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Among the biggest and most prestigious sporting events of the year is always going to be the Wimbledon Grand Slam. Held annually in London, the best players from all over the world head to England to try and take down the rest of the field, with the ultimate goal of being able to call themselves the champion. Find your Wimbledon betting sites to take part in the action.

For Wimbledon, did you know that it has never been easier to place bets on the matches? Here at SBS we recommend Wimbledon betting sites where you’ll always have the best and most-updated odds available to you whenever you’re ready to place a wager. 

With that being said, what are the best Wimbledon betting strategies? We take a look and that and much more in this piece breaking down the tourney. 

Best Wimbledon Betting Sites

When Wimbledon arrives and the streets of London are packed with tennis fans ready to check out the action, the odds are going to be all set for you bettors out there. There will be seven rounds needed on both the men’s and women’s side to determine the champion. With so many players in the tourney, it can be tough to predict who will win it all

However, once things get trimmed down to 32, 16, and then the quarterfinals, bettors will have a much better idea of who they think will be the champion. During some points, though, things can be wide open. Because of this, our recommended sportsbook will always be updating odds. Wimbledon betting sites we’d definitely recommend for tennis would be WagerWeb, Sportsbetting and MyBookie. 


WagerWeb has developed strong popularity, especially with their 100% welcome bonus. In this instance for Wimbledon, whatever you decide to deposit for your tennis wagers, WagerWeb will match that as part of your bonus. It’s an amazing promotion that has given WagerWeb plenty of positive feedback.

With their mobile betting app, WagerWeb is also a fan favorite. For your Wimbledon bets, you’ll be able to access all of the odds on the app the same way you’d be able to if you were using a desktop. In only a matter of seconds, you’ll be able to find the odds on your mobile and then process your wagers like normal too.

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If you’re ever in need of customer service for Wimbledon, Sportsbetting will always be there to help you out. Seriously. Sportsbetting offers 24/7 customer service for its users. It doesn’t matter if it’s 3 p.m. in the afternoon or 3 a.m. at the crack of dawn, their customer service team will be ready to answer all of your questions.

Bettors also love reduced juice specials, which is essentially where you’re able to risk less to win more money. For Wimbledon, this will be an option for you as well. With so many odds to take advantage of for the Slam, why not take advantage of one of the reduced juice specials for Wimbledon?

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If you’re in need of some extra help and are looking for articles, MyBookie will be the place to visit. Their team does wonderful work in putting together informative pieces to help its users make their best decisions for wagers. The odds constantly being updated are a big bonus too.

On top of that, MyBookie also allows for Bitcoin boosts on five of your first deposits. You might find some outlets that only let you take advantage of a Bitcoin boost once, but MyBookie indeed lets you do it five times. This is a great way to get some more money for your Wimbledon bets.

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Wimbledon Betting Picks

Wimbledon will typically start in Early July and take about two weeks. With seven rounds, it’s an awesome tournament from start to finish, with fans in the stands in London and at home fired up throughout. In 2020, the tournament was unfortunately cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Whenever the players due take the courts, though, there are seven rounds of play to determine the champion. Normally, the favorites will go on to cruise in the early rounds, but we have seen some head-turning upsets in recent years. 

After multiple rounds, the best players in the world will emerge and really make noise as the main contenders to come out on top. Say around the quarterfinals you strongly believe one of the players on the men’s or women’s side will be the champ, that’d probably be a good time to put your bet in for them to win it all. 

Wimbledon Betting Preview

Again, there will be seven rounds of action in Wimbledon. While the first round is exciting, fans really get into it for the quarters, semis and then obviously the championship match. For the title match, it’s always going to be a see-saw battle, with everyone excited to see who will be able to overcome adversity and raise the silverware. 

One thing we’ll always preach when it comes to betting, though, is the rankings of the players leading up to a match. In the quarterfinals of Wimbledon, if the No. 1 player in the world is getting ready to face the No. 32 player in the world, the top-ranked player would figure to be the winner. While there will be some stunning upsets, don’t count on it happening every time before making your bets. 

Wimbledon 2023 Betting Odds

Wimbledon 2023BetUS
Novak Djokovic-140
Carlos Alcaraz+350
Daniil Medvedev+700
Matteo Berrettini+1600
Jannik Sinner+1200
Alexander Zverev+1200
Nick Kyrgios+1800
Stefanos Tsitsipas+2000
Felix Auger Aliassime+2000
Wimbledon 2023BetUS
Aryna Sabalenka+400
Iga Swiatek+400
Elena Rybakina+450
Ons Jabeur+1000
Cori Gauff+1400
Karolina Muchova+1800
Barbora Krejcikova+2200
Jessica Pegula+2500
Petra Kvitova+2500

What can you bet on during Wimbledon?

If you have interest in betting on any of the tennis Grand Slams, we highly recommend going with one of the sportsbooks we recommend. This of course will be the case for when the best players head to London in the summer for Wimbledon. For Wimbledon, there will be countless odds both before the tourney begins and right in the middle of it. The best Wimbledon betting sites will have all the following bets.

Futures bet

For a futures bet, this is the kind of option where you’re predicting a result to happen down the road. The most common futures bet for Wimbledon would be picking the outright winner in advance. 

For example, if you think the No. 4 player in the world, for either the men or the women, will come out on top and win the title, you could go with them to win it a month before play even starts on the courts. Because you’re picking the winner so far in advance of the first round, you’ll see great odds and a fantastic payout if that player ends up winning. 

Prop bet

For a prop bet, this is the option where you’re placing your money on something out of the norm from a typical straight-up or futures bet. During Wimbledon, you might see options to bet on how many aces one of the best players will have during a match, or on if the English Prime Minister will be in attendance for the final. These are only two examples of the countless prop bets that will be listed on our sportsbook partners’ sites for the tournament. 


When we’re talking about an over/under bet, this is where you’re placing a bet on a set number, but predicting it to either go above or below that number. For example, for a Wimbledon match, you might see the over/under for a highly-anticipated showdown listed at four sets. If you go with the over and the match reaches a fifth set, you’ll hit with your wager and make some money. 

Betting Strategies for Wimbledon

The best strategy is really quite basic: sign up at great Wimbledon betting sites. Without this strong foundation, it won’t matter os much what you build on top.

In early July for Wimbledon, checking out the rankings far before the tournament gets underway is always going to be a smart decision. If you pick the No. 1 player in the world to lose in the first round, you may see amazing odds and a high payout, but the chances of that happening is slim to none. 

Also, if a player hasn’t done well in Wimbledon in previous years, that may make you think twice about betting on them for the current tournament. This is something you’ll want to keep in mind for all of the Grand Slams, not just Wimbledon. 

How Does Wimbledon Betting Work? 

Things are incredibly easy when it comes to placing Wimbledon bets. Whether you’re looking for something straight up, a parlay, a prop bet, or an over/under, all of our sportsbook partners will have odds ready for you to take a look at. Even better, the info will be laid out in an easy way to follow. 

Also, don’t forget about the doubles tournament either. While the singles tourney for the men and women is the most popular, you’ll also be able to locate fun and great odds for the doubles one as well. 

Wimbledon Betting History

If a player is able to win a Grand Slam, capturing the glory for any of the four is a monumental accomplishment. Of course, Wimbledon also provides plenty of pride in being able to call yourself the champ. Typically, the higher-ranked players have gone on to win the Wimbledon championship. 

On the men’s side, tennis legend Roger Federer has the most Wimbledon titles with eight to his name. Pete Sampras is second with seven. For the women, Martina Navratilova has nine Wimbledon championships, while Steffi Graf and Serena Williams (as of 2022) have seven titles. 

Our take-aways

The best players will be the ones pushing for the Wimbledon glory
Everyone loves a Cinderella story. When a total underdog stuns a massive favorite, it’s what makes tennis even more fun to watch. At Wimbledon, it’s not often you see it happen. That’s why it’s so important to pay attention to the rankings before making your wagers. If someone is ranked inside the Top 10 for either the men or women, chances are they’ll have the better odds of winning it all. 

Wimbledon is always fun to bet on
If you’re fortunate enough to attend the Wimbledon tournament, you’ll see just how much fun and just how prestigious it is. Because of this, placing bets throughout the tournament is always fun to do. Imagine predicting the winner far in advance to win the title, and they earn the championship in straight sets. That’s only going to add to your Wimbledon excitement. 

Always use our Sportsbooks partners
Here at Sports Betting Sites, we take great pride in our sportsbooks providing the best and most-updated odds throughout the year. This is also the case for Wimbledon. The Welcome Bonuses and Special Bonuses are something users are always going to want to check out. Trust us when we say you won’t be disappointed using our partners, especially when Wimbledon is getting started. 

Wimbledon Betting FAQ

Where can I find Wimbledon winner odds?

Right here on this page! We keep our odds tables up to date.

What is the best Wimbledon bet?

Check out all the different Wimbledon tennis bets explained right here on this page

What is the most important Wimbledon betting tip?

Finding the right Wimbledon betting site is key to making the best bets.

Are there Wimbledon prop bets?

Yes, there are! You can find them near to the start and during the tournament.

How to read Wimbledon betting odds?

In American odds format, the favorite has the lowest odds number.

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