

This WebMoney guide will cover all of the following (plus much more!): 

Best WebMoney betting sites

BetOnline – The Best WebMoney Betting Site in US


There are no fees from BetOnline when making deposits and withdrawals using WebMoney. The only surcharges you will be responsible for come from WebMoney themselves.


Making deposits with WebMoney at BetOnline takes no time at all. Almost as soon as you hit submit, your funds should hit your account and be ready for wagering.

No one should be surprised that BetOnline excels at WebMoney transactions. They are the toast of the sports-gambling world when it comes to e-wallets in general. From quick transactions to minimal fees and competitive bonuses, they’re the catch-all of WebMoney betting destinations

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SportsBetting – Fastest WebMoney payments


WebMoney deposits at SportsBetting.ag won’t cost you anything extra. The same goes for withdrawals. Any fees you pay will come from WebMoney’s end.


Find a sportsbook that will process WebMoney transactions at a faster rate. We dare you. SportsBetting.ag has cornered the market on the speed at which they complete both deposits and withdrawals for all e-wallets, including WebMoney.

SportsBetting.ag rivals BetOnline in the WebMoney perks they provide. Lower maximum deposits are their only drawback, and even that’s only a problem for high rollers. Everything else about the experience is an A-plus.

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BetNow – The Lowest Deposit Fees for WebMoney 


Gamblers will not be subject to sportsbook fees at BetNow when completing transactions with their WebMoney account. They will have to pay a convenience fee to WebMoney themselves, but BetNow’s side of things will go through free of charge.


Deposits made using WebMoney at BetNow will be completed immediately. That’s standard. But withdrawals can take a little longer. You’re not looking at more than one to three business days, but other sportsbooks tend to process them within 24 hours.

The overall WebMoney betting experience at BetNow is a home run. You can stand to wait a little longer for your withdrawals when they’re not subject to a sportsbook convenience fee, and it pays to use BetNow purely because they’ll honor their deposit bonus up to $1,000.

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Sports Interaction – The Best in Canada


Don’t worry about Sports Interaction charging you for processing WebMoney transactions. Both deposits and withdrawals are completed without any additional charges.


WebMoney deposits will hit your Sport Interaction account instantly. Withdrawals should reach your account in roughly one to three business days.

It would be nice if Sports Interaction put a higher ceiling on their deposit bonus. Their 100 percent match tops out at $200. But that’s the only real downside we could find. Everything else about their WebMoney betting experience is super easy and convenient.


Bovada – The Best for Mobile Betting


WebMoney deposits and withdrawals are processed at Bovada free of charge. However, if international bettors need to complete currency exchanges as part of the transfer (i.e. they haven’t already turned euros into U.S. Dollars), Bovada will assess a charge for doing so.


Bovada finishes deposit and withdrawal requests ultra quickly. Their e-wallet transactions specifically are completed at breakneck paces, and those include WebMoney deposits and withdrawals.

Another e-wallet betting method, another top-rated mobile betting experience from Bovada. We’ve yet to find a sportsbook that can rival what they offer. WebMoney users will be able to finish their transactions in seconds if they store their information from past transactions. Don’t take this for granted, either. Other mobile betting apps and sites attach slight delays to their deposit and withdrawal transactions. And in the event they don’t, they still sometimes sport a clunky design that pales in comparison to Bovada’s sleek interface.

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GT Bets- The Best one for Bonuses


Nobody has to pay fees at GT Bets when making deposits and withdrawals with WebMoney. Any charges you’re assessed will come from WebMoney.


WebMoney deposits at GT Bets wrapped up incredibly fast. From the moment you confirm the required information, your funds should be available in your account.

On-the-go bettors will take issue with GT Bets’ mobile site and app. Transactions take a little longer, if only because their design is really tight. That’s the extent of GT Bets’ problems. And even mobile gamblers can get on board with them when they have a deposit bonus that, over the course of two transactions, will reward new users with 150 percent of their initial investment.

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WebMoney betting facts – Just Like Any Other E-Wallet

Unbeknownst to many, WebMoney is your typical, run-on-of-the-mill e-wallet. They function just like PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, etc. This is great news for sports bettors, since it means that they’re also made for completing international transactions.

WebMoney’s main difference? They’re a Russian company. The majority of the people they service come from there. They can still be used by people around the world, but their customer support works much better for people living in Russia, while the fees attached to transactions (more on this soon) are also lower.

WebMoney Deposit Screenshotiphone

Webmoney Deposit Screenshot

How Do You Create a WebMoney Account?

Signing up for a WebMoney account is similar to registering with other e-wallets. Go to their website, enter the necessary information, choose how you’re going to fund your account (bank account or credit card) and then you’ll be good to go.

One note: You may have to wait a little longer than usual for initial deposits to hit your WebMoney account. A delayed processing time in that situation is perfectly normal. All subsequent deposits should take effect immediately, assuming you are using a recurring payment method.

Using WebMoney at Online Sportsbooks

There is no difference between using WebMoney and any other e-wallet at sportsbooks. Ikt is overall a very convenient deposit method for online betting. You just need to check and make sure that your online gaming site processes e-wallet transactions. And this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to see the WebMoney logo on the deposit page. If they take Skrill, PayPal or Neteller, chances are they also take WebMoney.

After you select e-wallet as your preferred payment method, you’ll enter all the necessary account information. If for some reason your transaction isn’t instantly approved, that’s when you’ll want to contact customer service. Because while WebMoney is widely accepted, there are a handful of sportsbooks that take other e-wallets but not them.

List of all WebMoney betting sites

Here is a list of our top five destinations for WebMoney users:

Fees Associated with WebMoney Betting

Contrary to many other e-wallets, WebMoney is in the business of charging customers a fee on every transaction. For sports bettors, this entails ponying up on both depositing and withdrawals from your betting account. New customers should keep this in mind when deciding how to get their money to their online casino account.

This will no doubt rub prospective users the wrong way. Paying to access or use your own cash is a nuisance. How can WebMoney get away with doing it when so many others can’t? Well, the fact of the matter is that being located in Russia helps them. Their primary customer base doesn’t have as easy access to other e-wallets, so they can afford to levy an extra charge. 

Plus, it helps that the fee isn’t much with this payment option. Every transaction will be docked a 0.8 percent surcharge, which cannot amount to more than the equivalent of roughly $55. That’s how they maintain the appeal of a global customer base. There may be a fee involved, but it’s capped at a reasonable rate, and WebMoney’s track record for processing transactions quickly allows them to charge for their services without turning too many people away.

Betting Strategies for WebMoney Gamblers

Deposit bonuses are everything for online gamblers. After all, who doesn’t want free money? But these promotions are even more important for WebMoney users. As we just mentioned, you’re going to pay a 0.8 percent fee on both deposits and withdrawals. Essentially, if you finish in the green with your betting, you’re guaranteed to pay a fee on the same sum of money twice. Welcome bonuses can help offset those surcharges. As a rule of thumb, prioritize online bookmakers that offer to match 50 percent or more of your investments and have flexible minimum deposits. .

Safe Betting – Get Transactions Done Quickly and Safely

Security isn’t at bookmakers that accept WebMoney. They offer the same benefits as other e-wallets. Chief among them is your ability to centralize your financial information. Instead of entering bank account or credit card numbers at every sportsbook you use, you’re inputting that intel into WebMoney, which you then use to complete your transactions across the board. As far as protecting your information goes, e-wallets like WebMoney are the most effective safety measures for online transactions. 

WebMoney Sportbook Screenshotiphone

Webmoney Sportbook Screenshot

Our Conclusions – Safe and Easy, But a Little Inconvenient

Fast Registration

Opening a WebMoney account is a self-explanatory process. The workflow is clearly labeled on their website, and so long as you have your payment information handy, you can fully fund your WebMoney account in just a couple of minutes.

Protect Your Most Sensitive Information

Gone are the days you have to input your credit card or bank account numbers into every site you visit. WebMoney automates that process by acting as your financial hub. They will store the financial information you provide and then you can process onlines transactions through them, so you’re not as vulnerable to fraud.

Slightly Inconvenient

The benefits of WebMoney betting sites, like any e-wallet, are overwhelmingly obvious. But this method in particular has its drawbacks. For starters, WebMoney isn’t accepted everywhere relative to other e-wallets. They’ll be taken at most places that process Skrill, Neteller or PayPal, but not all of them. That can be a hassle if you’re looking to use this across multiple sportsbooks. Beyond that, they also have a fee at both ends of transactions, whether you’re sending out money or taking in money. They only charge 0.8 percent, and their fee is capped at roughly $55, but that’s still cash out of your pocket.

Is WebMoney one of the best payment options?

WebMoney is a solid payment option for those looking for a safe payment option.

Can I collect the welcome bonus with WebMoney?

Yes, you can! While some welcome bonuses are for specific payment options, the general welcome bonus will work with WebMoney no problem.

Can I get free bets with WebMoney?

Yes, you can. If the sportsbook offer frees bets, this deposit method will almost definitely be accepted for that promotion.

What is the best WebMoney sports betting site?

That will depend on what your other priorities are. Our reviews take into account odds, welcome bonuses, and more!

Is WebMoney a safe deposit option?

Yes, it is! You should only sign up at recommended sportsbooks to stay safe online.

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