As is the case with just about every nation on the planet, Canadians are passionate about their sports. While Canada is obsessed with NHL and International puck action, when it comes to global offerings their sports and entertainment interests run the gauntlet. We’re proud to present our friends in Canada with the top sports betting sites available within their boundaries, as well as a plethora of offshore gambling options. Sports handicappers in the Great White North should know that their homegrown sports wagering options.

Best Canadian Sports Betting Sites

Have a look below to see some of Canada's top sports betting sites. These secure and trustworthy sites come with some amazing sign-up bonuses, too. While the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence, when it comes to Canadian sports betting sites, some are definitely better than others as our recommended list below shows.

      BC Online Sports Betting Options

      British Columbia, more so than any other province in Canada, is way ahead of the curve when it comes to online sports betting options. Click on the link above to get more information on the British Columbia Lottery Commission and the Sports Action betting options they offer to residents of BC.

      Western Canada Sports Betting Sites

      The Western Canada Lottery Commission serves Western Canada sports fans, including those in the Prairie Provinces and northern Territories. While the betting options are wide ranging, Canadians living in the west should also check out the online betting offers available to them.

      Ontario Sports Betting Websites

      Sports fans living in the Province of Ontario have access the to Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation as their ‘local” sports betting website. Through the website Ontario handicappers have access to wagering lines posted daily as well as a variety sports betting tips and information.

      Quebec Sports Betting Online

      Quebec has always been known as innovators when it comes to things like sports and entertainment betting in Canada. While they’re a couple of steps behind British Columbia – Quebec is making strides with the Mise o Jeu sports wagering option that is offered through the Loto-Quebec betting portal.

      Atlantic Canada Sports Wagering Sites

      Handicappers in the Atlantic region of Canada have access to the Pro Line sports betting option offered by the Atlantic Lottery Commission. When it comes to online sports wagering sites in Canada, east coast Canadians have it better than most Canucks with the gambling website.