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MyBet Sportsbook Review

While founded in the late ‘90s, the Germany-based bookie MyBet has undergone many management changes over the years. It’s latest is the Rhinoceros Group, which helped re-launch the site in early 2019.

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Our Hot Take

Even with the diverse sportsbook available, with the 5% fee on all winning tickets, we recommend finding another site to place your bets on.

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Pros & Cons

Basic Information

MyBet Key Facts

  • HQ

    Malta islands




    Not disclosed publicly


    Germany and throughout Europe


    Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, Cycling, eSports, Football, Golf, Horse Racing, Hockey, MMA, Motorsports, Soccer, Tennis


    Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, Slots



Account creation

Activation Code Issues

Signing up on MyBet appeared to be going fine. We entered our usual account info like name, address, phone number, email, etc. But then MyBet was supposed to text us a verification code to our phone number — only it never came. We double-checked our phone number to make sure it was correct, it indeed was, but still nothing. 

MyBet botching a minute detail such as a text verification code was a sign of bad things to come throughout the site. Moreover, since we couldn’t finish the registration process, we didn’t have full access to MyBet, either. Consequently, some details of this review had to be filled out via Google searches and not our own experience. 

Welcome Bonuses

Match On First Four Deposits

Most online sportsbooks’ sign-up bonus consists of a single match on a player’s first deposit. MyBet does this as well, but it actually goes one step further and matches the following three deposits, too. The first deposit is matched at 200 percent, followed by 100 percent, 50 percent, and 40 percent in that order. When maxed out, the deal can reach as much as €250 in free play.


A Sneaking Suspicion

Without an actual account, MyBet locked us out of the banking section. But we were able to gleam what deposit methods are supported by looking at its website footer. MyBet features the logo icons for Mastercard, Paysafecard, SOFORT banking (popular in Germany), and Trustly. Though, we couldn’t confirm any other details such as deposit limits or if fees are charged at all. 

Withdraw Winnings

Information Also Missing

As we alluded before while speaking about deposits, we aren’t 100-percent sure what banking options MyBet offers. We can only guess by what payment icons are displayed on its site — Mastercard, Paysafecard, SOFORT banking, and Trustly. Being this discreet is doing more harm than good to MyBet. 

Placing a Bet

Ridiculous Fee On Wins

Despite a huge betting selection that covers a range of sports and leagues, it’s actually quite easy to find what you’re looking for at MyBet. That’s because the sportsbook can be sorted by sport and league. Once there’s a line you like, just tap on the listed odd. This will automatically add it to your betting slip. Enter how much you want to wager then finalize the bet by tapping the blue “place bet” button.

But wait, there’s fine print on the betting ticket. It says “please note that we have to keep a 5% fee on winning bets.” We wish we were kidding, but this is a real thing and applies to all wagers. Honestly, a surcharge like this is a deal-breaker. In the long run, a five-percent tax will eat up your earnings big time.

Politics Betting

Foreign Affairs

While many online sportsbooks keep its politics menu centered on US affairs, MyBet does not. Betting lines for elections in the UK, Australia, and Norway were also readily available on the site. However, the offerings across most of these countries were pretty slim. Besides picking an outright winner for upcoming elections, there weren’t many additional bets to speak of. 


Game On

Counter-Strike, DOTA, League of Legends, Overwatch, Starcraft — those are the video game titles that can be wagered on at MyBet. While sure, those are the most-followed eSport games today, we would’ve loved to see sports franchises like FIFA or NBA 2K also be part of the selection.  

Virtual Sports Betting

Never Loaded

It appears that MyBet does in-fact offer virtual sports gambling. At least, it’s an option on the top menu. However, upon clicking into the link, our web page never loaded. Ever. We tried again on other devices and Internet connections to no avail. Another red flag among many with MyBet. 


Big Baller Brand

MyBet doesn’t miss with its basketball betting selection. Between the NBA and college basketball, hoop heads will have most of their betting needs met by the site. The wagering catalogue runs deep for both leagues.

US Open

Major Presence During Peak Moments

You can find betting action on tennis practically year-round at MyBet. There always seems to be a tourney somewhere in the world. However, come Grand Slam events — such as Wimbledon or the US Open — MyBet really ramps up its tennis selection. Big time. You’ll find a bevy of lines for all events, whether that be the men, womens, singles, or doubles competitions.  


Exceeded Our Expectations

To be frank, we didn’t expect much out of a foreign bookmaker like MyBet in this department. Maybe some weekly NFL pregame lines and that’s it. However, we were surprised by its prop selection. MyBet offers wagers on just about every team — e.g. win total, will they make playoffs, and for some, which quarterback will start week 1. 


Plenty Of Opportunities

If there’s an opportune league to wager on, it’s definitely the MLB. During the season, there’s a multitude of games to bet on every single day — that includes run lines, run totals, props, and more. MyBet features the league heavily in its sportsbook during the Summer months. On top of MLB, MyBet also offers betting for foreign baseball leagues throughout Asia. 

More Betting Options

Pitch Rules All

Make no mistake about it, global soccer dominates the MyBet sportsbook. After all, would you expect anything less from a bookie based out of Germany, a soccer powerhouse in its own right? Of course not. Pick a pro league around the world and it’s probably available for gambling at MyBet. 


Two Options To Choose From

For casino play, you can either opt for the live or simulated casino. While there’s over 100 games to play, the vast majority of those are slot machines. It would be beneficial for MyBet to add more table games and balance the casino experience. As is, there’s only a few games of blackjack and roulette to play.


Casino Screenshot

Live Betting

Can Be Easy To Miss

MyBet could do a better job at making its live betting section more visible. As is, it’s tucked away in the corner. When inside the sportsbook, in the top menu, there’s an easy-to-miss tab titled “live” that houses all in-play wagers. More than anything else, you’ll find a ton of soccer games with in-play capability.

Parlay Betting

Five Percent Fee On Wins Still Applies

Honestly, we’re still fuming over that five-percent surcharge on winning tickets that we mentioned earlier. This ridiculous rule also applies to parlays on MyBet and it’s completely out of line. Why should bettors have to fork over five percent of money they’ve rightfully won? This rule alone is why you should think twice about wagering at MyBet. 

Additional Betting Help

Blog in German

MyBet does indeed have a blog that features handy articles on betting know-how like mistakes to avoid or 10 tips for using its casino. However, it’s written in German. While you could always use a translator tool, the German-to-English translation won’t be 100-percent accurate. But we do appreciate MyBet at least attempting to educate newbie players, which is not always a top priority among sportsbooks. 


Competitions Galore

On an almost weekly basis, MyBet offers a new site-wide promo. More times than note, these are competition- or challenge-based deals. For instance, MyBet will regularly pick three soccer matchups and give users a free bet to use on any one of them. Whoever can pick the most longshot odds, and hit on it, wins a grand prize. We saw one of these promos reach as high as €5000 in prize money for the top winner.  

Customer Service

English Service Provided

English-speaking bettors, fear not, MyBet provides support in your native language. There’s two ways to reach MyBet, either email (hallo@mybet.com) or the live chat. We opted for the latter and had no problems communicating with its customer service reps, minus a few misspellings here and there.


Couldn’t Sign Up

Since we weren’t able to register for an account on MyBet, we consequently were also not able to join its mailing list. Therefore, we can’t speak to the site’s emailing habits, whether good or bad.

Live Streaming

Watch Elsewhere

Those looking to live stream games they have action on through MyBet will be disappointed to find out the feature isn’t offered. Perhaps you should push pause on cutting the cord because this capability is largely missing across the online betting industry.


Might Be Necessary To Access MyBet

MyBet does not take members from a host of countries. That list includes the United States and the United Kingdom, but there’s plenty more. However, for users from those countries, you could always use a virtual private network (VPN) to bypass any restrictions. A VPN hides your IP address in favor of another, thus “tricking” a website into thinking your location is coming from elsewhere (in this case, ideally, you’ll pick a spot where MyBet is not restricted). 

HideMyAss: Works Without A Hitch

Picking a VPN can be a daunting task given how many services can be found online. Though, in a sea of options, HMA stands tall. This popular service hosts 300 servers around the world that users can connect to and mark their IP address to be coming from. That variety is great for a site like MyBet that isn’t widely available everywhere. Using HMA, we connected to MyBet and were able to bypass all its restrictions, with not so much as lag to speak of.


Fees Make MyBet A Miss

We mentioned it before, but it bears repeating: a five-percent fee on winning tickets is what ultimately dooms MyBet. That’s a hefty price tag to pay — and one that can be avoided by choosing another betting site. Our recommendation is to skip out on MyBet until that surcharge is completely gone. 

MyBet Sportsbook Review

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