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BetUSA Sportsbook Review

BetUSA shows some promises, but it’s held-back by one too many things. Until BetUSA resolves these, it’ll be tough for them to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

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Why Do We Like BetUSA

The sportsbook is diverse enough to meet the demands of most bettors. True to its name, the betting menu is heavy on US sports, but it’s international selection isn’t bad, either. 

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Pros & Cons

Basic Information

BetUSA Key Facts

  • HQ

    Costa Rica




    Not public information


    United States, Canada, and much of Europe


    Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, Cycling, eSports, Football, Golf, Horse Racing, Hockey, MMA, Soccer, Sports Simulations, Tennis


    Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Poker, Roulette, Slots


    Not available.

Account creation

Not Taking In New Players

Believe it or not, BetUSA is currently NOT accepting new sign-ups to its site. A register/join now button was noticeably absent from its homepage or main menu. Members that have an existing account are still free to log-in, though, but only them. New players are the lifeblood of any online sportsbook so we can’t imagine BetUSA will keep this policy going for much longer.

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Account Creation Screenshot

Welcome Bonuses

Laughable Promo

We’re not going to mince words, the BetUSA sign-up bonus is nothing special. BetUSA will match 20 percent of a new player’s first deposit. The deal can be maxed out at a measly $200 — meaning a $1000 deposit is required to top out the reward. We hate to turn up our nose at free money, but this promo is extremely underwhelming compared to competitors that offer 50 to 100 percent matches regularly.  


Options Are Limited

BetUSA keeps its deposit options pretty bare. You can either go with a bank card (VISA only), cash transfer, or e-wallet (available to customers outside the US or Canada only).

You will need to verify your identity before making a deposit, however. Documentation — think an ID, passport, utility bill, etc. — will need to be provided to BetUSA in photoscopy form. There’s no ifs or butts about it as this verification is necessary to process money on the site. 

Bitcoin: Not Supported

BetUSA has failed to get on the cryptocurrency bandwagon. It currently doesn’t support Bitcoin nor any other digital currency on its platform — a surprising twist nowadays considering how quick competitors have embraced cryptos.   

Credit Cards: VISA And That’s It

A VISA debit or credit card is the lone bank card that’s accepted on BetUSA. If you’re an American Express, Chase, or Mastercard customer, you’re out of luck. The max deposit limit on VISA transfers is $2000, while the minimum is $5. 

Withdraw Winnings

Discreet Information

We disclose our withdrawal methods information to members only” — that’s the exact response we received from BetUSA customer service when we asked what cash out options exist. And since we weren’t able to create a new account, we were left in the dark. Searching on Google also provided no answers. This lack of transparency doesn’t bode well for BetUSA. After all, what’s there to hide?

Placing a Bet

Easy As 1-2-3

The BetUSA sportsbook is vast, but that doesn’t mean you can’t easily find and place a bet. The sidebar menu is conveniently organized by sport and subsequently, the league within that sport. Go down this rabbit hole to narrow down a selection. Once you have a line you like, click on it to add it to your betting ticket. The last step is entering how much to stake and hitting the “place bet” button to finalize it.  

Politics Betting

US Presidential Odds Galore

There is indeed a politics sub-section in the sportsbook. You’ll find a litany of odds relating to the US Presidential election here. That includes state-by-state winners and of course, who the nominee will be. Gambling on the once-every-four-years election is a great side-step from the usual sports wagering. 


All The Usual Suspects

BetUSA’s betting lineup for eSports is not unlike one you’d find at other competitors. For the most part, lines are available only for the most popular titles like Dota, FIFA, League of Legends, Rocket League, among others. This is great for the casual eSports follower, but might not suffice for the more dedicated one. 

Virtual Sports Betting

Newest Addition To The Sportsbooks

Virtual sports or sports sims as they’re dubbed on BetUSA were just added to the betting menu — it’s even marked “new” on the sportsbook menu. For now, the catalogue is reserved for actual video games, not original ones. That includes FIFA, MLB The Show, NBA 2K, and more popular sport-based titles. 


Great In-Play Sport

BetUSA backs the NBA in all betting forms — spreads, over/unders, props, futures. But the in-play lines are really something else. The NBA game, with it’s back-and-forth action, just lends itself incredibly well to live wagering.  

US Open

Major Event Coverage

If it’s an ATP or WTA tournament, you can expect to find betting readily available on BetUSA. However, if it’s a Grand Slam event — the French Open, Australian Open, US Open, and Wimbledon — you can really anticipate BetUSA to bring the options. Each of these events are jam-packed with odds across the men, women, singles, and doubles competitions. 


It’s A Big Deal

With a name like BetUSA, it’s almost mandatory to have a huge betting selection for the NFL, the country’s most-popular league by a longshot. Welp, BetUSA definitely delivers in that regard. The menu here is stock-piled with options from August to February that includes game lines (both pre and live), props, and futures. 


Large Selection

The wagering options on MLB are lengthy — the exact way it should be. With the longest regular season schedule in all of American sports, double that of the NBA for reference, MLB is bettable almost every day between April and October. BetUSA will carry most of it and then some.

More Betting Options

Big Racebook

Don’t overlook the BetUSA racebook, it’s dotted with horse races from all over the world. Even better, BetUSA offers an eight-percent rebate on all wagers made inside the racebook — and we mean all bets, not just losers. The rebate is paid back on a daily basis, too. 


Simulated Games Only, No Live Dealer

Most betting sites treat its casino as a clear side-kick to its sportsbook and that’s no different on BetUSA. The casino here is so-so. Sure, you’ll find the usual games like slot machines or table games, but it’s nothing special. Moreover, there’s no live dealer option. 

Only Two Game Variants Available

BetUSA does indeed have a dedicated poker room. However, we were disappointed to see the games options were limited to hold ‘em, seven-card stud, and omaha only. Games can either be played by downloading the stand-alone software or in your web browser (no download necessary). You’ll need to create a separate poker-specific account as your regular BetUSA log-in won’t work.

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Casino `Screenshot

Live Betting

On-The-Go Gambling

There’s a tab in the BetUSA sportsbook menu labeled “live betting” that houses any and all in-play wagers. While popular leagues like the NFL or NBA have the most amount of games with live betting capability, BetUSA does carry the feature on a multitude of other leagues and sports — just not in the same quantity. Moreover, there’s even a live betting schedule that bettors can leverage to plan ahead. 

Parlay Betting

Up The Risk, Up The Payout

Just click multiple selections and voila, you've got yourself a parlay.

Additional Betting Help

The blog & other betting resources

Unfortunately, BetUSA does not maintain a blog or any type of betting guide. Both are great to point bettors, whether new or experienced, in the right direction with handy advice. Any wagering guidance will have to come from outside of BetUSA, however. 


Small Reward For Loyal

The BetUSA sign-up bonus was bad, but it’s reload bonuses might be even worse. Get this, re-ups by players will be matched a meager 5 percent by BetUSA. Five percent? C’mon, it’s not uncommon to see other bookies provide a 25-percent match on reloads so BetUSA’s deal looks miniscule in comparison. At least there’s no limit to how many times the bonus can be used. 

We can’t speak to BetUSA’s email frequency. Since they’re not taking new sign-ups, we couldn’t even register for an account, little less opt in for mailing communication. 

BetUSA Reviewiphone

Promotions Screenshot

Customer Service

Email Or Nothing

We tried to reach the BetUSA customer service team to verify whether new sign-ups were indeed cut-off (they are, confirmed). Welp, upon clicking into its “contact us” page, we're prompted to log-in. But without an account, that’s not possible, thus there’s no way to actually contact the BetUSA team. Go figure.

Anyway, with the handy help of Google search, we were able to find out its contact email address — support@betusa.ag. Apparently, this is the only way for reaching BetUSA. No phone number. No cell phone. Nothing. We can’t help but feel BetUSA is behind the times in this regard.  


Not applicable

We can’t speak to BetUSA’s email frequency. Since they’re not taking new sign-ups, we couldn’t even register for an account, little less opt in for mailing communication. 

Live Streaming

Won’t Find It Here

If you’re looking to follow along live with a game you have action on, you won’t be able to do it on BetUSA. The site doesn’t have any live streaming capability, aside from eSports. This feature, while highly-demanded from bettors, remains absent at most online sportsbooks. 


In Case You Need To Hide Your IP Address

Your IP address clues a website provider where exactly you’re located at. In the event that you’re residing in a place that’s barred by BetUSA, you can bypass any restrictions with a virtual private network (VPN). These online services allow you to set your IP address to a foreign location, thus duping the website. 

HideMyAss: Works Like A Charm

If you indeed need a VPN to access BetUSA, then HMA comes well recommended — not only by us, but by bettors everywhere. HMA has 300 different servers throughout the world where users can make their IP address appear to be coming from. We jumped around between a number of the servers and saw no drawbacks while using BetUSA. The browsing experience while on a VPN was identical to one without — aside from the IP address change, of course. 


You Can Do Better

At the end of the day, BetUSA’s biggest opponent is itself. Until registration is re-opened, the sportsbook will remain just another name in an overcrowded industry.

Areas where BetUSA needs to improve includes:

BetUSA Sportsbook Review

Since BetUSA doesn't take new players, check out other sportsbooks on our index page.

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