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BetCity Sportsbook Review

Give Betcity this, it’s website can be translated on-site into 14 different languages. 14! Languages include English, Italian, Spanish, Russian (its main language), and plenty more. It truly is internationally-minded.

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Our Hot Take

We’re not going to mince words, there’s very little to like about BetCity. Just loading a simple page is a problem on BetCity, little less having a full-on betting experience. Simple website bugs bring doom to the entire website. 

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Pros & Cons

Basic Information

BetCity Key Facts

  • HQ

    Curaçao islands






    Russia and throughout Europe


    Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, eSports, Football, Golf, Ice Hockey, MMA, Motorsports, Rugby, Soccer, Tennis, Wrestling


    Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, KENO, Poker, Roulette



Account creation

Registration Never Loaded

We went to register at BetCity and waited. And waited some more. And more. The page never loaded — no matter the device we tried or even using a separate Internet connection. For a betting site to fail this bad at sign-up, well, that tells you a lot about the quality of the bookie. 

Due to the site error, we were never able to formally create an account on BetCity. That skewed our review since we didn’t have full access to the site. We had to scour Google to find information about certain site features. Keep this top of mind as you read the rest of the review. 

Welcome Bonuses

Forgettable Free Bet


Welcome Bonus Screenshot

For new players to BetCity, the platform is offering up a measly free bet of $10. Seriously, that’s it. That pales in comparison to the $500 or $1000 bonuses that online competitors have normalized nowadays. To earn the award, an initial deposit of at least $20 is all that’s needed. The bonus expires after 30 days and is non-withdrawable.   


An Abundance Of Options

BetCity actually shines in this regard. Players have their pick at multiple funding options, including bank card, e-wallet, and online banking. We counted about a dozen different methods, which should suffice for most bettors — unless you’re a crypto user. 

Bitcoin: No Love For Crypto

That’s right, BetCity does not support cryptocurrency as a banking method. At all. The omission is notably given how quick crypto has spread across the online betting industry. If digital currencies continue to grow in popularity — which most assume will be the case — then BetCity will quickly be left behind. 

Credit Cards: Three Options To Choose From

Apple Pay, Mastercard, and VISA — those three bank cards are supported at BetCity. Each is free-of-cost and processes instantly. Kudos to BetCity for adopting Apple Pay so much quicker than many competitors. Akin to cryptos, Apple Pay is going to continue to rise in acceptance across the Internet in the coming years and BetCity will not be playing catchup in this regard. 


Depositing Screenshot

Withdraw Winnings

E-Wallets Only

The lone way to cash out on BetCity is through e-wallets. Actual methods supported include Advcash, Jeton Wallet, Perfect Money, Payeer, and Neteller. All are commission-free, minus Advcash which will dock you two percent on the withdrawn amount. 

Credit Cards: Not Available

While you can use bank cards — Apple Pay, Mastercard, and VISA — to fund your account on BetCity, you can not withdraw winnings with the method. It’s not uncommon to see this practice industry-wide, but it’s still a hassle nonetheless. Consistency across banking methods would be nice.

Placing a Bet

Easy To Navigate Menu

To begin the betting process, click on “betting list” in the top menu. Next, you’re going to see wagering subcategories based on sport, league, and bet type (e.g. futures, props). Go down this rabbit hole to zero in on a line you want action on. Next, just click on the odd to initiate the bet. Before confirming, you’ll set how much you want to risk. And it’s as simple as that!  

Politics Betting

One Bet And One Bet Only

BetCity provides one wager for politics — a simple which candidate will win the US Presidential election. That’s it. Sure, that’s the most popular bet to make regarding politics, but wouldn’t it be nice to have some additional props like margin of victory or individual state winners? We sure think so.


Mainstream Games Only

The esports selection in BetCity isn’t overly deep, but it does provide the essentials. Essentials as in the most-followed video game titles like Counter-Strike, DOTA, and League of Legends. If you’re looking for sport-based games (e.g. FIFA or Madden), those bets are underneath the respective sport menu. For instance, NBA 2K wagering is housed under the basketball subcategory, alongside regular NBA. 

Virtual Sports Betting

Absent From BetCity

Virtual sports or sports sims are not part of the BetCity sportsbook. That comes as a surprise given the new-found popularity of the practice in Europe, where BetCity’s bread and butter is. 


Big Time Selection

The international appeal of the NBA lends itself well to BetCity, which gives the league a huge presence on its sportsbook. Bettors will be able to pick their poison between NBA spreads, moneylines, props, futures, in-play lines, and more.   

US Open

Peaks During The Major

Tennis is also a prominent fixture of the BetCity sportsbook. But around the four Grand Slam events — the French Open, Australian Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open — the selection is especially heightened. That includes a bevy of lines for the mens, womens, singles, or doubles tournaments.  


Better Than Expected

Our expectations for American football on a foreign bookie like BetCity were bare. Perhaps some pregame lines every week and that’s about it. However, we were surprised to see how many outright futures that BetCity carried. You’ll find a solid selection pertaining to team win totals, conference title winners, and Super Bowl champions. 


Daily Chances

The best thing about MLB wagering is the sheer amount of opportunities presented each day. A 162-game schedule will do that. BetCity will have odds for every single MLB game. Of course, there’s the usual suspects like run lines and run totals, but the sportsbook goes one step further with its prop bet offerings. 

More Betting Options

Soccer Rules All

Make no mistake about it, the BetCity sportsbook is soccer first and everything else second. For soccer bettors, it’s hard to find fault with what BetCity is offering. You name a pro league around the globe and there’s a good chance it’s available for wagering on the platform. 


Won’t Find It Here

Believe it or not, BetCity does NOT have a casino or poker room. It’s strictly a sportsbook. That may be a deal-breaker for some users that like spicing it up with a slot machine or a simulated game of blackjack. 

Live Betting

Real-Time Action

In-play betting is a staple of the BetCity sportsbook. There’s a submenu labeled “live” that will house all wagers with the capability. The in-play selection is quite diverse, too. A multitude of games within soccer, basketball, eSports, tennis, and more can be bet on live. BetCity also maintains a live calendar that lists which upcoming games will have in-play ability. 

Parlay Betting

High Risk, High Reward

Parlays, you either love them or hate them — there’s no inbetween. Love because the potential for a big pay day. Hate because the difficulty of hitting on multiple bets. If you fall in the love crowd, you’ll be happy to know parlays are easy to place on BetCity. Just add two or more betting lines to your ticket. Enter how much you’re staking and click to confirm. Now it’s time to pray the ticket pans out! 

Additional Betting Help

No Blog or Guides

BetCity does very little to aid its players. There’s no blog or how-to guides that provide advice or know-how. We suppose they maintain a results section, which gives you a running score on current and past games. Then again, you could find that elsewhere on the Internet so it’s not much of a unique resource at all.  


Cashback On Losses

No one ever said gambling was going to be easy. No matter how hard you try, losses are inevitable. However, BetCity will lighten the load when losing skids do strike, all thanks to its cashback program. On the first day of every month, they’ll credit back player accounts from losses accumulated the month prior. This cashback will range between five, seven, or ten percent — all depending on how much you’ve deposited into your account. 


Promotions Screenshot

Customer Service

Email Only

If you want to reach Betcity, you’ll have to shoot them an email. No telephone number is advertised and a live chat system is nonexistent. There are separate email accounts to contact depending on your inquiry — general questions (info@betcity.net), technical support (support@betcity.net), and public relations/advertising (marketing@betcity.net). 


Can’t Speak To This

We couldn’t even create a playing account on BetCity, little less sign up for its e-mailing list. Therefore, we’re out of the loop when it comes to BetCity’s email marketing tactics. Sorry.

Live Streaming

TV Games

In the BetCity main menu, there’s a tab titled “TV games” — which we presume is where you can live stream games on-site. We say presume because you need an account to access this feature and we were out of luck (fix that damn website, already).    


Overcome Restrictions

BetCity is blocked from use in a number of countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. Players from these locations will not be able to sign up for an account at BetCity unless they’re using a virtual private network (VPN). These services can not only hide a user’s IP address — which is what gives away your location — but they’ll also give you an alternate one to use, one that can be located in an entirely different city or country. 

HideMyAss: A Favorite Among Bettors

In the event you do need a VPN to access BetCity or the Internet at-large, a service that comes well-recommended is HMA. Bettors, in particular, are big fans of the HMA because there’s around 300 servers, from all over the world, that players can freely connect to and mask their IP address from. In our experience, connections remain stable, without so much as lag to speak of.  


Website Issues Need To Be Cleaned Up

Until BetCity fixes all its website bugs, it’ll remain a second-rate sportsbook option. Seriously, are you going to trust a betting site that routinely fails to load a web page with your hard-earned money? We wouldn’t advise it. While they’re at it, here’s other areas BetCity needs to improve:

BetCity Sportsbook Review

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