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Updated April 9, 2024

Every February, NBA fans can’t wait for the All-Star Game and the infamous All-Star Weekend to arrive. While the main game comes on a Sunday, the events leading up to the main showdown draws plenty of excitement and attention from all around the world, with some fun NBA All Star betting sites on the table too.  Truly, it’s one of the best weekends for basketball fans to enjoy, with the best players on the planet showcasing their talents in the big game. 

We’ll be previewing that in this piece and more: 

Best NBA All-Star Betting Sites

Before the annual NBA All-Star Game arrives, with sweet dunks and nifty passes being highlighted early and often, there will be countless sportsbooks out there providing great NBA All Star odds for hoops fans to check out before they make their bets. The list of course includes Bovada, which has become an incredibly popular and trustworthy outlet to use. They’re not the only ones, though. 


NBA supporters have grown accustomed to checking out Bovada because of its fresh updates on its site, but also for its special bonuses. This includes welcome bonuses.

For the NBA All-Star Game, you’ll have dozens and dozens of odds to look over throughout the entire weekend. That includes game lines, prop bets and futures bets for the Slam Dunk Contest, celebrity game and more.

With Bovada’s organization and ability to get you those odds in a quick fashion, we’d recommend going with them. They’ve been trusted for years and are always reliable when it comes to odds and picks.

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BetOnline also does a great job of updating odds in a timely fashion. This is crucial for the NBA All-Star Game, especially with different injury updates and late roster changes coming for both of the teams.

BetOnline has great welcome bonuses and special promotions throughout the entire NBA season. It gets even better if you use cryptocurrency.

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Special NBA Bets at MyBookie

MyBookie’s NBA welcome bonuses can be claimed multiple times. It gets even bigger for Bitcoin bettors. Use it to bet big on the All-Star game.

MyBookie offers great odds, including NBA preseason and special betting. They have lots of NBA news for you to read. These odds beef up even more for big events.

MyBookie is a great NBA online betting platform. Use their multiple welcome bonuses to really extend your entertainment budget.

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NBA All-Star betting picks

In recent years, there have been multiple changes to the NBA All-Star Game format, which bettors will need to pay close attention to before getting their picks in. In the old days, the format was pretty simple, as the best players in the Western Conference would face off against the best from the Eastern Conference. The team with the most points at the end of the four quarters would win. 

We’ll get into the exact format changes below, but when the time does arrive for you to get your NBA All-Star Game bets in for the Sunday affair, you need to study and analyze players on both rosters, while taking into consideration potential injuries. 

Despite the All-Star Game being a ton of fun, a player who is battling an injury isn’t going to risk worsening things to play in the game. The main focus for NBA stars is to win the NBA Finals. While missing the NBA All-Star Game would hurt, we’ve seen numerous guys over the years decide to sit things out because of an injury. 

Why play and make your injury worse if it’s going to sideline you from regular season action or make you miss the postseason? It’s not worth it. 

NBA All Star betting preview

There’s usually a sold-out stadium for the NBA All-Star Game and for good reason. People are always going to see the most athletic hoopers around putting on quite the show. What makes the game so much fun is being able to see such incredible talents play together. 

The 2023 NBA All-Star Game was an exhibition game played on February 19, 2023, commemorating the 30th anniversary of the first All-Star Game held in Salt Lake City in 1993. It marked the 72nd edition of the event. The game was hosted by the Utah Jazz at Vivint Arena (formerly Delta Center), and was televised nationally by TNT for the 21st consecutive year.

Team Giannis defeated Team LeBron 184–175. It was Team Giannis’ first All-Star Game victory, handing Team LeBron their first (and only) loss in such a game. Jayson Tatum scored an All-Star Game record 55 points, and was named All-Star Game MVP. This also marked the last NBA All-Star Game using the format with the team captains’ names on their teams, as the NBA announced the return to the East vs. West format in October 2023.

To see all that kind of talent playing in unison, going against other highlight-reel machines too will always be something special to watch. Before you make your bets, check out the rosters and see if there’s anything that stands out. 

The game should be a battle regardless, but if one side clearly outweighs the other, it’d be wise to put your money on them. 

What can you bet on during the NBA All-Star weekend?

Folks, it’s not just the NBA All-Star Game you can have a ton of fun with. Nope, starting on Friday night of the ASG weekend, there are other events for you to find odds for and make your bets with. The best NBA All-Star Game betting sites will some really fun best for this contest:

NBA All-Star Celebrity Game 

The first event of All-Star Weekend is typically always the celebrity game. Some of your favorite movie stars, musicians, and other celebrities dust off their basketball sneakers and make their way to the hardwood. 

This game is always a ton of fun, as it’s light-hearted, and fans have the chance to see a totally different group try and make some key shots. You’ll be able to find futures bets, prop bets, and more for the All-Star Celebrity Game. 

NBA Rising Stars Game

If you want to see some of the best young talent in the NBA square off, the Rising Stars Game is right up your alley. In this game, the league’s best rookies and second-year players are divided up into two teams: Team World and Team USA. 

In this game, you’ll have the players from the USA face off against players from the rest of the world. In this matchup, you’ll have prop bets and futures bets to look at. If you think a rookie for Team USA will score more than 25 points, that’s a prop bet you could be able to find. If you think Team World will upset Team USA, that’s another bet you can go ahead and put in. 

Skills Challenge

In this event, the best ball-handlers in the game will take their talents to the ‘Skills Challenge.’ This competition takes place for superstars to showcase their ball-handling, passing and shooting ability. Past winners include Jayson Tatum, Spencer Dinwiddie, Karl-Anthony Towns, Tony Parker, Stephen Curry and other NBA greats. 

3-Point Contest

Other than the Slam Dunk Contest, the 3-Point Contest might be the biggest attraction on Saturday night. The best shooters all battle it out for the ultimate prize of being crowned the champion. You’ll be able to find odds for who you think will be the winner, plus other prop bets. You can also try and predict by how many shots the victor will win by. Past champions include Buddy Hield, Joe Harris, Devin Booker, Klay Thompson, Steph Curry, Larry Bird, Ray Allen, Steve Kerr and others. 

Slam Dunk Contest

The Slam Dunk Contest will forever be one of the biggest highlights of the NBA season. Fans love it. Michael Jordan took the contest to a new level back in the 1980s, while current players have done their best to match the hype. 

You’ll have all kinds of futures bets and prop bets for this one. Do you have a player in mind who you are confident in to win? Go for it. Do you think the winning dunk in the final round will receive a perfect score of 50? That’s a bet you’ll have odds for as well. 

NBA All-Star Game 

Come Sunday, it’s time for the big game. Two teams will enter the floor looking to own bragging rights for the rest of the campaign. There are no limits to the odds you can find for the All-Star Game. 

There will be some fun prop bets, while the typical score odds and futures bets will be available as well. The over/under is typically a fun bet to make, as the All-Star Game is usually a high-scoring one because of all the star power in action. 

How does the NBA All-Star game work?

The format of the NBA All-Star Game has completely changed in recent years, as it’s no longer the best players from the Eastern Conference and Western Conference facing off in a straight-up meeting. Instead, since 2018, there are now two team captains who ‘draft’ the players for their team. 

In 2021, many of the extra festivities surrounding the All-Star game were cancelled due to COVID-19 protocols. They did manage to have the Skills Contest and the Three-Point Contest before the game, and the Slam Dunk Contest during halftime.

In 2020, fans saw Team Giannis and Team LeBron put together two amazing squads. As for the game itself, there were additional changes in 2020. The big change was that the fourth quarter is now untimed and the two teams must try and reach a final target score, which will be 24 points added to the leading team’s total score from the previous three quarters. Per, ‘Each of the first three quarters will begin with the score of 0-0 and will last 12 minutes.  At the start of the fourth quarter, the game clock will be turned off and a Final Target Score will be set.’

In this instance, the game won’t end due to time, but rather with someone making the game-sealing shot. An example the NBA gives is say for example at the end of three quarters, one team is up 100-95. 

Adding 24 points would mean that the leading team would need to reach 124 points to win. The team with 95 points would still need to reach the 124 total, meaning they’d need to score 29 points in the fourth quarter to win. 

NBA All-Star Over/Under history

For everyone who likes seeing offense and not a whole lot of defense, the NBA All-Star Game never fails to deliver. This matchup always has tons and tons of points. In the last four years alone, the final scores have been170-150, 157-155, 178-164 and 148-145. 

The over/under is always a betting option that has huge popularity. Be sure to check out the numbers and compare them to previous years’ totals. Keep in mind, no team in the All-Star Game has scored less than 100 points since the 1973 ASG when the Western Conference beat the Eastern Conference 104-84. 

Our take-aways

The NBA All-Star Game will always have a high score

It’s almost as if defense doesn’t exist in the All-Star Game. Whenever you have such an amazing group of guys battling it out in this highly-anticipated game, never expect the score to be low. The over-under odds will be something to monitor each year. 

The Slam Dunk Contest is always fun to bet on

While everyone is always waiting for the All-Star Game to arrive, you better believe the Slam Dunk Contest is high on the list too. This event has tons of celebrities in the stands, with breathtaking dunks being showcased. You don’t want to miss this event, while also placing a bet or two as well. 

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Whenever the All-Star Game weekend hits on your calendar, be sure to check back with us on SportsBettingSites. Our numerous recommended NBA All-Star Game betting sites will be ready to deliver you the best and most-recent odds to make all the events, including the game on Sunday, even more enjoyable for you. 

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NBA All-Star Betting FAQs

Where can I find the NBA All-Star odds for 2024?

You can find a range of competitive odds for the NBA All Star event leading up to the competition itself.

Are NBA All Star MVP odds listed at top-tier online bookmakers?

If you’re working with any of our recommended bookmakers, you’ll find a range of odds for the NBA All-Star MVP market.

Are NBA All Star game prop bets available?

There is a range of NBA All Star game props available to bettors, which can be located at any quality bookmaker.

Can I make NBA All Star game bets via mobile?

These days, all the best online sportsbooks offer a mobile betting service, which will allow customers to wager on this market on the go.

Are NBA All Star props a profitable market?

They certainly are, as long as you follow a strict betting strategy you stand to profit from wagering on All-Star props.