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EFbet Sportsbook Review

There’s a sportsbook that meets every niche. At Efbet, that niche is bettors from Bulgaria. Sure, the betting site is available in English, but it’s bread and butter is serving those with a Bulgarian background.

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Our Hot Take

Efbet really kills it when it comes to Bulgarian soccer wagering. Otherwise, this is probably not the best sportsbook for you.

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Pros & Cons

Basic Information

EFbet Key Facts

  • HQ

    Curaçao islands




    Claims to have “450,000 registered customers all over the world” but we have a real tough time believing that


    Bulgaria, Canada, and a number of other European countries


    Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, Cycling, eSports, Football, Golf, Horse Racing, Hockey, MMA, Motorsports, Soccer, Tennis


    KENO, Roulette, Slots, Video Poker



Account creation

Have A Bulgarian ID Handy

You shouldn’t have any issues signing up to Efbet, well, unless you don’t have a Bulgarian national identity number that is. Having a unique citizenship number from the country is required in order to register on Efbet. If you don’t, well, you’re out of luck.  

Welcome Bonuses

Get Up To €100 In Free Bets

First-time players of Efbet are eligible for a bonus of up to €100. Their first deposit into the betting site will be matched dollar-for-dollar (100 percent), but will be capped at the century mark. Before the funds become withdrawable, players must meet a 3X rollover requirement, which is actually pretty reasonable. 


Welcome Bonus Screenshot


Plenty Of Options To Pick From

There’s no shortage of ways to fund your account on Efbet. The options include bank wire, debit/credit cards, Cashterminal, and e-wallets. That should suffice for most bettors, well, except those that use cryptocurrency. More on that shortly. 

Bitcoin: Cryptos Are Not An Option

Efbet doesn’t support the use of Bitcoin nor any other cryptocurrency on its platform. A few short years ago that likely wouldn’t have been a big deal. Today? It most definitely is. Most online sportsbooks have been quick to embrace digital currency, which makes Efbet feel like it’s multiple steps behind.

Credit Cards: Only VISA Or Mastercard

Yep, the headline is accurate. Efbet joins a long list of online sportsbooks that only accept VISA and Mastercard as deposit methods. Both credit and debit cards work fine on the platform. 

Withdraw Winnings

Overlaps With The Deposit Options

Every single method you can use to fund your account on Efbet can also be used to cash out winnings. That includes bank wires, debit/credit cards, or e-wallets.

Credit Cards: Could Be Faster

Withdraws done via Mastercard or Visa incur no fees from Efbet themselves. However, your card could dock you a foreign transaction fee, for instance. Making matters worse, cashouts done via card can take anywhere between two to five business days to clear. Bettors aren’t known for being patient so that wait time could be excruciating. 

Placing a Bet

Not Difficult At All

If you’ve ever bet at an online bookie before, you’ll have no issues with Efbet. Heck, the same probably applies to someone that’s never wagered online before. 

You see, the sportsbook menu is organized by sport. Once you have a line you want action on, just click on the odd. It should now be in your betslip. This is where you add how much to wager. And see that yellow “place bet” button? Yep, that’s where you’ll confirm the wager. 

Politics Betting

Not Getting It Here

We’ll keep this one short: Efbet doesn’t carry any odds on politics. Sure, a US Presidential line here and there would be nice, but the exclusion is far from a deal-breaker. 


Big-Name Game Support

Efbet doesn’t necessarily carry the most video games. No, they mostly stick to the most-popular titles like Counter-Strike, Dota, FIFA, and League of Legends. But within those games, you’ll find odds for a deep amount of pro leagues. For instance, on LoL, there were close to 20 separate leagues available for wagering. 

Virtual Sports Betting

Growing Trend

Europe has been quick to embrace virtual sports gambling. Efbet has responded accordingly with a fair amount of options for players. The sports it carries includes soccer, basketball, racing, and tennis. Game simulations can be watched right on the web page, no external link needed either. 


Hoop Heads Rejoice

We’re impressed by the basketball catalog on Efbet. For one, it covers a lot of different leagues. Sure, the NBA is the main staple, but other worldwide leagues are also supported well (e.g. in Spain or Australia). When it comes to actual prices, Efbet stacked up well against competitors, as well. 

US Open

Serving Up Odds

Tennis is actually one of the sports with the most presence on Efbet. The sport’s international flavor meshes well with Efbet’s style. During Grand Slam tournaments — the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open — Efbet especially ramps up its coverage. An abundance of lines for the men, women, singles, and doubles event are guaranteed for these major tourneys. 


An Afterthought

We’re not going to mince words here, the NFL is low on the totem pole at Efbet. As a Bulgarian-backed bookie, what else would you expect? While yes, you might find some pregame lines for the league here and there, it’s the futures and props where Efbet is seriously lacking.


Baseball And Beyond

While MLB is the backbone of Efbet’s baseball betting menu, it’s far from the only thing. The platform also supports foreign leagues based out of Asia. This extra coverage really gives the sportsbook extra mileage.  

More Betting Options

Soccer Bookie First and Foremost

With roots deeply entrenched in Europe, it should be of no surprise that Efbet puts soccer betting at the forefront. And like we alluded to earlier, there’s way more pro soccer leagues that are on Efbet than those that aren’t.


An Actual Casino — No, Really

Get this, Efbet has an actual physical casino. Multiple casinos in fact, sprawled throughout Bulgaria. You can get the real casino experience there. But if you’re not nearby, there’s also the simulated casino that’s readily available on-site. There, you’ll find hundreds of games that span from slots to table games.  


Casino Screenshot

Live Betting

Bet Anytime, Anywhere

See the “in play” tab on the main menu? You guessed it, that’s where Efbet houses all of its live wagers at. You’ll find the in-play selection dominated by global soccer, but other sports are supported to a lesser extent, too. Efbet also keeps a mini box score on live games with a running score and game clock. It’s not a game-changing feature, but any extra help is welcome. 

Parlay Betting

Go Big Or Go Home

Ah, parlays. Hard to hit on, but the pay day is worth it if you do. Most wagers available on Efbet can be combined together for parlays with a few exceptions. Just add two or more odds to your betting ticket to create the parlay. Once the parlay is confirmed, it’s time to sit back and pray!

Additional Betting Help

Research the Data

If you’re inside the sportsbook, you might notice a chart icon near the sport submenus. Clicking directly into it will bring up statistics about the sport (you can select which league specifically) — season standings, head-to-head records, arena records, etc. If leveraged, you can really make data-driven decisions when gambling. 


“Special Invitation” Reload Bonus

Here’s the good news about Efbet’s reload bonus: it’s a 100-percent match, much higher than industry standards. Now the bad news: it’s not open to every player. It’s invitation only to “loyal” customers, per Efbet. The max amount that can be redeemed is different from player to player, too. 

Customer Service

Check FAQ Section First

Efbet maintains an FAQ guide that comes pretty handy. It answers questions ranging from its legality to hidden charges. However, if you need to talk with someone, the customer service team is available 24 hours a day. Efbet can be reached via email (support@efbet.com) or the live chat. 


Not Spammy Whatsoever

Online bookies sometimes get a bad wrap for spamming its users with emails and communication. At Efbet, that’s certainly not the case. Mailings from Efbet were largely sporadic, which may be a good or bad thing depending on your perspective. 

Live Streaming

A Pipe’s Dream

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to live stream games you have action on right there on the website where you placed the bet? Sort of like going to a physical sportsbook and watching on the big screen? It would be great, but it’s not to be at Efbet, nor many other online bookmakers for that matter. 


Necessary When

The use of Efbet is “restricted” in many countries — the United States, the UK, among many others. We say restricted loosely because there is an easy workaround to bypass those limits. All that’s needed is a virtual private network (VPN) to make your IP address appear that it’s coming from another country. Accessing Efbet through a VPN is completely doable, too.  

HideMyAss: Works Without A Hitch

VPN’s are dime a dozen on the Internet. But one that bettors far and wide rely on time and time again is HMA. Why? Because it delivers. There’s 300 different servers on HMA that users can connect to. These servers are spread around the world, too, so options are abundant. We accessed Efbet through a few of HMA’s servers and the browsing experience was unaffected, which is a good thing.  


Better Options If You’re Not Bulgarian

Efbet is a so-so bookie for most bettors, but a great one for those from Bulgaria. If you fall into the latter category, Efbet is right up your alley. Anyone not from the southeastern European country, though, really has no business at the bookie. You could just do better than Efbet’s mediocre features:

EFbet Sportsbook Review

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