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Justbet Sportsbook Review

JustBet is under the Bookmaker umbrella, as well as Galaxy Sports. The betting experience and odds offered are virtually identical across all three.

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Why I like JustBet

The JustBet sportsbook gives bettors options on top of options. This applies to a multitude of site features including bonuses, markets, cryptocurrencies, and so much more.

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Up to 100% Cash welcome bonus up to $300

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Our Review

Pros & Cons

Basic Information

Justbet Key Facts

  • HQ

    Costa Rica






    United States, Canada, and other countries


    Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, KENO, Poker, Roulette


    Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, Cycling, eSports, Football, Golf, Horse Racing, Hockey, MMA, Motorsports, Soccer, Tennis



Account creation

Takes Less Than A Minute

The JustBet sign-up process is fast. Really fast, actually. To complete, you’ll be asked all of four questions — name, email, password, phone number. That’s it! As soon as you’re finished, you’ll be given your unique account number. This is what you’ll use to log-in from here on out.

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Account Creation Screenshot

Customer Service

24/7 Support

Although we were disappointed by JustBet’s FAQ section–there’s all of 21 questions inside there–here you have options. You might have to reach out to customer service to get answers to your hard-pressing questions.

In the event that you do, JustBet can be reached either via email (cos@justbet.co), phone (855-274-8313), or live chat. Customer service reps are available all hours of the day and each day of the week to assist, which we suppose makes up for the lackluster FAQ guide.

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Costumer Service Screenshot


Free-of-Charge Transfers

For the most part, any deposits done on Justbet, no matter the method, will be of no charge to you. JustBet accepts bank cards, cryptocurrencies, and person-to-person. That latter is the only one that could cost you. Any P2P transfers below $300 is automatically docked a $14 surcharge.

JustBet Bitcoin: Huge Selection of Cryptos

JustBet accepts 60 or so different crypto currencies as a deposit method — which is among the highest across the industry. The selection ranges from “big wigs” like Bitcoin or Etherum all the way to lesser-known entrants like Maidsafe and Stroj. Most online sportsbooks are playing catch up to JustBet in this department.

JustBet Credit Cards: Two Options Only

Mastercard and VISA card users will have no trouble with JustBet. Other card carriers, however, definitely will because Mastercard and VISA are the only two accepted. While we’d like to see more options, this always seems to be in line with competitors, so it’s hard to knock JustBet. Deposit limits are $25 (minimum) and $1000 (maximum).

Welcome Bonuses

Separate Bonuses For Cash And Crypto Depositors

There’s four different sign-up bonuses to choose from at JustBet. Each will match your first-time deposit up to a certain percentage. Three of those bonuses are reserved for crypto deposits. The deals come either in the form of a 25, 50, or 100-percent match. There’s also one welcome deal for cash-based deposits (e.g. debit card). That promo rewards up to 15% cash in sportsbook play (up to $600) AND 50 percent bonus in the casino (maxes out at $1000).

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Welcome Bonus Screenshot

Placing a Bet

So Easy A Caveman Could Do It

If you’ve ever bet on any online sportsbook, then you won’t find much fault with JustBet. Per usual, the sportsbook menu is organized by the sport and leagues within it. An experience like this makes betting pretty intuitive.

Once you have a line you want action on, just tap on the odds. It’ll be added to your betting slip where you can enter how much to risk. Hit the “place bet” button to finalize it. Now how easy is that?

Politics Betting

Plenty Of US Presidential Election Odds

The politics menu on JustBet is mostly concentrated on the US Presidential election, and it’s not a small selection, either. Of course, there’s the usual which candidate will win odds, but there’s a plethora of props pertaining to state-by-state winners and margin of victory. Those extra lines give the election a lot of betting mileage despite it being a once-every-four-years occurrence.


So-So Support

You’ll find esports betting readily available on JustBet, but the menu is pretty barebones. In it, odds for big-name titles like Call of Duty, Dota, Overwatch, etc. are easy to find. That might be fine for the casual esports bettor, but the more diehard ones won’t be satisfied by the limited selection.

Virtual Sports Betting

Simulated Fun

Waiting for a “real” sport to start? Why not kill some time wagering on virtual sports? Like eSports, this is video games, but the outcome is 100-percent simulated by a computer. No human element whatsoever. JustBet has these bets labeled as “sports sims” and offers them on video games like Madden, MLB The Show, NBA 2K, etc. Virtual sports occur at all hours of the day for convenient wagering opportunities.


International Presence

Spreads, moneyline, over/unders, futures, props, in-play — you name the NBA bet type and it’s carried on JustBet.  But on top of the NBA selection, JustBet also has a presence for foreign basketball leagues located in Asia and Europe.

US Open

Majors And More

Without a doubt, the major tournaments — the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open —are well-covered at JustBet. You’ll find a litany of lines for each one across all events. However, other tennis tournaments are easy to find at Justbet too, only in smaller degrees.

NFL betting

Ruler Of The Sportsbook

As an American-based bookie, it comes as no surprise that football dominates the JustBet sportsbook. Just about every single game in the NFL and NCAA during the season will be available for betting. Sure, there’s all the usual pregame lines (e.g. spreads and over/unders), but the amount of props offered is really what stretches out the wagering opportunities.

MLB betting

Golden Opportunities

With a 162-game regular season, no American sport league matches the MLB in bet volume— and it’s not even close. That makes for a lot of gambling opportunities on a daily basis during the months of April to October. Thankfully, JustBet carries most of those opportunities in its sportsbook.

More Betting Options

Rebate In The Racebook

Horse racing is a big deal at JustBet. Here, you’ll find odds for races throughout the entire world. 

Even better, JustBet offers an eight-percent rebate on ALL racebook betting, win or lose. The cashback is awarded to players on a daily basis, too.


Slot-Heavy Selection

Most of the Las Vegas casino-floor staples can be found at JustBet in either simulated or live dealer form. Of course, that includes slots, which is the most-found game type in the JustBet casino. However, there’s also table games, bingo/KENO, and video poker. All in all, the game selection is close to 100.

Live Betting

Look For The Wi-Fi Icon

Notice that green Wi-Fi logo across the sportsbook? That icon indicates that in-play wagering is available. You’ll see it next to game lines and on the submenus of the sportsbook. JustBet keeps its live wagering alongside its pregame lines and the Wi-Fi icon is the only thing telling the two apart. In-play capability is carried on an array of games, but it’s especially common to see on really marquee matchups.

Parlay Betting

“Down Down” On Certain Legs

A neat feature of JustBet is the ability to split money apart in a parlay. Instead of risking one sum total on the entire parlay, you can bet more or less on specific legs of the parlay (e.g. $50 on the first leg, then $25 on the second). Having that option is nice, especially when you’re especially confident on certain outcomes.

Withdraw Winnings

Four Options To Pick From

You can cash out on JustBet in a number of ways that aren’t accepted as deposits. The three new options entering the fold are checks, MoneyGram, and Ria. Word of advice on checks, though: these payouts can take time. Depending on your location, it could take as much as 10 business days for it to arrive in your mailbox. That's why we recommend using an alternate option for quicker turnaround times.

Bitcoin Withdrawals: Crypto Support

All 60-plus cryptos that are supported as deposit methods can also be used for cashing out. Like we said before, that level of crypto support from JustBet is largely unrivalled in the industry.

Credit cards: Not at JustBet

While Mastercard and VISA are deposit options on JustBet, neither are supported for withdrawals. While it’s not uncommon to see this in the industry, it’s still a hassle nonetheless.

Additional Betting Help

The blog & other betting resources

No one ever said sports betting was easy, and that applies to both newcomers or experienced bettors. That’s a key reason why some sportsbooks maintain a blog that contains how-to articles and betting advice for upcoming games. JustBet is not one of those bookies, however. You’ll have to find wagering know-how elsewhere.


BetPoints Rewards Program

JustBet has one of the finest loyalty programs in the entire industry. Its BetPoints program is a three-level approach — Gold (new players are automatically enrolled at this tier), Platinum, and Diamond. Points are earned through playthrough across the sportsbook, racebook, and casino.  Perks of the program include cashback, different reload bonuses, plus more. The BetPoints loyalty program is what makes JustBet a real worthwhile investment over the long run.

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Royalty Screenshot


Get A Heads Up On Promos

Whenever the JustBet sportsbook pops up in our inbox, it’s usually because they have a new killer promo to take advantage of. Those are welcome emails in our book and are infrequent enough that it’s not considered spammy.

Live Streaming

Available Strictly On eSports And Simulations

As the headline suggests, JustBet has live streaming capability on video game-based sports only. Near the betting line, you’ll see a green play button icon to indicate live streaming is available. Games mostly stream from Twitch.


JustBet Has It Figured Out

You can’t go wrong with strengths like:

🏟️ SportsbookJustBet
💻 Websitehttps://www.justbet.co/
🆔 Licensed InCosta Rica
📧 Emailcos@justbet.co
☎️ Telephone1-855-274-8313

Justbet Sportsbook Review

It’s tough to find any faults with JustBet. Even if you knit pick, the pros far outweigh the cons.

Editor's rating

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Up to 100% Cash welcome bonus up to $300

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