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Canada sports betting sites and everything else you need to know about the sports betting landscape in The Great North

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What Makes for Great Canada Sports Betting Sites? 

Canada Betting Sites

Great Odds and Lots of Markets

The best Canadians sports betting sites know what Canadians love. Whether it’s the gauntlet of the Stanley Cup playoffs or watching our favourite tennis stars on the international stage, the best Canadian sports betting sites have great odds on all the markets you love.

Welcome Bonuses and Promotions

Good sports betting sites just let you sign up. Great sports betting sites are excited for you to join and offer you a welcome bonus when you do. These bonuses, whether it’s doubling your first deposit or free bets, are a great way to start your experience. And they don’t stop at welcome bonuses. They have ongoing promotions that everyone can take advantage of. 

Great Features and Fast Payouts

There are a lot of aspects of sports betting sites that matter. From an attractive website to reliable live sports betting, the best sites make sure they offer Canadians the best features so they can fully enjoy their betting experience. And best of all, they make sure you get paid out secure and fast. 

Sports Betting Options in Canada

Canadians love sports and love sports betting. There are many sites out there for Canadians, but they are not all created equal. 

The best sports betting in canada – all vendors listed on this page – are secure, reliable, and fun. They have the odds Canadian bettors look for and offer great welcome bonuses. The bad ones do not understand the needs of Canadian bettors. And even worse, they can be unlicensed and fraudulent. We do not list or recommend checking out those sites.

As hockey is the most popular sport in Canada, you will find great odds on the NHL and other hockey leagues on all sports betting sites we recommend. You will also find plenty of action on the NFL, MLB, NBA, MLS, and CFL. Of course, that is not all Canadians love. Sports betting sites also offer odds on golf, MMA, international soccer, rugby, cricket and even eSports. 

You are welcome to sign up for as many sports betting sites as you want. Some bettors enjoy using multiple sites to take advantage of what they offer and excel at. Others focus on using one primary online sportsbook. How many you use is based on your personal preference and betting style. Just make sure you do not make more than one account with each site (if you make multiple accounts you will be banned).

You can securely withdrawal your winnings from any of the sports betting sites we recommend. Gambling winnings in Canada are not taxed. However, they can change your income bracket and come tax season you may own more money.

Sports betting in Canadian provinces

If you want to learn more about sports betting in your province, check out the links below. Each page offers a wealth of knowledge to help you navigate sports betting in your province, so you can maximize your betting experience when you are using an online sportsbook.

How to start sports betting in Canada?

There are a couple of steps to follow before you can start betting on sports legally in Canada. First, you will need an email address and a piece of identification proving you are at least 18 or 19 years old (depending on the site) and a resident of Canada. You will need an email account to make an account and the identification used for verification.

Once you have made and verified your account, then you need to make a deposit by a method the site accepts. There are a few additional security steps at this stage depending on your payment method and the site (for example if you are using your bank account to direct deposit money you may need to send a bank statement for verification). Once the site processes and approves your information, you can start betting!

Online payments and safety in Canada

Online bookies accept many ways of payments, all safe and secure. The variety of options range from debit and credit cards to Bitcoin and eWallets. There are options for everyone. 

To make a deposit, you must first have a verified account with an online vendor. Once your account is verified, you can browse through the selection and pick the best one for you. Outside of a few options, all deposits are done virtually from your computer or mobile device. You just need to input your information, select the amount you want to deposit and confirm. Most digital deposits are instantaneous, meaning you can jump right into the action. 

Online bookies are focused on security. They deal with thousands, if not millions of members from multiple countries and deal with a high magnitude of transactions every day. They have dedicated security teams to keep your money and information safe. It is also highly recommended to keep your account details and payment information private.  

Common Deposit Methods at Canada Betting Sites

List of all Canada Betting Sites

How to Choose Your Canada Betting Sites

When picking a bookie, there are many things to consider, which we shall breakdown below.

Welcome Bonus

One of the first things to consider when picking an online bookie is the welcome bonus they offer. Welcome bonuses are generally a match of your deposit up to a certain amount and a certain percentage. It is smart to compare the bonuses and pick the best one for you before you start. You can also claim welcome bonuses with multiple operators.

Markets and Odds

It is smart to watch out the odds and markets available at multiple bookies. While every online vendor has odds on the major sports, some specialize on certain sports, while others offer a better selection of props. Some operators are more likely to offer reduced juice. Some offer better odds on parlays and teasers. 

Desktop and Mobile Experience 

How you bet matters when picking an operator. Some sites have a better mobile design, while other sites – often ones with more markets – do not scale down as well and are better for betting on the computer. Also how they highlight and operate live sports betting on desktop and mobile is good to compare. 

Payments and Deposits

How many ways and how fast they process payouts is good to compare when picking a site to place bets. It is also good to look and see if the bookie charges a fee when you make a deposit or withdrawal. 

Betting Tips and Strategies

Betting tips are all about maximizing your money when you use an online operator. However, not every betting tip involves picking winners. Some tips involve minimizing fees and maximizing bonuses through a specific payment method.

For example, if you use Bitcoin, you could be eligible for a higher welcome bonus or even additional bonuses when you reload your account. You may also find some methods of payments have lower minimum deposit requirements and faster payouts.

The way you pay is not the only way to maximize your money when betting online. Sometimes you can get rewarded based on how you bet. Some Canadian bookies may offer incentives and bonuses if you bet using a mobile device, bet over a specific amount, or parlay certain types of bets. 

And of course, you can always look for ongoing promotions at Canada betting sites. You may find great promotions during the NFL regular season or the NHL playoffs that offer extra odds or a chance to win free money.

Canada Tax Betting

Sports Gambling Taxes in Canada

The regulations on taxes and gambling in Canada can require a little bit of guesswork. However, for the most part, gambling revenue is not considered taxable by the Canadian government. 

Let’s look more closely at when it is and is not. 

It all depends on the answer to one simple question: Are you conducting your gambling like a business or like a hobby

If the government considers it a hobby, then the gains are not taxable. This seems to be generally the case for the vast majority of bettors. 

It often depends on the way, rather than how much money is made. In Leblanc vs. The Queen, a profit of $5 million was not considered a business. 

If you treat it like a hobby, the Canadian government seems to consider it as such as well! 

Responsible Gaming at Canada Betting Sites

Sports betting sites are committed to upholding responsible gaming in Canada. Responsible gaming involves being mindful of how much you gamble and that you only use the money you can afford to lose. 

You should not use money set aside for living expenses or borrow money to gamble. You should also only treat sports betting as a form of entertainment and never as a means to support yourself financially. You should also not let gambling affect relationships with your friends and family.

Set a limit, and if that does not work, contact the sports betting site’s customer support team. If problems persist, you can self-exclude yourself from the betting site. 

Responsible gaming also involves preventing underage gambling. You should never share your account information with anyone under 19 and keep all your information on a sports betting site inaccessible to ensure that nobody under 19 has access to your account.  

Gambling in Canada FAQ

Is Gambling Legal in Canada?

Yes. Online sports betting is legal in Canada.

Is offline Sports Betting Legal in Canada?

Sports betting is not yet completely legal in Canada outside the web. Online operators are your best bet if you’re looking for good odds or special markets.

What’s the Legal Gambling Age in Canada?

In almost all of Canada, the legal gambling age is 19. in Quebec it is 18.

How to Bet on Sports in Canada?

Choosing a great online site available in Canada is a great way to bet on sports there.

What is the Biggest Casino in Canada?

Canada’s biggest casino is Montreal Casino. It is on the island of Notre Dame in Montreal, Quebec.

What are the Best Sports Betting Sites in Canada?

The best Canadian sports betting includes great bonuses, excellent markets for sports popular in Canada, and smooth user experience.

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