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Pinnacle Sportsbook Review

Every review of Pinnacle starts and ends with its betting prices. After all, they do claim to have the “best odds.” At the very least, they’re certainly in the discussion for such a distinction.

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Why do I like the Pinnacle Sportsbook?

Pinnacle’s biggest positive is without question its reduced lines. They were one of the first online bookmakers to embrace this feature and since then, have innovated to the point of being one of the best at it.

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Our Review

Pros & Cons

Basic Information

Pinnacle Key Facts

  • HQ

    Curaçao islands




    Not public information


    Canada, India, Hong Kong, Nigeria, among others


    Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, KENO, Poker, Roulette


    Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, eSports, Football, Golf, Hockey, MMA, Motorsports, Rugby, Soccer, Tennis



Account creation

Four-Step Process

Registering an account on Pinnacle doesn’t necessarily take long, but it’s a slightly lengthier process than most competing sportsbooks. It’s a four-step approach where you give the site all the usual details about yourself that you’re accustomed to dishing out — name, address, birthday, email, password, etc. After going through this, you’ll receive a verification email from Pinnacle. Don’t gloss over this because your account isn’t officially activated until you verify it through that email. 

Customer Service

Ticketing System For 24/7 Support

Pinnacle doesn’t have a live chat system, however, they are available around-the-clock to answer tickets submitted via email. Hitting the “contact us” link in the footer will lead you to the ticketing system. Just be sure to re-use the same email your account is registered with when submitting a ticket to streamline the help process. 

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Costumer Service Screenshot


All The Options You Need

We counted 12 different deposit methods inside Pinnacle — which is no small thing. Essentially, all the popular options are available including bank transfer, Bitcoin, credit card, eCheck, and a host of others. When logged in, hit the green “deposit” button atop the menu to bring up all available options. 

Bitcoin: Must Verify Account Before Using

Before using Bitcoin, your account must be fully verified. To do so, you’ll have to upload documentation that proves both your identity and address. Once verified, you’ll be ready to take advantage of Bitcoin’s fast and cheap transfer times, as well as its superb security. 

Unfortunately, no other cryptocurrency is accepted at Pinnacle beside Bitcoin. Adding more support for non-Bitcoin digital currencies is something we’d like to see out of Pinnacle going forward.

Credit Cards: More Support Than Most

There’s not one, not two, not three, not four, but five cards accepted at Pinnacle for depositing. The group includes Discover, EntroPay, Mastercard, Maestro, and VISA. That level of support is higher than many competitors which solely accept VISA and Mastercard so kudos to Pinnacle for the variety.

Welcome Bonuses

Reduced Prices Instead Of Bonuses

Pinnacle is an outlier among the industry in that they don’t offer any sort of sign-up bonus. There are also no rebates. Instead, Pinnacle provides values to bettors with its reduced price margins, which they claim is “60 percent better than other bookmakers.” After glossing around the website, Pinnacle’s claims definitely have merit. 

Placing a Bet

Easy As Can Be

Pinnacle’s betting menu is far from small. Still, the way it’s all broken down makes it easy for a bettor to find exactly what they’re looking for. Sports are listed in A-Z order in the left-hand menu. Clicking into any one of them will filter the sport down further by in-play wagers, leagues, futures, etc.

Once you have a line, clicking it will send it to your betting slip. This is where you’ll enter the amount you want to risk. Pinnacle will also generate the win total based on the risk amount. Tap “confirm bet” to lock in the wager.

Politics Betting

A Nice Timeout From Sports

Under the Pinnacle sportsbook, you’ll find a section dedicated to politics wagering in the sidebar. Admittedly, the selection is very small, but it provides a nice diversion from sports betting once in a while. The US Presidential election is always the hot bet, but you’ll also see the occasional line for senate or governor races, too. 


Pinnacle Is All In

While eSports are an afterthought at many online sportsbooks, they’re certainly not at Pinnacle. On the site, you’ll find an entire eSports hub clickable from the top menu. You’ll not only find the latest eSports odds here, but also a full gamut of betting resources for those unfamiliar with the rising “sport.” 

Pinaccle’s eSport menu is one of the most comprehensive on the Internet. Close to a dozen titles are supported with betting lines at any given time including big-name franchises like Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Overwatch, Starcraft, and plenty more.  

Virtual Sports Betting

It’s Taken Seriously Here

Like eSports, virtual sports has a dedicated section linked on Pinnacle’s main menu instead of tucked away in the sportsbook somewhere like what’s become the industry norm. And whereas competitors stick to actual video-game franchises (e.g. Madden or FIFA) for its betting odds, Pinnacle offers about two dozen original sports sims that range from archery to badminton to soccer. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an online sportsbook that takes virtual sports as seriously as Pinnacle. Copy


Hoop Heads Rejoice

NBA matchups are said to be a “game of runs” and that dynamic makes it a worthwhile in-play betting experience. Thanks to the natural ebbs and flows of a pro game, you might be able to get a quality team at a reduced spread when they’re down early in a game — knowing very well that they’ll “flip the switch” in crunch time, sometimes at least.

US Open

All Eyes On The Grand Slam

While tennis odds are available at Pinnacle season-long, the selection really ramps up during major tournaments. The big four are Australian Open, French Open, US Open, and Wimbledon. For any one of these, expect to see the full family of bets on Pinnacle including singles, doubles, mens, and women’s events.


Sundays Are For The Bettors

Football is a big deal at Pinnacle. That becomes evident by merely browsing through its NFL wagering selection that includes weekly game lines, futures, props, in-play, and everything in between. The NCAA football lines, while not as robust as NFL, are extensive in their own right. Football diehards will have zero complaints with Pinnacle’s offerings.


Bevy Of Bets Available

Baseball’s a big deal at Pinnacle. Run lines, reverse run lives, props, run totals, in-play, futures — you name it and Pinnacle offers it. If there’s a league to master, it’s MLB due to the sheer amount of games it has, and all the bets that come with that.   

More Betting Options

Global Football Reigns Supreme

Outside of sports we’ve already covered, Pinnacle also supports soccer big time. That support stretches to nearly all corners of the globe. Odds for just about all the big-time club and international games are easy to find at Pinnacle.


Slots, Slots, And More Slots

Slot machines absolutely dominate the Pinnacle casino scene. Get this, there’s more than 1,300-plus slots available to play on the platform. That might be among the highest — if not the highest — in the online sportsbook industry. You’ll find other casino staples at Pinnacle too like blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and video poker, however, those selections pale in comparison to slots.  

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Casino Screenshot


No Dedicated Room

Once upon a time, Pinnacle did have a separate poker room, but that no longer exists. Currently, poker can only be played through the simulated machines in the casino. It’s worth noting that Pinnacle does have a live casino, though. While poker is not supported in live form, classic games like blackjack, baccarat, and roulette are.

Live Betting

Gamble On The Go

If you’re looking for in-play odds, you’ll find them at Pinnacle under the “live centre” menu. The service was recently rebuilt from the ground up. So far, we like what we see. Pinnacle does a stand-up job of updating odds in real-time and offering a diverse set of games for live betting. Major sports leagues like the NFL, MLB, NBA, and international soccer leagues (EPL, La Liga) are more likely to have live betting available at Pinnacle.  

Parlay Betting

Easy Enough

Creating a parlay is almost no different than making a regular bet. Just click two or more betting lines, which will add them automatically to your betting slip. You can add as many legs to a parlay as you want, but obviously, the more on there, the more difficult it is to hit on it. But then again, who ever said sports betting was going to be easy?


Withdraw Winnings

Overlaps With Deposit Methods

All the same deposit methods supported on Pinnacle can also be used to withdraw aside from credit card, Neosurf, and Paysafecard. That means there’s nine cashout options on the platform, which is plenty for most bettors.

Bitcoin Withdrawals: Flat Fees Associated

While Bitcoin deposits are free-of-charge, withdrawals are not. Everyone is charged at a $15 flat rate, which is actually on the high side. Moreover, withdrawals are capped at $2750 per transaction or every 24 hours. Both the transaction fee and withdrawal limit feel overbearing on the user experience — especially considering many competitors do it for free and allow more cash to be pulled out at a time. Pinnacle can do better in this department. 

Additional Betting Help

A Great Resource

Pinnacle’s blog is by far one of the most advanced throughout the industry. It can be accessed by tapping the “betting resources” tab in the top menu. The blog is chock full of advice on everything from betting strategies to psychology to educational articles plus a bunch more. Pinnacle also offers nifty calculators for nailing down payouts, arbitrage, and margins.  Copy


Easily Toggle Your Preferences

On the very last step of creating an account, Pinnacle asks for your marketing preferences. One of those questions regards email. Clicking “yes” will subscribe you to offer emails, as well as exclusive content from Pinnacle. Obviously, there’s a “no” option, too. Ultimately, the decision is all yours, but we advise signing up for email notifications. Pinnacle won’t spam you and who doesn’t like a good pomo once in a while? 

Live Streaming

Nothing To See Here

Unfortunately, there’s no live streaming feature on Pinnacle. If you want to follow the game you have action on, you’ll need to find it elsewhere like cable or an online gamecast.  


Necessary If Playing From US

Bettors based out of the USA are blacklisted from playing at Pinnacle, that is, unless you access the site via a virtual private network. Using one will mask your IP address and as long as it’s masked to a location where Pinnacle is indeed legal, US bettors can freely play on Pinnacle. 

HideMyAss: Opening The Floodgates For US Players

There’s an abundance of VPN’s online, but one of our favorites is HMA. The service has about 300 separate locations where a user can mask their IP address from. We hid our US-based address with a Canadian one and had zero issues with Pinnacle. Thanks to HMA, we registered an account with Pinnacle in minutes and gambled worry-free.     


Pinnacle Lives Up To Its Name

Perhaps the best word to sum up Pinnacle is innovative. That’s exactly what they’ve been doing for the past two decades and it shows: Here’s where Pinnacle stands above many of its online competitors:

Pinnacle Sportsbook Review

If it's not the pinnacle of the Sportsbook industry, it's close!

Editor's rating

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