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Betway Sportsbook Review

Our Betway review leaves nothing unexamined. We put both Betway mobile and desktop through our comprehensive review process. Our team of experts only recommends the best.

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Why I Like Betway

Out Betway review is clear. It is a truly exceptional sportsbook. Their market selection is huge, diverse, and easy to sort. The website design makes sure of that.

Plus, you get great welcome bonuses and promotions here. So you will have plenty of gas to peruse and enjoy their extensive markets. Read the details of these bonuses below in our Betway review.

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100% Sign Up Bonus – Up to $200

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Our Review

Welcome Bonuses at Betway

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25 – 100%
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Betway Key Facts

  • HQ







    Afghanistan, Angola, Argentina, Australia, Belize, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, E…


    Slots, blackjack, roulette, live casino, jackpot games


    [Sports availble at the sportsbook – below is a default list of sports in case you can’t find this data] Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, Cyclin…



How to Sign Up

Create Your Betway Account in 2 Minutes

You can get your account up and running in about 2 minutes here at Betway. Lickity split! 

They just ask for your basic information, a username, password, and some of your preferences for your account. We loved having these options for our Betway review.

This is where it gets good.

Betway lets you set up a lot of account preferences. So you can choose for example whether to receive promotions on your phone, your email, or neither. You also have the option to set wagering limits, in an effort to encourage responsible gambling. 

Check out how to set up your account in Betway mobile.

Betway Bonuses and Promotions

Betway Offers Unique Flexi Bonus

Betway gives you great welcome bonus options. With so many online sportsbooks not offering any welcome bonus, this 100% is very welcomed.

Even better: Betway’s sportsbook bonus is a flexi bonus. This means that you can withdraw your cash balance at any time. The rollover requirement is only for the bonus and its winnings.

This type of flexibility makes us trust Betway significantly more. These bonuses are great, and the closer we look at the details, the more we like it.

Bonus NameMatchMax bonusBonus code
First casino deposit100%$250-
Second casino deposit25%$250-
Third casino deposit50%$500-


Betway Promotions in the Sportsbook for Parlays

Betway has a lot of promotions. These are in addition to their great welcome bonuses and do a nice job of rounding out your options. Also, they are always changing with new events, making the Betway sportsbook even more exciting.

Let’s take a look at one of our favorites.

Free Bet Club

You can get $10 in free bets weekly when you make $25 in treble bets (minimum three line parlay).

Betway Deposits and Withdrawals

With These Easy Steps

Interac: Fast and Cheap at Betway

Interac is a great option for Canadian bettors. It is easy to set up and so widely used, that many Canadian bettors will already have it. 

Betway will load your account nearly instantly when you deposit with Interac. The minimum deposit using Interac at Betway is $50. They also will not charge you any fees. Overall, depositing with Interac for our Betway review was easy, fast, and cheap! 

Here’s how I did it on the Betway mobile version.

Withdraw Winnings

Payout Options Vary by Region

The withdrawal options available to you will depend on your region. However, the three which are most accessible at Betway are with a credit card, direct bank transfers, and eWallets.

Transferring to an eWallet will be the fastest way. This is a same-business-day operation-. However, if you use a card or a traditional bank, you will have to wait 24-48 hours, depending on if you initiate the request on a weekend or weekday.

Placing a Bet

Sports Betting at Betway

The markets at Betway are large and diverse. They are also easy to navigate. This is what makes placing a bet in the Betway mobile or desktop version so nice.

You can browse all the odds right on the homepage. The live odds are easily flagged with a green mark, or you can sort them out by themselves.

You can also sort by date, sport, or league. Whether you want to browse or find a specific match, you’ll find it’s a breeze.


North America & Beyond

Basketball betting here features the NBA prominently, but not exclusively. You can also check out friendlies and league play from China, and other global leagues. There are lots of live bets available in the basketball betting section.

US Open

Mens and Womens Tennis

Betway has lots of tennis betting available. They cover all the major leagues and exhibitions, for men and women. You can place live bets for leagues in Germany, Portugal, Australia, the United States, and more.


Football Player Props

NFL bettors rejoice! Here you can place bets on regular-season games, but they don't stop there. You can also place player prop specials. You can bet on who will be the Rookie of the Year, or the Offensive Player of the Year. They also cover college football!


Live Global Baseball Betting

You have lots of baseball betting options here at Betway. The live betting feature goes active for all the baseball leagues they cover from around the world. This is great because it opens up the possibility of in-game betting nearly year-round.

Politics Betting

Both Sides of the North Atlantic

You can place a lot of politics betting at Betway. Some sportsbooks restrict themselves to US politics. Not here.

They have bets from Europe and North America and Oceania. You can look at all the political bets together, or you can organize them by country, province, and type of bet. 

Once again Betway pulls off a great mobile and desktop interface that allows you to navigate with ease their large markets.


eSports Free Picks and Promotions

Betway is a great sportsbook to play eSports bets. They have quite a lot to offer here including free picks and promotions just for eSports bettors. 

Rob4 offers his expert predictions on CS:GO. It’s really amazing that Betway offers this service for eSports betting. It’s not something you find often. Plus, they have articles on eSports betting tips more generally. 

They also have rotating promotions for big eSports events. For example, during the DreamHack, they tend to offer free bets. These come up often. eSports bettors will have plenty to keep coming back to at Betway.

You bet on the following eSports at Betway:

Virtual Sports Betting

Betting with Animated Games

Betway offers lots of virtual sports betting options. In virtual sports, no game is played, but rather they are simulated. Computers crunch algorithms, and that’s how you get the result of the match.

Betway makes these bets more exciting by providing an animated version of the match. So it’s not just the results from the algorithm coming in, but you can also see an animated interpretation happening in real-time.

It’s fun to watch, or even just listen to the announcers calling the plays. 

Betway’s virtual sports offerings:

More Betting Options

Horse Racing

The casino at Betway is also tops. This site is in no way limited to just a sportsbook. Check out some of your additional betting choices, such as the horse racing.


Betway’s Casino Live Since 2006

Betway’s casino has over 450 online games. Some of them are Betway exclusives, so you won’t find them anywhere else.

A fun little quirk here is the Retro Slots section. Be transported back and enjoy a handsome aesthetic from a bygone era. 

You can claim three welcome bonuses here at the casino. On your first, second, and third deposit they will match between 25 and 100%. Also, you can get 50% of roulette losses back, up to $50.

Their games include:


Poker on the Betway Mobile App or Browser

You can access poker at Betway via their app or via a mobile browser. Any poker fan will love Betway mobile and desktop poker. 

They teamed up with Microgaming to bring you a huge network of poker tables and tournaments. Their tournaments range from a $0.01 buy-in, up to $50, depending on how much excitement you can handle.

Live Betting

With Props and Lines

Betway has great live, or in-play, gambling. They cover the big ones, like soccer, but you can also bet live on table tennis. If that’s your thing, Betway has you covered.

Not only can you bet on a lot of live events, but you can also live stream eSports while you bet in-play. This is great. To be able to watch the game puts you one step ahead of the markets. More information faster makes you a smarter bettor. 

Almost all matches will have a number of great bets. Not just who will win, but also proposition bets. So you can bet who will score the first goal, or on the point spread. This was a huge plus for our Betway review.

Parlay Betting

Multiline and System Betting

Betway has great parlay options. Many more than most other sports betting sites. You can make multiline or system bets. There are subtle differences between the two. 

In a multiline parlay, you have to get all the bets right. If one goes south, you will lose the whole parlay. In system betting, things are a bit more flexible. Here you bet on all combinations, and if any two win, you will start to see some winnings.

The multiline wagers are riskier, so the reward is also larger.

Customer Service

FAQs, Video Library, and Live Chat

Betway has extensive customer support. You can find them all in the Help Center. You can navigate there through the link at the bottom of the home screen. 

You can browse the FAQs by categories, such as Technical Support, Login Problems, Sports Promotions, and more. Or, you can use the search function to bring up any FAQ that mentions a keyword.

In the Help Center, you’ll also find a Video Library. These are great for visual learners. They will guide you through step-by-step a number of processes, such as claiming a welcome bonus, or requesting a withdrawal. 

If the FAQs and video library do not answer your questions, you can click “No” at the bottom of any of those pages. This will open up the option for live chat.

We contacted the sportsbook many times for our Betway review.


Blog and Guides

Betway has a great blog as well. It’s nice to see a team of such knowledgeable experts behind this sportsbook.

Their blog is updated regularly on upcoming events. The blog posts include sports news articles, perennial betting guides, and insights into betting on specific games.

You can find this resource by selecting Blog from the homescreen. Check back often, as they update the blog several times a week.


Just the Right Amount

Betway lets you opt in or out of email contact. This is great! We are huge fans of choice and this makes our Betway review much more positive. 

The emails they send are rare and informative. If you do sign up for them, you will not be flooded, but rather informed.

Live Streaming

Try Live Streaming eSports

Betway offers live streaming of its eSports matches. So while you are making in-play bets, you can also stream the match. 

This is great that they put the link right there for you. To find it, just go to the in-play betting section, select an eSports match currently underway, and the streaming option will be right there. Just click the little green TV icon.


Betting with a VPN is Easy

Online sports betting is regulated differently by countries, states, and provinces. This means that not every site is available around the world.

So if you go on vacation and want to access your account on Betway mobile, you may need a VPN. Virtual private networks are tools that redirect your internet connection, so it seems like you are connecting from somewhere else. 

The free version of ProtonVPN works well. Just download the app and register an account. With it up and running, you can access Betway as you normally would.


Betway is Great for Smart Bettors

Betway has lots of markets and lots of help so you can make the most of them. Their great navigation tools and betting guides mean that you can truly enjoy this abundance.

During our Betway review we would have liked to have seen the option to deposit with Bitcoin, but we forgive them because they cover some of the bigger deposit methods and quickly. Plus with great welcome bonuses, we aren’t complaining about depositing here

Betway Sportsbook Review

Betway is strong with esports, soccer and horses. Also, claim three bonuses for casino.

Editor's rating

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