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BetCris Sportsbook Review

In the online sportsbook world, you can either attract bettors with big bonuses or reduced lines. Betcris definitely falls into the latter category.

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Why I like Betcris

Bettors will get a lot of long-term value out of the reduced juice offered by the Betcris sportsbook loyalty program. That especially rings true for players that level up and maximize those reduced lines.

50% bonus up to $1,000


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50% bonus up to $1000


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125% up to $2,500


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Pros & Cons

Basic Information

BetCris Key Facts

  • HQ

    San Jose, Costa Rica




    More than 100,000 registered


    Canada and most of Latin America


    Baccarat, Bingo, Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, Video Poker


    Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, Cycling, eSports, Football, Golf, Horse Racing, Hockey, MMA, Rugby, Soccer, Tennis



Account creation

Speed And Simplicity

The sign-up process at the Betcris sportsbook is fast and simple — the way it should always be. Start by hitting the yellow “sign up” button in the top menu. Enter a few basic details about yourself such as name, email, password, address and you’ll move onto the next step.

In the following screen, Betcris will give you an account number that you’ll use to sign in from there out. That’s it! Like we said, quick and simple! 

Customer Service

Quick Response Times

The go-to method for reaching customer service on Betcris is the live chat feature. It can be easily pulled up by tapping the light blue chat icon in the bottom-right hand of the screen. In seconds, you’ll connect to an agent that can answer your questions.

Just be sure to have your six-digit PIN number handy because they’ll ask for it before assisting you. In our experience, agents replied to our questions within minutes. This was during business hours, though, and we imagine wait times are longer during non-essential hours.  

Betcris Sportsbookiphone

Live Chat


No Major Credit Card Options

The Betcris sportsbook has a decent selection of deposit methods — cryptocurrency, AstroPay or PaySafe cards, EcoPayz, and Neteller. However, notably absent are big-name credit card providers such as VISA or Mastercard. That omission might be a big deal for bettors that haven’t jumped on the digital currency/transfer bandwagon quite yet. 

 Cryptos Dominate Betcris

The amount of different cryptocurrencies that Betcris accepts is impressive. By our count, it’s well over 60 different ones that you can use to fund your playing account. That includes big wigs like Bitcoin and Litecoin to less-known ones like Edgeless or Nem. Any one of them would be a great option for players due to its fee-less and uber-quick transaction processes.

Welcome Bonuses

Risk-Free Bet

Betcris shuffles its sign-up bonus regularly, however, they’re known to offer “free bets” for first-time players. The bonus works like this: on your first-ever bet, Betcris will refund you the amount IF the wager doesn’t pan out. Reimbursement is usually capped at $100 or so. 

Risk-free bonuses like these are second-to-none because you literally have nothing to lose. Win and you come up positive. Lose, and well, you’re right back where you started!

Betcris sportsbook bonusiphone-placeholder
Betcris Sportsbookiphone-placeholder


BetCris makes it easy to select your welcome bonus

Placing a Bet

Hassle-Free Wagering

The betting selection on Betcris is long. Really long, matter of fact. Yet, it’s not difficult to find the exact wager you’re looking for. That’s because the Betcris sidebar menu is intuitive and sortable by sport and leagues. Follow this journey to narrow down your bet.

Once you have it, click the odds you want to take. That’ll add it to your betting slip, which can be accessed by hitting the green “your picks” button. Finally, add the amount you want to risk and hit “place bet” to finalize it. 

Of course, betting lines ebb and flow — even after you’ve placed a bet. Betcris gives bettors the opportunity to accept changes, either all of them or only ones in their favor, or lock in your odds when you place them. All three options are available while inside the bet slip.

Politics Betting

Heats Up Near Elections

Occasionally, Betcris will throw up non-sport odds on its platform. Most of the time it’s based around politics, and more specifically, the US Presidential election every four years. It’s also not uncommon for them to have stock market or award show betting lines from time to time. 


Good, Not Great

How invested you are into eSports will dictate what you think of the eSport options offered by BetCris. If you’re a novice follower of the spor” you’ll appreciate that BetCris carries lines for top titles like League of Legends, NBA 2K, Starcraft, among others. However, if you’re a more enthusiastic eSports fan, you’ll likely be disappointed that smaller titles aren’t supported. 

Virtual Sports Betting

Available at the Betcris Sportsbook

The difference between eSports and virtual sports is the latter has no human element to it. On virtual sports, you’re betting on video games, but the outcome is being decided by a computer simulation. 

If this is your cup of tea, you’ll find available bets on Betcris under the “sports sim” menu inside the sportsbook. The wagers are reserved for strictly sports games like Madden, NBA 2K, and FIFA. 


Called Game

Basketball, and the NBA in particular, is inching toward becoming the “world’s sport” in the eyes of many. If the prediction pans out, Betcris will stand to benefit from it. The platform doesn’t skimp out with its NBA betting selection.

Most NBA lines you’re looking for — whether it's a prop on the amount of LeBron James dunks in a single contest or which team the next big free agent is signing to — are available on Betcris.

US Open

Year-Round Tennis Lines

Major tournaments like the US Open or any of the other Grand Slam events (Australian Open, French Open, Wimledon) are covered on Betcris. However, so are the lesser-known ATP and WTA tourneys. The tennis betting selection on BetCris is seriously year-round.  


Pigskin Rules

Whether you want to make weekly gameday picks or wager on the length of the national anthem at the Super Bowl, you’ll find the full gamut of NFL betting odds at Betcris. That includes pre-game spreads and point totals, in-play odds, props, futures, plus more. This isn’t just reserved for the NFL, either, college football receives similar treatment from Betcris.  


Going Yard

It’s not easy to keep up with MLB’s grueling 162-game schedule. However, it’s no issue for Betcris which carries lines for the league seemingly every day during the season. This creates huge betting opportunities for bettors when it comes to run lines, run totals, or props, all of which you’ll easily find at Betcris. 

More Betting Options

Offers more than a Sportsbook

Not to be forgotten in Betcris’ betting menu is its racebook, which has a dedicated section and can be found on the top menu. The horse-racing lines you’ll find inside span the whole world. Of course, you’ll get the American Triple Crown races in there, but Betcris also supports events in Australia, Canada, Japan, and a bunch of other nations. 


Two’s Company

You’ll see two casinos in Betcris main menu. One is labeled “casino” while the other is “new casino.” The latter casino is stock-piled with slot machines with impressive graphics. The other is more of its “classic” option and has a large range of games — bingo, table (blackjack, roulette, etc.), video poker, among others. 

Unfortunately, there’s no full-service poker room at any of the two casinos. The only poker action you’ll find at Betcris is the simulated poker machines. 

Live Betting

New & Improved Experience

See that green or blue Wi-Fi icon next to sports and bets? That icon indicates live wagering is available for it. Green means games are already in-progress, while blue is reserved for events that haven’t started, but will have live odds. Let these icons guide you.

Betcris revamped its in-play system in early 2020. Part of the overhaul is a new feature that bettors will surely love — the ability to use in-play odds in a parlay. Players can either combine pre-game lines with live ones for the parlay or use strictly in-play wagers for the entire parlay. The choice is yours!

Parlay Betting

(Almost) Same Process As A Normal Bet

As the headline alludes to, creating a parlay is nearly identical to placing a single bet. You probably already guessed it, just add multiple bets to your ticket, which will automatically make it a multi-leg parlay. And like we just mentioned, in-play odds CAN be used in parlays at Betcris nowadays.

Withdraw Winnings

Checks Are Costly

Mailed checks are not only slow, but they’ll also cost you big time, at Betcris, at least. The withdrawal fee with checks is $50 flat. That’s step, thus we advise sticking with crypto instead. It’s faster and free of charge. 

Bitcoin withdrawals: Options Galore

Remember earlier when we mentioned Betcris supports 60-plus cryptos as a deposit method? Welp, all of them can be used with withdrawal, as well. That obviously includes Bitcoin, which is a popular cashout option thanks to all the aforementioned advantages of it.

Additional Betting Help

Solid, but Tucked Away

There is a Betcris blog, but it’s tucked away and hard to find. In the footer, you’ll see it labeled as “articles.” It’s updated with content semi-regularly, but you’ll mostly see game previews with free picks on the blog. It’s a solid resource, but it shouldn’t be your ONLY source when researching bets. Always get a slew of wagering opinions before latching to the first one you see.    


Loyalty Thrives

The BetCris loyalty program is a four-tier approach where players can rank up through classic, bronze, silver, and gold levels by earning BetPoints (through betting) and making direct deposits. Each tier also comes with reduced juice odds that really makes the whole program worthwhile! 

Betcris Loyalty programiphone

Loyalty Pays


Opt In Or Out

When signing up for a Betcris sportsbook account, you’re presented with the option to receive marketing information from Betcris or not. It’s your decision, but just know, if you skip out on it, you’ll be missing out on special promotions. And do you really want to pass up on player-exclusive deals?  

Live Streaming

Only Applicable To Video Games

Being able to stream games you have action on is a slowly-rising feature in the industry. However, it’s not readily available on the Betcris sportsbook outside of eSports or sports sims, which are live-streamed on Twitch most of the time. Major sports, with their big-price TV contracts, are a tougher egg to crack when it comes to live streaming.  


Play The Long Game With BetCris

Getting true value out of BetCris means you’ll need to level up through the loyalty program and earn those reduced juice lines. If you do that, you’ll fall back on other great features like:

BetCris Sportsbook Review

Time to Dive in!

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