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NHL Betting Sites

For National Hockey League fans everywhere, betting on the biggest games and on your favorite players to keep on scoring incredible goals has never been made easier. With the countless partners we work with here at SportsBettingSites, the latest and best odds are always going to be at your disposal.

So, what’s the best NHL betting strategy to consider throughout the entire season? 

We take a look at that and much more in this piece.

What makes a great NHL betting site?

  • Great, intuitive design and layout making things easy for readers
  • Updated and fresh odds leading up to the biggest events of the NHL season
  • A wide range of variety and betting options throughout the year

Best NHL Betting Sites

Bovada is outstanding for hockey fans

Bovada is one of the most respected and well-known outlets we work with here at SportsBettingSites. It’s known for providing great NHL odds and updating those odds in real time. This is crucial for when you’re looking at a game and deciding who to bet on.

Not only does Bovada provide great odds, but its special bonuses and welcome bonuses are also present throughout the hockey campaign. It’s a great way for bettors to earn extra, free money to lay their bets on. It’s enticing for sure.

Bovada should be a no-brainer when it comes to checking out sportsbooks for NHL bets. Users won’t be disappointed with the odds or the experience when checking out entertaining hockey bets to make at any point.

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Get amazing bonus deals for NHL from MyBookie

Similarly to Bovada, MyBookie provides several awesome welcome bonuses for new users. It’s biggest bonus includes one of up to $1,000 on your very first deposit. Yes, that’s $1,000 of extra money to use for your NHL bets.

The odds are being updated at a consistent and timely rate when it comes to NHL action. So if a top player suddenly is ruled out of a big game, you can expect MyBookie to make the necessary changes before the first drop of the puck.

On MyBookie’s site and app, you can clearly see under the NHL section the breakdown list of the big events upcoming on the calendar. They’re ahead of the game when it comes to getting fans ready for heart-stopping action on the ice.

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Choose your own bonus at BetNow

You can see BetNow’s NHL odds very easily. Without having to choose a bet type, you can see all HL futures alongside other types of bets.

BetNow gives you two choices when it comes to their sportsbook bonuses. Both are worth a maximum of $1,000, and the rollover requirement can get as low as 3x.

BetNow is great for sports fans, as they lay out all the odds together. This makes it easy to play and choose bets that sound like the most fun for you.

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Build your NHL betting strategy at GTBets

GTBets offers fun NHL bets. So you can place hockey props and futures, in addition to the standard lines and spreads.

GTBets offers more than one sportsbook bonus. And you do not have to choose! You can claim two sportsbook bonuses.

GTBets offers a series of articles on how to place NHL bets. These span form nuts and bolts suggestions to more in-depth strategy.

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NHL Betting Facts

With whichever recommended sportsbook you decide to use at Sports Betting Sites, the ease of placing a bet is something that can bring you peace of mind. When you do get ready to make your wager, be sure to pay attention to the odds and matchups for each team. This is crucial when you’re getting ready to make a hockey bet. 

For example, if there’s a big playoff game coming up between the Ducks and Stars, it will always be important to keep in mind which team is the home team. Also, did the two teams meet for a game during the regular season? If so, who came out on top, and what was the score? If the Ducks dominated and will host the Stars for Game 1 in Anaheim, then you might be inclined to bet on them.

How to Bet on NHL

Betting on NHL games is not only fun, but extremely easy to do. There’s all kinds of bets you can make, from a straight-up bet on a team to win a game, to a futures bet and more. For a futures bet, it’s when you predict something in advance to happen. 

So, if you’re a die-hard Rangers fan and think in February that they’ll win the Stanley Cup in the coming months, that’s a futures bet you can make. Keep in mind, though, you’d be betting months ahead and be betting for New York against the field. You’ll get great odds for that and a huge payout if they were to be crowned the eventual champions.

Best Betting Strategies for NHL

You’re always going to want to take into consideration team records, injuries and who the home team is when placing a bet for some NHL action. This is especially important during the postseason. We can’t stress enough how important home-ice advantage is for a playoff game and series. 

Think about it, if a No. 1 seed is getting ready to host a No. 8 seed in the first round of the Western Conference playoffs, the underdog isn’t going to have great odds to steal a win. While upsets do happen, it’s usually the safe move to go with the home team and favorite in this case.

Types of Bets for NHL

NHL betting conclusions

NHL Betting Sites

NHL odds

When it comes to NHL odds, our sportsbooks will always provide the latest ones for you to take a look at. Whether you’re looking at games in the regular season, or matchups in the playoffs, we’ll have you covered.

NHL bonuses

Each of our partners also provide different bonuses throughout the NHL season. You could see a special bonus pop up for a big game, or right before the playoffs. Also, don’t forget about the welcome bonuses you can take advantage of at any time. 

Best experience

Always have confidence in using our sportsbooks partners before betting on the NHL. Whether you’re looking for the best odds, or the easiest sites to navigate, we’ll have you covered. 

Should I bet on my favorite hockey team?

Not necessarily. Make a bet based, rather, on who you think will win.

Is there live hockey betting?

Of course! Live hockey betting is one of the most exciting things you can do in the sports betting world.

Are these sites legit?

Absolutely! We have out all of these sites through our signature review process.

How do hockey lines work?

In hockey lines, you are choosing the winner of the match.

What about hockey betting for beginners?

This is a great sport to get started on! Make your first bets smaller, as you get the hang of it.

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