March Madness Odds

Despite the mayhem that is the NCAA Basketball Playoffs, there is one factor that sports bettors need to keep their eye on: The March Madness Odds. 

Staying up-to-date on players and standings are definitely an important factor, but monitoring those sportsbook odds should top your priority list. Missing any tweets, articles, or breaking news about any team’s odds, or even taking uninformed advice from sports betting ‘experts’ blindly could cost you big time. 

Fortunately for you, you’re already a step ahead of the rest by simply being here. Read on, and we promise to help you navigate the 2022 March Madness odds in the following weeks. 

Tips for March Madness Odds

From March 13th onward, part of your every day routine should include checking the 2022 March Madness betting lines. The odds will update regularly, and ensuring you’re up-to-date, and not relying on outdated information, will help you with your betting strategy. 

We aren’t suggesting monitoring one solitary sportsbook either. Check multiple sportsbooks for the best March Madness odds available if you have the time and resources to line shop. The best sports bettors use multiple accounts on different sportsbooks to ensure they are getting the best odds for their NCAA Basketball bets.

The oddsmakers can change odds at the drop of the hat, adjusting lines just before the opening tip. Lock in your bets when the odds look favorable instead of waiting, you can always cash out if you regret it later.  

The results of Selection Sunday and where teams are seeded will always impact how you approach your March Madness betting strategies, but there are a few general rules that you can apply to every tournament. 

Here are a few tips to consider when you’re looking at the 2022 March Madness tournament:

Avoid betting the No. 16 Seed

We don’t feel that we should have to tell you this, but we still do, year after year, because some of the gutsier bettors are risking their entire bracket to bet on a big upset. No. 16 seeds play the No. 1 seeds right off the bat, and the underdog odds are tremendously juicy. But the only thing is, the odds are high because of how UNLIKELY it really is

In a tournament renowned for surprise outcomes, the triumph of a No. 1 seed over a No. 16 seed is the closest thing to a March Madness lock there is. Save your underdog bets for the next round. 

Forget About the Regular Season (For the Most Part)

If you followed college basketball all year, and know each team like the back of your hand, you are well-primed for March Madness betting greatness. But many bettors don’t keep up with 351 Division I College Basketball teams. So, upon Selection Sunday, when you find out who the 68 teams selected for the tournament are, you can start researching their journey thus far. 

We only recommend using their regular season stats until the end of Round 2. Because around this time, you’ll see who came to play, and who crumbled under the tournament pressure. It becomes very clear who is on a hot streak, and the upsets will start rolling once it’s dropped to the Sweet Sixteen. 

If you think that a team’s regular season record will help propel them to the Final Four, you have another thing coming. The 2020 March Madness odds are already projecting that this will be one of the closest years to date, with several teams hovering in the +1000 zone to win the National Title. Usually, there are easy Final Four projections available this late in the game, but no one can nail down the main four teams to beat. 

The best bet for March Madness, will be following, game by game, and making picks based on the line moves. 

You have to play the hot hands, investing in teams that have shown, through two or more games, they belong in your bracket or on your bet slip. 

Riding your bracket on No. 1 seeds like Gonzaga or Kansas are safer plays to make, but when it comes to your bet slip, where you’re playing it game to game or day to day, see how they fare in the first round. If they barely are beating the No. 16 seed, they may not beat their next opponent. 

Be Conservative with Underdog March Madness Odds

Since 1979, the lowest-seeded team to make a Final Four is 11th. The lowest-seeded team to make a championship match, meanwhile, is eighth.

Know the limits of the underdogs this year, make sure you’re certain if you’re picking a big dog – don’t get greedy. Yes, the odds are juicy and you could make bank off a $5 bet, but 9/10 you’re throwing your money away. The difference between the lottery and sports betting is that you have some element of control over your picks and making decisions where you’re putting your money – so use it! 

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