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Sportbet Sportsbook Review

Variety — that’s SportBet in a nutshell. It applies mostly to its bonus offerings but also carries over to its betting menu for both sports and the casino.

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Why do I like SportBet?

The strength of the SportBet sportsbook is without a doubt its bonus offerings. There’s nine different bonuses that first-time players can pick from. All are unique and appeal to a different type of player — so in theory, there’s a little something for everyone. 

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50% Sign Up Bonus – Up to $520

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Our Review

Pros & Cons

Basic Information

Sportbet Key Facts

  • HQ

    Off shore




    Not disclosed


    United States, Canada, Brazil, Spain, amongst others


    Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, KENO, Poker, Roulette


    Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, Cycling, eSports, Football, Golf, Horse Racing, Hockey, MMA, Motorsports, Soccer, Tennis



Account creation

Verify By Email To Activate Sportbet Sportsbook

SportBet’s sportsbook´s sign-up is pretty standard — enter basic details about yourself such as name, address, email, password, etc. Just word of advice: make sure to use an email you actually have access to. As part of its verification process, SportBet will send a link to your registered email. Once verified, SportBet grants you an account number that you’ll use to sign in from there on out. 

Customer Service

Available Whenever, Wherever

We found no faults with the customer service at the Sportbet sportsbook. For one, there’s a lot of different ways to reach them. That includes email (help@sportbet.com), the live chat, or a telephone line. Matter of fact, there’s four separate telephone lines — one for the sportsbook, the casino, new players, and a general helpline. Best of all, service is available around-the-clock which shows SportBet is seriously committed to assisting its players.


Pick Between Three Methods

You can fund your playing account on the SportBet sportsbook in one of three ways — credit/debit card, Bitcoin, or moneygram (person-to-person). When logged in, go to the “cashier” section to initiate the process.

Bitcoin is Only Crypto Accepted at Sportbet

Bitcoin is without a doubt the most popular digital currency on the planet, but it’s also not the only one (and more new currencies are being created). We’d love to see more crypto support out of SportBet because presently, it’s either Bitcoin or the highway. 

Credit cards: Big Selection of Cards

It has become commonplace for online sportsbooks to accept VISA and Mastercard only, with anything else just being an added bonus. Well, SportBet has a very good bonus in that it accepts those two, plus American Express, Discover, and JCB (Japan Credit Bureau). That level of card support is on the high side for this industry.  

Welcome Bonuses

SuperSaver Bonus Is The Way To Go

There are nine different sign-up bonuses that new players can take advantage of (only one bonus can be selected at a time). Breaking down all nine is a topic in itself. However, SportBet’s most-popular option without a doubt is its SuperSaver promo. It reduces juice by 30 percent, so -110 lines suddenly become -107. Moreover, as part of the bonus, parlay payouts are also expanded slightly.  

Placing a Bet

Different Menu When Signed In

SportBet essentially has two user interfaces — one when not logged in and the other while signed in — that look completely different. To place a bet, you’ll need to be on the latter. The first screen you’ll see after signing in will be the “bet the board” menu. Here, you can checkmark the sport that you want betting odds for. 

You’ll be led to a page that lists all odds for that sport. Find the exact line you want, enter how much you want to risk, then hit “continue” to finalize the bet. Simple enough, right? It is, but the SportBet interface feels 20 years outdated. Not that it doesn’t function correctly, it does, but it’s a bit of an eyesore.

Politics Betting

US Presidential Election And That’s About It

The US Presidential Election rolls around once every four years and you can bet SportBet will have the event covered with betting lines. Sure, there’s the classic which candidate will win odds, but the SportBet sportsbook also offers some props on the Vice President nominee and electoral college winner per state. The props help get extra betting mileage out of the election.


Pretty Standard Selection

SportBet offers the bare essentials when it comes to eSports wagering. Bare essentials as in the most-popular eSport titles like Counter-Strike, DOTA 2, League of Legends, Overwatch, etc. It’s clear SportBet isn’t seriously committed to eSports wagering, but by offering the essentials, they still earn a passing grade if you casual bet on eSports.

Virtual Sports Betting

Sports Game Only

It seems like every online sportsbook has their own lingo for virtual or simulated sports. At SportBet, it’s dubbed “eSports simulations.” As the name suggests, they only carry sports video game titles like Madden, MLB The Show, NBA 2K, etc. Akin to its eSports coverage, SportBet’s virtual sports lineup are the bare essentials. 


Basketball Goes International

Of course, the sport of basketball is catching fire in pockets around the world. That’s evident by SportBet’s basketball offerings. Of course, the NBA gets the lion share of attention, but other international leagues like that of Taiwan or Turkmenistan, just to name a few, also get support from SportBet. You can seemingly find a basketball line at SportBet year-round due to the sport’s explosion across the glove.  

US Open

Grand Slam Coverage

Tennis isn’t usually a big deal at SportBet, unless it’s Grand Slam time. When any of those major tournaments — the Australian Open, French Open, US Open, or Wimbledon — roll around, betting lines will pick up on the platform big time. 


Go Yard at the Sportbet Sportsbook

SportBet definitely caters to the American sports bettor, and we all know what America’s most-bet-on league is the NFL, undoubtedly. During the playing season, SportBet offers the full gamut of bets for NFL including pregame, in-play, props, and futures. Much of the same can be said about its NCAA coverage, which comes close to the NFL in terms of volume. 


Daily Betting Available

If there’s a league where you want action on nearly every day while it’s in-season, feast your eyes on the MLB. Long 162-game regular-season schedules means there’s betting opportunity almost daily between April and October. Run lines, reverse lines, run totals, moneylines, props, futures — whatever you want, SportBet will have it in its MLB betting menu.

More Betting Options

Get Your Soccer Fix Here

Sure, SportBet’s betting menu leans toward American sports, but soccer still has a prominent place on the platform. And no, that doesn’t mean MLS bets only. Actually, most international pro leagues — from the English Premier League all the way to the less-followed Czech First League — are supported at SportBet. 


Five Different Ones

Get this, there’s five separate casinos on SportBet — Grand, Jackpot, Gold, Bonus, and Match Play. Five! And there’s little to no differences between them, which makes it a confusing experience.

Why not just combine them all under one roof? Who knows. Anyway, you’ll find the usual suspects across the casinos, including table games, slots, video poker, and more. It’s a pretty wide selection of games, we just wish it wasn’t a hassle jumping between all five casinos. 


It’s Grand

Poker enthusiasts should turn their attention to SportBet’s “Grand Poker” room. Games can be played in-browser or by downloading a separate software (yes, that still exists). Inside the Grand room, you’ll find many game variants of poker. Moreover, there’s always a tournament to join and potentially win a grand prize off of — hence the Grand Poker moniker. 

Live Betting

Wager In Real Time

All in-play wagers are listed under the “live betting extra” tab in the sportsbook. Like the sportsbook menu, the live betting interface feels very dated — but it does function just fine.

The in-play betting selection is mostly reserved for more-established leagues and marque games. Think leagues like the NFL, NBA, and MLB. Occasionally, you will see obscure events such as a table tennis matchup, but those instances pale in comparison to the well-followed league games.   

Parlay Betting

More Risk, More Reward

Placing a parlay on SportBet is no different than a straight bet — well, aside from adding multiple odds instead of one, obviously. Again, you’ll have to maneuver through SportBet’s clunky interface to do it, but it’s a pretty intuitive process.   

Withdraw Winnings

One of Three Methods

At SportBet, you can either choose to be paid out via moneygram, Bitcoin, or cashier's check. Honestly, we’d advise against withdrawing through check on SportBet. Not only is it lengthy (delivery can take anywhere from seven to 10 business days), but the minimum is also a hefty $1000, which is on the high side for an everyday bettor. That minimum goes down all the way to $100 when using moneygram but that’s offset with a meager $309 max withdrawal limit.

Bitcoin withdrawals: Slower Than Usual Payout Times

A big advantage of withdrawing with Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency is processing time. At many competing sites, Bitcoin transactions are same-day affairs. Well, not at SportBet. First, the payouts team needs to review the transaction (one to two business days), then it’s more wait time to actually process it (possibly another two business days). Bitcoin payouts are more complicated than they should be on SportBet.

Additional Betting Help

The SportBet blog is hard to find, but one does in-fact exist. In the SportBet website footer, hit the “blog” link underneath the “info” header to access it. The blog is updated pretty regularly and usually features betting previews for upcoming matchups. The betting “analysis” you’ll get from the blog isn’t particularly high quality, but there’s a few nuggets to be had here and there. 


Switch Bonuses Whenever You’d Like

Remember earlier when we mentioned that the SportBet sportsbook offers nine different sign-up bonuses and players can only choose one? Well, perhaps we should mention that players can switch their bonuses at any time with a quick call to customer service. If you grow tired of the aforementioned SuperSave bonus, you can convert to a bonus based on cashback, casino rebate, or other options. Head over to the SportBet promo section to analyze all the existing offers. 


Opt In At Sportbet Registration

The last question when creating an account on the SportBet sportsbook is a yes-or-no checkmark for “I would like to receive information about SportBet's offers and promotions.” No checkmark and you’ll be excluded from all SportBet marketing mailings. Checkmark and you’ll be opted into SportBet’s email list. We opted for the latter and don’t regret it. Emails are infrequent from SportBet and when one does land in our inbox, the included bonuses are more than worth it. 

Live Streaming

Won’t Find It Here

Unfortunately, there’s no way to stream games on SportBet sportsbook. If you have action on a game, you’ll have to turn elsewhere to watch it, say cable or a pay-for-streaming subscription package.  


A Bonus Lover’s Dream

If you have a soft spot for bonus deals, it’s hard not to fall in love with SportBet. As we’ve pointed out, there’s nine unique promos for bettors. Only one is selectable at a given time, but bettors have the option to convert their bonus whenever they’d like. Bonuses to choose from include:

Sportbet Sportsbook Review

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