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BetShop Sportsbook Review

Betshop has existed since the ‘90s but it’s transferred ownership groups multiple times since then. With shaky leadership, the bookmaker has struggled to carve a name out for itself in a crowded marketplace.

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Our Hot Take

Betshop’s leadership is changing so frequently, that you can’t expect much from this sportsbook. Bonuses should be a staple, not a rarity.

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Pros & Cons

Basic Information

BetShop Key Facts

  • HQ

    Islands of Curaçao




    Not disclosed


    Italy, Germany, and other European nations


    Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, Cycling, eSports, Football, Golf, Horse Racing, Hockey, MMA, Motorsports, Soccer, Tennis, Virtual Sports


    Baccarat, Bingo, Blackjack, Craps, Poker, Roulette, Slots



Account creation

Nothing Out Of The Ordinary

Getting set-up on Betshop takes just moments. All that’s needed from you is basic account details like name, date of birth, address, preferred currency, email, password, etc. Afterward, you’ll need to verify your account via email. Once this is complete, you’re now officially a Betshop member. How easy is that?

Betshop Sportsbook Reviewiphone

Account Creation Screenshot

Welcome Bonuses

Rewards Are Rare

In a surprising turn of events, Betshop does NOT dish out a bonus for newbie players, or any player for that matter. We tried to dig up a prior instance when a welcome bonus was available at Betshop and we came up empty. That bucks the industry-wide trend of online bookies trying to one-up each other with free-play bonuses for new signees. For some, Betshop’s no-bonus ways might even be a deal-breaker. 


Options Are Really Limited

Bank transfer or Skrill, pick your fighter. Betshop only supports these two funding options, which is comically bad. But it gets worse. Bank wires can take three to five days before the funds clear to your account. Knowing that, you might as well opt for an e-wallet like Skrill because at least that’s instantaneous. 

Bitcoin: Not Supported At All

We’ll keep this short and simple: Betshop doesn’t support Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency on its platform. In today’s digital age, that feels like a glaring omission on their part. 

Credit Cards: Regional Support?

On Betshop’s site footer, you’ll see icons for Mastercard and VISA, hinting that it’s a payment method that’s accepted. However, it was notably absent from our banking options. Bank card support might vary region to region, but it’s not available for Canada at least.

Withdraw Winnings

Overlaps With Deposit Methods

The same two ways you can fund — bank wire or Skrill — can be used for payouts on Betshop. Skrill is the most convenient of the two methods. First, it’s completely free and two, transfers done through it typically clear within 24 hours. This contrasts steeply to bank transfers, which can take three to five business days to complete and may cost you (this will depend on your banking institution).  

Placing a Bet

Doesn’t Make It Complicated

Betshop doesn’t pull any punches with its betting menu. On any given day, there’s more than a thousands of bets available for the taking. With that sheer volume, having an easy-to-navigate interface is mission critical. It’s safe to say Betshop passes that test. The sportsbook is organized by sport and league so narrowing down a selection is intuitive. Tapping on any listed line will add it to your betting ticket, where you can enter how much to risk before finalizing it. 

Politics Betting

Not Betshop’s Forte

As of late, non-sporting events such as politics or celebrity award shows have found their way into online sportsbooks. However, Betshop either hasn’t gotten the memo, or perhaps it’s just not their cup of tea. Either way, if you’re looking for US Presidential election odds, you won’t find them here. 


Deep Catalogue

Betshop doesn’t necessarily carry lines for an array of video game titles. In fact, they mostly stick to the big guns — pun fully intended — like Counter-Strike, Dota, and League of Legends. However, the amount of odds available within each game is absolutely massive. New eSport leagues within those games seemingly pop up every day and many can be had at Betshop. 

Virtual Sports Betting

Industry-Leading Support

Virtual sports are a big thing at Betshop. Seriously. Few competitors across the whole industry rival Betshop when it comes to its virtual sport selection. We counted just under 20 games on the platform. This selection is dominated by soccer, but greyhound, horse, and moto racing is also present. 


Second-Most Supported Sport

Without question, basketball is the sport that earns the second-most betting attention at Betshop. The markets here are extensive. While the NBA takes up the lion’s share of that, there’s still plenty of variety. Pro hoop leagues in other pockets of the world like China, Germany, Spain, just to name a few, are also readily available for gambling. 

US Open

Grand Slam Dinger

Tennis fans will like what they see here. True to Betshop’s international ways, you’ll see an array of tennis odds from all over the world almost year-round. Of course, that includes Grand Slam events like the French Open, Australian Open, Wimbledon, and US Open


Coverage Could Be Better

At most betting sites, the NFL dominates the gambling menu. Not at Betshop, however. Betshop positions itself more as the bookmaker for international-minded bettors. The NFL, for all its dominance inside the United States, still hasn’t caught on outside US borders. That’s not to say you won’t find NFL betting on Betshop. You will, but it’s very barebones. Think spreads, over/unders, moneyline, and that’s about it. NFL props and futures are more foreign. 


Moderate Selection

A lot of what we just covered in regards to NFL betting on Betshop also applies to MLB. The selection here is mostly so-so. You’ll get the essentials game lines, but for the diehard bettors that want an array of props, you’re not going to get them here on a consistent basis.

More Betting Options

Soccer Rules The Book

Soccer wagering is high — and we mean high — above on a pedestal at Betshop. Get this, while browsing through the site, we saw over 100,000 wagers available for soccer. That’s not a typo! Meanwhile, the rest of the sports combined for less than 3,000 bets. Betshop seriously has it all when it comes to the beautiful game. 


Simulated Or Live Game Options

Players have two casino options at Betshop. There’s the classic offering that’s purely simulated machines. You’ll find all the usual stapes here including bingo, table games, and of course, slots. For bettors that need to up the thrill more, Betshop’s live casino should do the trick. Many competitors keep its live casino options on the slim side, but not Betshop. There’s dozen of live variants here for the taking. 

Betshop Sportsbook Reviewiphone

Casino Screenshot


Available In The Live Casino

Inside the Betshop live casino, you’ll find multiple poker styles — carribean stud, three-card, and hold ‘em. These are add-ons to the video poker machines that exist in the simulated casino.   

Live Betting

Match Tracker A Great Bonus

Hit the “live betting” tab on the top menu to access all of Betshop’s available in-play wagers. You’ll quickly realize the live betting menu isn’t short or limited to just a few sports. The entire wagering experience is also complemented by Betshop’s match tracker feature. It’s an ESPN-style gamecast which gives you running updates of the game — perfect in case you can’t actually watch the game. 

Betshop Sportsbook Reviewiphone

Live Betting Screenshot

Parlay Betting

Up The Risk, Up The Payout

If you’re the type of bettor that chases a big pay day, you'll be happy to know placing parlays on Betshop is easy to do. Just load up your betting ticket with two or more betting lines. Once on the ticket, you’ll see tabs that call out “single”, “combo”, or “system.” Toggling it to “combo” will place all those bets into a multi-leg paraly. From there, just enter how much coin you’ll be staking and hit “place bets.”    

Additional Betting Help

Not Much

You won’t get much guidance from Betshop when it comes to actually making betting picks. The site doesn’t have a blog that lends out free advice like other competitors. We’d knock them, but then again, any research you do before betting should come from external sources anyway. 


Rewards Are (Still) Rare

As we alluded to earlier, Betshop isn’t into giving out bonuses or promotions of any kind. Ever. No kidding, there’s no promo web page to speak of and no exclusive offers being sent to our emails. If we sound caught off guard, it’s because we are. It’s just so rare to see this out of an online sportsbook nowadays. 

Customer Service

Archaic Email System

Betshop is behind the times when it comes to customer support. There’s no telephone line and the “live chat” isn’t actually live. In fact, the “chat” is just an email ticket system. We wish we weren’t being serious. Not helping matters is the fact that response times are slow despite Betshop advertising its hours of operation being between 10 am and 10:30 pm.  


Very Rare To Receive

By and large, online sportsbooks keep their mailings to players very promotional-based with the latest deals and events. As we’ve pointed out, Betshop rarely does bonuses. Therefore, there’s not much of an incentive for them to send you emails. 

Live Streaming

Not Supported

No, you can not live stream games that you have action on at Betshop. The closest thing you can get to real-time viewing is the match tracker feature in the live wagering section. While it’s not a true stream, it’ll at least give you running updates on what’s transpiring. 


Quick Fix To Overcome Restrictions

What does the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, and Australia all have in common? Individuals inside these countries are “restricted” from using Betshop, along with a host of other nations. We say restricted loosely, however. That’s because bypassing those limits is easy with the use of a virtual private network (VPN). These online services will disguise your IP address and make it appear it’s coming from elsewhere.   

HideMyAss: Consider Yourself Hidden

If there’s a VPN service that comes well-recommended by bettors far and wide it’s HMA. There’s 300 different IP addresses — from one corner of the globe to the next — on the VPN where users can connect to. Accessing Betshop from any one of them proved to be a hassle-free experience. Connections not only remained consistent, but there wasn’t so much as lag to speak of. 


Taking The Good With The Bad

There’s some areas where Betshop really comes up short. Then again, there’s others where Betshop is ahead of the pack. We’re the glass-half-full type so we choose to focus on the latter. Betshop excels at the following:

BetShop Sportsbook Review

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