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Bet Pheonix Sportsbook Review

Most of the essential features that an online bettor needs can be found on BetPhoenix. But while BetPhoenix meets the minimum expectations, it rarely exceeds them, giving bettors an overall good-but-not-great experience.

Editor’s rating

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Why do I like BetPhoenix?

BetPhoenix makes life a lot easier for new bettors via its bonuses and helpful customer service. It’s a solid platform to get your feet wet with online betting.

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175% Free Play – Up To $1500

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Our Review

Pros & Cons

Basic Information

Bet Pheonix Key Facts

  • HQ

    San Jose, Costa Rica




    Not public information


    The United States, most Latin countries, Vietnam, China, among others


    Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Slot Machines, Video Poker


    Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, eSports, Football, Golf, Horse Racing, Hockey, MMA, Motorsports, Soccer, Tennis, Virtual Sports


    Not available.

Account creation

You’re Only Minutes From Playing

BetPhoenix doesn’t throw any curveballs at you when signing up for the first time. Just fill out the basic details — name, email, password, address, etc. Once complete, they’ll give you a unique username that you’ll use to login from here on out with the password you set. That’s all it takes — simple and straight to the point. Copy

Customer Service

Going Above and Beyond

Shortly after registering for an account, we received a phone call from BetPhenoix’s account services team to check up on us and see if we had any questions. An email from the same representative followed not long afterward. That prompt follow-through was a breath of fresh air for an industry that’s not always known for great customer service. 

Moreover, BetPhenoix also has a live chat system to help answer any questions or troubleshoot issues. In our experience, questions were answered within minutes by an agent — a real person, too, not a bot.  


Plenty Of Options at BetPhoenix

BetPhoenix doesn’t skimp out on deposit methods. Between Bitcoin to card to bank transfers (ZPAY) to moneygram, most bettors should be covered one way or another on the platform.  

Bitcoin: An Easy Way To Transfer Funds

Bitcoin is becoming the go-to deposit method across the industry and it’s readily accepted at BetPhoenix, as well as Litecoin. In the cashier section, you can generate unique addresses with either cryptocurrency to initiate the transfer from your online wallet. While those two cryptos are two of the most used online, it would’ve been nice to see more digital currencies accepted at BetPhoenix.  

Credit cards: Not All Accepted

Only two debit or credit card providers are supported on the BetPhoenix sportsbook — VISA and Mastercard. We’d knock BetPhoenix on the limited number of options, however, accepting just those two cards seems to be the standard across the online sportsbook space. Therefore, BetPhoenix is neither better or worse than average when it comes to credit card deposits.  

Welcome Bonuses

Beggars CAN Be Choosers

Bonuses are absolutely abundant on BetPhoenix. They can easily be found on the top menu conveniently labeled “bonuses.” Special deals exist for its sportsbook and casino, which can top out at 150 percent and 500 percent, respectively. Free play can hit as high as $1500 — which is no small amount for a newbie bettor. Just watch out for those rollover rates which can be pretty steep!

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Check out the bonuses!

Placing a Bet

As Simple As It Needs To Be

If we’re being honest, the BetPhoenix user interface is very no-frills. That’s not to say it’s not intuitive, but its design is stuck in the early 2000s. Nonetheless, if needing to make a wager, you’ll find bets organized by sport on the left-hand menu. Click around until you find one. Checkmark the line you want will add it to your bet cart. There you can enter how much you want to risk and find out what the payout is. Copy

Politics Betting

Not at the BetPhoenix Sportsbook

We didn’t see any betting lines around politics or any non-sport event for that matter at BetPhoenix. It's sportsbook sticks to the necessities, which isn’t a bad thing, but odds around the next US President would’ve been a nice diversion when the election nears. Oh well, it’s not a deal-break by any means.Copy


Shooters and Soccer Alike

The two most popular video games genres — sports and shooters — are well represented with betting lines at BetPhoenix. From Counter-Strike to Overwatch to FIFA, you’ll find the main gaming leagues on the platform. Due to the global nature of eSports, odds can be found almost around-the-clock. 

Virtual Sports Betting

Simulated Fun

A rising trend in online betting is wagering on virtual sports. These are again video games, but instead of a human controlling the game, it’s completely simulated by the CPU. These wagers can be found at BetPhoenix under “sports sims.” Unlike eSports, there’s no shooters to bet on, only sports. Think games like NFL Madden, NBA 2K, and FIFA. 


Pigskin Rules

These days, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an online sportsbook without heavy support for NFL wagering. Heavy is indeed the word to use with BetPhoenix. The platform is absolutely stocked with football odds including in-play, spreads, futures, and props. That support isn’t just limited to NFL, though, college football is equally represented. Football bettors will see little issue with BetPhoenix’s offerings in this department. Copy

MLB Betting

One Of Many Baseball Leagues Carried

With games on almost daily between April and October, betting MLB is a great way to get your wagering fix regularly. The BetPhoenix sportsbook will have quality lines all six months of the year that MLB is running. However, its baseball coverage is year-round thanks to international baseball leagues, which you’ll also be able to find lines for easily on the platform. Copy

NBA Betting

Ball Is Life at BetPhoenix

NBA is joining the ranks of the NFL as an almost year-round sport thanks to a frantic free-agency period. You won’t miss any NBA betting action with BetPhoenix. Whether it’s live games or futures or props on where a star player will sign, you’ll find up-to-the-minute odds at BetPhoenix. The prices are on par with what you would find at competing sportsbooks too.

US open betting

Grand Slams Are Here

The US Open is one of four Grand Slam titles, along with the Australian Open, French Open, and Wimbledon. You can expect to find a bevy of betting lines during any four of these major tournaments over at BetPhoenix. That includes odds for the singles or doubles events for each gender. Other ATP and WTA events are also supported at BetPhoenix, but not to the extent of the Grand Slam events.   

More Betting Options

Lots Of International Soccer

Besides the sports we’ve already covered, the BetPhoenix sportsbook also has a large betting menu for soccer that includes club and national team games from all over the world. Besides soccer, you can also find lines for competitive eating, combat sports, golf, and motorsports. 


All Game Types

So there’s actually two casinos at BetPhoenix. The newest iteration is its Lucky Dragon offering, while the older casino is dubbed Jade’s fortune. There’s honestly not a whole lot of difference between the two.

All in all, there’s around 100 games to be played at the BetPhoenix casino. That includes all the usuals that bettors have come to love — blackjack, baccarat, roulette, slots (more of these than anything else), video poker, among others. 

At the time of this writing, there was even a 500% casino bonus for new signees. Any first-time deposit from $50 to $300 qualifies for the reward. The promotion comes with a lofty 35X rollover, however.  


No Dedicated Room at BetPhoenix

BetPhoenix actually doesn’t have a poker room for playing. The only way to get your poker fix is through the video poker machines in the aforementioned casino. In case you’re wondering, there is a live casino inside BetPhoenix, but it only supports games of baccarat.

Live Betting

For On-The-Go Action

You’ll find available in-play wagers under the “live premium” tab on the top menu. Here, you can click through the sports on the left-hand menu to narrow down your selection. Clicking into a game will not only bring up the live odds, but also a mini ESPN-style gamecast on the on-going action. The gamecast feature is a nice touch, especially since it’s lacking from many competitors. 

We had zero issues following games through the live betting system. BetPhoenix was quick to update lines as scores or possessions changed in real-time. In-play works as it should on BetPhoenix. 

Parlay Betting

High Risk, High Reward

Winning one bet is hard enough, little less winning multiple. Bettors know that, but the allure of a high payout is hard to pass on. You can create multi-leg parlays easily in the BetPhoenix sportsbook. Just click multiple games to add it to your betting ticket. Then you can choose how much coin to stake per each leg. BetPhoenix’s system will automatically generate your potential winnings so you're not in the dark before you confirm the bet. 

Withdraw Winnings

Limits For The Deep Pocketed

If you fancy yourself as a high-roller player, you may want to be aware that BetPhoenix limits payouts to a max of $4000 every week. If that doesn’t bother you, then you can choose to be paid out via Bitcoin, money order, or moneygram. If you prioritize a speedy payout, pick Bitcoin.

Bitcoin: The Way To Go

C’mon, do you really have the time to wait for a money order to hit your mailbox? If you’re not already on the Bitcoin bandwagon, you should seriously consider it if you’re going to play on BetPhoenix. Initiating a Bitcoin withdrawal is easy with a custom address that BetPhoenix generates for you. Just be aware, Bitcoin payouts are subject to approval first, but are rarely ever denied. 

Credit Card Withdrawals at BetPhoenix

Withdrawals with credit cards are not available at the BetPhoenix Sportsbook.

The blog & other betting resources

BetPhoenix Helps the bettor

Outside resources are almost nonexistent at the BetPhoenix sportsbook. No blog, no FAQ, etc. Your best bet to get help is to reach out to the aforementioned customer service department via the live chat. They might be able to point you in the right direction. 


Instant Follow-Up

Within minutes of registering for an account, we received our first email communication from BetPhoenix. The message was an intro to the platform — bonuses currently available, information on money transfers, etc. It was a nice note for newbies with all the must-know details about BetPhoenix. From there on out, messages were more sporadic so no need to worry about being spammed.

Push Notifications: no BetPhoenix app, no notifications

In what has become the industry norm, BetPhoenix has no native app for mobile. Instead, its website is fully responsive and can be accessed with your web browser on your mobile device. Therefore, there’s no push notifications to be bombarded with coming from them.  

BetPhoenix Notificationiphone

E-mail Screenshot

Live Streaming

Not Here

If you want to follow the games you’ve bet on via a livestream, you’ll have to find it elsewhere. At the present moment, BetPhoenix doesn’t have this feature. Though, it could be added at a later time. 


No-Frills Betting Experience

As we’ve alluded to all review long, BetPhoenix sticks to the basics. Some bettors will inevitably like that, others — that may want more top-end features — won’t. The core necessities are there, though:

Bet Pheonix Sportsbook Review

BetPhoenix lacks a poker room and live streaming of the sports events. Other than that, it is a reliable sportsbook.

Editor's rating

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