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VIPSports.eu Sportsbook Review

Perhaps VIP Sports should switch their name to Nosebleed Sports because that’s the quality of its betting site. It barely passes as a sportsbook and you’re better off taking your hard-earned money elsewhere.

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To be frank, there’s little to like about VIP Sports. Its website is either buggy, outdated, or both. Those are mistakes you simply can’t afford in this competitive industry and it immediately sours the entire playing experience. Get all the details in our VIPsports.eu review.

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Pros & Cons

Basic Information

VIPSports.eu Key Facts

  • HQ

    Curaçao islands




    Information not available


    United States and most the world


    Baseball, Basketball, and Football


    Poker and Slot Machines



Account creation

Unable To Register

We tried to sign up to make our VIPsports.eu review but get this, the registration page never loaded. That was the case no matter what device we tried (desktop, tablet, or phone) or Internet connection we connected to. Either the site is just that buggy or VIP Sports isn’t taking in new members. Either way, that’s not a good reflection on them. One has to wonder, if they can’t get something as simple as registration right, are you really going to trust VIP Sports with your money?

Welcome Bonuses

Expired Offer

Yay, this promotion page actually loaded — take that for a change! On the page, VIP Sports advertises a 100-percent match to newbie players whose limit is $250. But here’s the catch: the offer expired on Sunday, September 29th, 2013. No, that’s not a typo either. It’s actually written right there on-site. Can this betting site get any worse? As you’ll soon find out in our VIPsports.eu review, yes, it can. 


Another Failure On VIP Sports End

In the VIP Sports main menu, there’s a “banking” section. Upon clicking it, the page failed to load once again. An error message soon followed stating, “the page might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.” Yikes. 

We scoured the Internet to try to find information on what deposit methods the site actually takes, however, info was non-existent. It doesn’t seem like too many players actually use the site, if any.

Withdraw Winnings

The Great Unknown

To rehash what we mentioned earlier, the banking page at VIP Sports doesn’t work at all. Thus, we can’t speak to what ways you can cash out on the site. Honestly, with VIP Sports’ track record, it’s banking system is probably kaput and unusable — which is problematic if you want to get back money you’ve rightfully won. 

Placing a Bet

Interface That’s Stuck In The Ice Ages

With a predominantly blue and white design, VIP Sports not only looks like an Ice Age-era creation, it functions like one, too. It’s slow, buggy, and barely functions. If it somehow miraculously loads, you can just click into a listed odd to initiate the betting process. Enter how much to wager and confirm the bet. From there, you can pray — not necessarily that the bet pans out, but pray that it actually goes through to VIP Sports’ error-ridden system.  

Politics Betting

None Offered

Politics are not available for betting at VIP Sports in any capacity. And as you are about to find out, it’s not the only thing missing from the sportsbook here.


Also Nonexistent

Was esports even a “thing” back when VIP Sports was last updated — which we imagine is circa-2013? If it was, it was nothing like the juggernaut it is today. Anyway, no, you can not gamble on video games at VIP Sports. 

Virtual Sports Betting

Forget About It

Yeah, no need to waste any time here, if eSports isn’t bettable on VIP Sports, then virtual sports sure as heck aren’t either. Nothing to see here, folks. 


Pro And College Hoop Heads Rejoice

Both the NBA and NCAA basketball can readily be found on VIP Sports. Most action is limited to pregame or halftime lines, though. There’s little in the way of futures or props. 

US Open

Nothing Major

Unfortunately, tennis does not have a place at VIP Sports. At the very least, we were expecting coverage for the Grand Slam events (e.g. Wimbledon or the US Open). But to little surprise, VIP Sports dropped the ball in this department, too. 


Yes, You Can Actually Bet This

While the sportsbook of VIP Sports is lacking in a multitude of ways, NFL wagering is not one of them. No league has a larger betting presence on the platform than “the shield.” This includes pregame lines and futures. On top of the NFL, VIP Sports also carries odds for college football and even the Canadaian Football League. 


Also Part Of The Selection

Playing second fiddle to the NFL at the sportsbook is the MLB. Ah yes, “America’s pastime” is a prominent fixture at VIP Sports with lines for daily games. Though, it could fare better when it comes to props. Those additional bets is what really makes the sport worthwhile during a sluggishly-long 162-game season. 

More Betting Options

Big Three And That’s All

If you haven’t gotten the memo by now, the only sports you can wager on at VIP Sports are basketball, baseball, and football. That’s it. Sure, those are the three most popular sports in America, but you can’t call yourself a real sportsbook unless there’s more available. Sorry, VIP Sports, you don’t cut it. 


Needs Flash Player

Remember Adobe Flash? It used to be a requirement to play games and watch videos onlines. However, those days are long gone and Flash is actually being phased out across the entire Internet — unless you are VIP Sports, of course. To access its casino, you’ll need an up-to-date version of Flash installed on your computer. Once you have that, you’ll be able to play mediocre slot machines.

Live Betting

No Capability

In-play betting does not exist on VIP Sports. Our guess is the technology is far too advanced for a dated site like this. After all, it takes a lot of resources to build a sportsbook with live betting capability and VIP Sports is clearly missing those resources.

Parlay Betting

High Risk, High Reward

Perhaps surprisingly, you actually can lay down parlays at VIP Sports. It’s no different than making a straight bet, well besides the fact that you’ll pick multiple lines instead of just one. 

Additional Betting Help

Not at VIP Sports

Yeah, forget about it. If VIP Sports can’t even put together a functioning website, then it sure isn’t going to maintain a blog that hands out free betting advice. 


Expired Reload Bonus

No different than the sign-up bonus we mentioned earlier, the advertised reload bonus on VIP Sports is also outdated. It too expired on September 29th, 2013. For what it’s worth, it was a reload bonus of 25 percent, which maxed out at $250 per transaction. 

Customer Service

Email Or Live Support

VIP Sports doesn’t have a call-in phone number, but they can be reached via live chat or its ticketing system. Support is handled in English. 


Couldn’t Join VIP Sports Mailing List

Without a playing account, we also weren’t able to sign for its email marketing communication — if they even have one. Assuming they did, do you think they’ll actually load correctly unlike its website? Our guess is no. 

Live Streaming

Don’t Cut The Cord Yet

If you want to watch games you have action on, you may want to stick with a cable or satellite TV subscription. You sure as heck won’t be able to stream live games at VIP Sports. But for once, this isn’t a knock on VIP Sports themselves. This feature is largely missing across the industry despite the pent-up demand from bettors and certainly has an effect on our VIPsports.eu review.


Not Needed

Virtual private networks (VPN) are a popular service among bettors that need to hide their IP address, usually to access a site that’s barred in their native country. VIP Sports, though? As far as we can tell, they don’t limit any user from accessing its site. 

If for whatever reason you have something to hide and want to cover your tracks, a VPN that we recommend is HMA. Plain and simple, HMA gets the job done. There’s 300 servers available where users can freely connect to and mark their IP address from. Moreover, these servers are spread across the world so you have plenty of options no matter what country restrictions exist. 


Run Far, Far Away From VIP Sports

We’re not going to mince words in our VIPsports.eu review. It is an absolute bottom feeder in this industry. This website is comically bad and deserves zero attention from you whatsoever.

VIPSports.eu Sportsbook Review

Do us and yourself a favor by skipping out on them and instead opting for a reputable sportsbook.

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