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SportBet.io Sportsbook Review

In the Sportsbet.io about me section, the site calls itself “fun, fast, and fair.” After giving the relatively-new betting site a spin, it definitely delivers on the claim.

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Why do I like Sportsbet.io?

Sportsbet.io doesn’t just feel and look new, it is. Established only in 2016, the sportsbook benefits from a modern-day design and user experience. 

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Pros & Cons

Basic Information

SportBet.io Key Facts

  • HQ





    Information not avaiable.


    Canada, Brazil and most of Europe.


    Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, eSports, Football, Golf, Horse Racing, Hockey, MMA, Motorsports, Soccer, Tennis, Virtual Sports


    Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, KENO, Roulette, Slots


Account creation

Single Sign-On Available

You can quickly register at Sportsbet.io with a single sign-on from your Facebook or Gmail account. That quick sign-up feature is missing from most competitors so kudos to Sportsbet.io for simplifying the process. Of course, you can always go the old-fashioned route and register with an email. Before you finish registration, you can also select your preferred currency  

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Application Screenshot

Welcome Bonuses

“Awesome” Foursome Challenge

Here’s an unconventional bonus for new players. Sportsbet.io will give you $40 worth of free play if you can win four consecutive bets within your first week of signing up. We’re not even going to lie, that’s tough — even for a hardened bettor, little less a newbie. While we like a good challenge, we can’t help but feel Sportsbet.io purposely made this deal out of reach for the vast majority of new signees.  


Free And Instantaneous

No matter what deposit method you select to use on Sportsbet.io, you can be assured it’ll be free-of-cost and lightning quick. Deposit limits are pretty loose, too. The max ranges from $10,000 to $20,000 depending on the method. As for the options themselves, they’re plentiful. Sportsbet.io supports a number of cryptocurrencies, bank cards, and e-wallets. 

Bitcoin: Buy Directly On Site

For some bettors, it’s a hassle having to buy Bitcoin externally on a crypto wallet then transfering that into an online sportsbook. However, that’s a non-issue at Sportsbet.io because they allow you to purchase Bitcoin directly on its platform. The transfer service is powered through BTCXE, which is secure and safe to use.  

Aside from Bitcoin, Sportsbet.io accepts other digital currencies such as Etherum, Litecoin, Ripple, and a few others. However, only Bitcoin can be purchased through the BTCXE service.

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Depositing Bitcoins Screenshot

Credit Cards: Easy-To-Do Transfers 

Both Mastercard and VISA credit or debit cards can be used on Sportsbet.io. In the same boat, the site accepts prepaid debit cards like Paysafe or AstroPay. The minimum deposit for any of these is a meager $10.  

Withdraw Winnings

Account Must Be Verified First

Before you’re allowed to withdraw funds from Sportsbet.io, your account must be verified. That’s done automatically if you register via Facebook or Gmail. But if done through a regular email address, you should receive a verification link upon sign up. Get this done right away to save you time later on.

Credit cards: not available for withdrawing

Bitcoin: Cash Out With What You Deposited In

Generally speaking, Sportsbet.io only allows you to cash out with the same method you first deposited with. That applies to Bitcoin or card or e-wallets. With Bitcoin, you can be sure that withdrawals are processed almost instanously.  

Placing a Bet

Industry-Leading Design

Few online sportsbooks rival Sportsbet.io when it comes to pure aesthetics. The design of its website is with the times — perhaps even ahead of it with visual options for AM or PM timeframes — and scales easily to both desktop and mobile devices without error. Better yet, it functions just as well as it looks. The betting menu is intuitively organized by sport and league so there’s no struggles in locating a wager. Click into  any of the odds to add it to your betting slip where you can confirm it.

Politics Betting

No Non-Sport Betting

The sportsbook here is not gimmicky in the slightest sense. The betting selection sticks to “real” sports and not oddball events like competitive eating, celebrity award shows, or even politics. That might disappoint casual bettors looking for the once-every-four-years US President odds. If that applies to you, you’ll need to look elsewhere for them.  


Growing Presence On The Platform

If wagering on eSports continues to climb in popularity, Sportsbet.io will be ready to take advantage. The platform represents eSports well with betting lines that span video games genres such as sports (FIFA and NBA 2K, namely) to shooters (Counter-Strike, Overwatch, and Rainbow Six) and more. That diverse selection should satisfy most eSport followers.

Virtual Sports Betting

Slow Interface Ruins Experience

Sportsbet.io kills it on the design end in every aspect besides its virtual sports section. There’s just too much going on — live streams, countdowns, menus, etc. It makes finding a wager harder than it should be. Virtual sports available including greyhound and horse racing, soccer, motor bikes, plus more.  


Big Hoops Menu

NBA spreads, moneylines, in-play, over/unders, props, futures — you name it and Sportsbet.io probably has it. The site’s basketball menu is crowded and even features non-NBA pro leagues from around the continents.  

US Open

Major Attention

Grand Slam tournaments — the French Open, Australian Open, Wimbledon, and US Open — attract attention from bettors far and wide. Sportsbet.io meets that demand with lines for all events, whether that’s the men, women, singles, or doubles.


No Small Thing

Sure, maybe Sportsbet.io restricts US-based players, but that doesn’t mean they don’t try to appeal to bettors with those roots. That’s evident by the site’s American football catalog, which covers both NCAA and the NFL. It’s the latter league that gets the most attention, however. The NFL is brimming with pregame and in-play odds during the season at Sportsbet.io. 


Worldwide Betting Focus

Of course, MLB isn’t the only pro baseball league in the world. Others around the globe, such as that of Japan, South Korea, or China, can be found for the taking in the Sportsbet.io bet menu. While the wagering selection pales in comparison to MLB in terms of total volume, the mere presence of it is still an added bonus for diehard baseball bettors.

More Betting Options

Soccer Powerhouse

As a bookie that’s available around the globe, a strong soccer betting presence is a must. Sportsbet.io definitely delivers in this regard. You name the soccer league and it’s probably available for wagering on Sportsbet.io. 


Games Galore In Both Simulated Or Live Dealer Format

Like the rest of its website, the design and graphics inside the Sportsbet.io casino is very slick. That applies both to the simulated or live dealer casino. Between the two, the amount of games available to play on Sportsbet.io goes well into the hundreds. There’s slots (more of these games than any, matter of fact) and the table game classics.

Poker: Bitcoin Or Beat It

Sportsbet.io does in fact have a poker companion. However, the only currency that can be used to play it is Bitcoin — no cash or any other crypto allowed. Immediately, that rule limits the amount of people that can play and we all know how important traffic is when playing online poker. 

Live Betting

Huge Game Selection

The amount of in-play games available on Sportsbet.io is vast. And that applies to all sports, too, not just the more marquee ones. To get a running list of live wagers available at the given moment, go to the “inplay” section on the sportsbook menu. Sportsbet.io does an admirable job in updating odds and game time remaining — no matter how fast the action is transpiring. 

Parlay Betting

High Risk, High Reward

Bettors know the deal with parlays: it’s tougher to win, but the pay day is worth the added risk. Placing a parlay on Sportsbet.io is no different than a regular straight bet. Just add at least two odds to your ticket and you’ll be able to group them together for a parlay bet. 

Additional Betting Help

The blog & other betting resources

Sportsbet.io maintains a news section that’s updated with fresh content regularly. It can be accessed whilst in the sportsbook. When looking at bets for a particular sport, you’ll see a menu item labeled “news” next to “outrights” and “league.’ Tap on news to get all the latest articles pertaining to that sport. However, we wish the articles were written with a more betting-focused spin.


Price Boost On Multiple Sports

A unique feature of Sportsbet.io is its popular “price boost” promo. When applied on bets, the boost is applied to winnings, usually in the range of ten percent or so. One price boost can be used every 24 hours on a per sport basis. Just about all sports are eligible for a boost — basketball, football, tennis, etc.  

To use a price boost, simply add any line to your bet slip. As long as you’re following the 24-hour rule, you’ll see a blue “price boost” button inside the bet slip. Before you tap that button, enter how much you’re going to stake. You should see a new and improved price upon hitting the boost button. Finalize the wager to lock in the reward. And that’s it — now enjoy the extra winnings! 

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Promotions Screenshot

Customer Service

In-Depth FAQ

If you’re looking for an answer, there’s a good chance it’s already been covered in the Sportsbet.io help center. Here you’ll find massive FAQ sections, guidelines, explanations of betting terms, and so much more.

In the event you are stuck and need assistance from an actual human, Sportsbet.io also has a live chat. It can be accessed while signed in and is listed on the sidebar menu. As long as it's within business hours, service is typically prompt and helpful. 


Choice To Receive Communication Or Not

Right before completing registration, Sportsbet.io will give you a checkmark yes-or-no question for “I agree to receive bonus & marketing emails.” Take our advice and opt in, at least initially. You can always remove yourself from communication later, but getting the occasional promo via email is nothing to complain about. 

Push notifications: App For Android Users Only

The good news: Sportsbet.io has a downloadable app for mobile. The bad news: said app is only available on Android devices, not iOS. 

One more thing: Android users won’t be able to find the app on the Google Play Store. Instead, it can be downloaded by scanning a QR code with your phone. iPhone users aren’t completely out of luck, either. While there’s no native app available, the Sportsbet.io site can still be accessed from a mobile-based web browser. 

Live Streaming

Nothing To See Here

Aside from the virtual sports, Sportsbet.io doesn’t live stream any games. The feature could be implemented down the line, but for now, keep that cable subscription. 


US Players Will Need One To Access

Technically, the use of Sportsbet.io is barred inside the United States. We say technically because there is a handy workaround if you happen to be located inside the country. You can always utilize a virtual private network (VPN) to make it appear your IP address is coming from elsewhere — say somewhere in which Sportsbet.io is legal.

HideMyAss: Bypass Restrictions With Ease

So let’s say you are indeed restricted from using Sportsbet.io because of your location. What’s a good VPN service to bypass said restrictions? You certainly can’t go wrong with HMA. It’s safety and reliability has made it one of the industry leaders for a reason. What’s more is HMA has 300 different IP address servers where players can disguise themselves from. We flipped between a few of them and had no problems using Sportsbet.io to its fullest. 


On The Up And Up

In five years, we could very well be calling Sportsbet.io a “power player” in the online betting space. The up-and-coming betting site checks a lot of the boxes that bettors need in today’s day and age:

SportBet.io Sportsbook Review

If you love soccer and fund your account with bitcoin Sportsbet.io is the right place to be. But we recommend finding a similar, but a better site instead.

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