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Skybook Sportsbook Review

Being in business for over two decades is no small thing, which should tell you Skybook isn’t a run-of-the-litter sportsbook. After spending some time on the platform, there’s plenty to like about it.

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10% Bonus, up to $100

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Skybook Sportsbook Bottom Line

The Skybook sportsbook doesn’t skimp out with its bonus offerings. The deals are a great way to try out the sportsbook and unearth its other good wagering features.  

50% bonus up to $1,000


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50% bonus up to $1000


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125% up to $2,500


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10% Bonus, up to $100

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Our Review

Pros & Cons

Basic Information

Skybook Key Facts

  • HQ

    San Jose, Costa Rica




    Not Disclosed


    United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, among others


    Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, Video Poker


    Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, eSports, Football, Golf, Horse Racing, Hockey, MMA, Soccer, Tennis, Virtual Sports



Account creation

Join Skybook Within Minutes

See that big red “join now” button atop the menu? Welp, no surprise, but click that to get started with the registration process. After filling in all the details, you’ll need to verify your account with a six-digit verification code that’s sent to the email you used to sign up. Once verified, you’re officially a member.

After the verification, the Skybook sportsbook will give you a unique username. Moreover, they’ll send over your password via email. Both this information is what you’ll use to login (you can change the password afterward). Don’t gloss over the welcome bonus, though, it’s right there next to your new username. More on these bonuses shortly.  Copy

Customer Service

Live People on Hand To Help

If you ever get stuck while using Skybook, then look no further than its live chat system. If it’s during normal business hours, a customer service rep is readily available to answer your questions or troubleshoot an issue you may be experiencing. Reaching a person outside business hours is more of a stretch, though.  


Options Are Plenty

You can fund your Skybook sportsbook playing account in one of four ways — cryptocurrency, cash, credit card, or bank transfers. Multiple funding options exist with each four, aside from bank transfer which only supports ZPAY. That should be more than enough for all bettors. 

Bitcoin Accepted and Encouraged at Skybook

Skybook accepts two cryptos — Bitcoin and Litecoin. Inside the cashier, bettors can set-up one-of-a-kind addresses with either currency to initiate a transfer from their crypto wallet. The big benefit of using a crypto over traditional money is transfer speed, which applies to both depositing and withdrawing money. 

Credit Cards: Skybook has Stingy Deposit Limits

VISA and Mastercard are the only two credit cards accepted at Skybook, which is on par with most competitors. However, the max deposit when using a card is just $500 per transaction, while the minimum is $50. If you’re more of the high-roller-type player, that max deposit limit could be a dealbreaker. 

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Deposit Options

Welcome Bonuses

Skybook Offers Options

Whether you’re a big-wallet player or more on the stingy side, there’s a sign-up bonus for you to take advantage of at Skybook. The platform offers three distinct promos for new players — at 50 percent (max payout of $300), 100 percent (also tops out at $300), or a whopping 150 percent (worth up to $3000). 

If you want to truly test the platform out, perhaps opt for the 50- or 100-percent sign-up bonus. But if you’re looking for the most amount of free play possible, it’s tough to pass up the 150-percent deal.

Bonus NameMatchMax bonus
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Bonus Screenshot

Placing a Bet

So Easy A Caveman Could Do It

If you’ve placed a wager on one online sportsbook, you’ve practically placed a wager on all of them. Skybook’s interface flows like most of its competitors in that its sports betting menu is neatly labeled by sport and league, allowing you to find matchups with ease. Checkmark the line you want to add it to your betting slip. Lastly, add the risk amount before submitting it. Easy as that!

Politics Betting

Not A Whole Lot at Skybook

Your best bet at finding politics betting lines will be the “other sports” tab inside the Skybook sportsbook. This section effectively functions as Skybook’s miscellaneous section. We’ve seen competitive eating and table tennis odds here before. We wouldn’t be surprised to see politics-related lines during peak election periods such as that of the US President.  


Around-The-Clock Betting

Video games are truly a global “sport” — whether you want to label it as such or not. Nonetheless, the worldwide reach of it means betting lines are available at almost all hours to bet on. Popular leagues for shooters (think Overwatch and Counter-Strike) and sports (FIFA primarily) are well supported on Skybook. As eGames continue to rise in popularity, we wouldn’t be surprised to see more competitive leagues land on Skybook’s platform. 

Virtual Sports Betting

Mix It Up With Sports Simulations

Not to be confused with eSports, what makes virtual sports different is the video games are 100-percent simulated by the CPU — meaning, there is no human element to it whatsoever. You’ll find these bets under the “sports sim” section at Skybook. Games supported are strictly sport-based, including FIFA, Madden, NBA 2K, MLB The Show, among others. 


Ball Don’t Lie

We’re impressed with the NBA betting selection at the Skybook sportsbook. For a diehard follower of the league, you’ll get your wagering fix on the platform with ease. There’s the usual game lines, in-play odds, and a bevy of props to keep you occupied. 

US Open

A Major Win for Skybook

The US Open is one of tennis acclaimed “major” titles, along with the Australian Open, French Open, and Wimbledon. You will find betting lines for all four tourneys at Skybook. This includes both the men and women events, as well as singles and doubles. 


King Of The Jungle

No single league draws as much betting action as the National Football League. That’s why it’s no surprise that the NFL has a bigger betting selection at Skybook than any other league. The options are seemingly endless — spreads, moneylines, over/unders, props, futures. It’s seriously all there at Skybook. 

Moreover, the NFL prices seem to be in line with online competitors. You might find a discounted price here and there, but it’s hardly a difference-maker in the long run. 


Opportunities Are Almost Endless

MLB might not draw the level of betting attention that the NFL does, but it’s no pushover, either. That’s mostly due to the sheer number of opportunities the league presents. With 162-game schedules, MLB odds are practically a daily thing when the league is running. At the Skybook sportsbook, you’ll find each of those wagering opportunities on game days.   

More Betting Options

Heavy Support For Horse And Soccer

We’d be remiss not to mention the horse-racing and soccer betting lines available at Skybook. Horse-racing actually has its own section in the main menu, while soccer is stuffed with betting lines from international leagues around the globe.  


Skybook Offers Three

Get this, there’s three different casinos at Skybook. Three! For starters, you have traditional casinos with simulated games. You’ll find these inside the “Lucky Dragon” and “Jade’s Fortune” that are eerily similar to one another. Expect the usual gamut of games in the two — baracratt, blackjack, roulette, slots, and video poker. Between both casinos, there’s about 100 different simulation-based games to play from.

If you need up the thrill level, Skybook also offers a live dealer casino. And yes, there’s an actual human dealing cards over a live stream! Games offered in here include blackjack and baccarat.    

Skybook casinoiphone



You Won’t Find Much Here

One of the big misses at Skybook is its lack of poker-playing options. Outside of the simulated video poker machines, there’s no other support for the popular card-playing game at Skybook. Whereas many other competitors have entire poker rooms, the game's absence inside Skybook feels very noticeable. 

Live Betting

Available On Marquee Leagues

See that “live premium” tab on the top menu? That’s where you’ll find in-play odds and only those at Skybook. Not every game has a live wagering feature, but you’re likely to find it in the top sporting leagues like the NFL, NBA, and MLB. 

Parlay Betting

It’s Seamless To Do

To create a parlay, just checkmark multiple betting lines, which will add them to your betting slip. Once you have multiple legs in the ticket, you can split up how much you wager on each leg. Plug and play numbers at will, Skybook will adjust the winnings every time. Hit the green “submit” button when you’re finished to lock in the parlay.  

Withdraw Winnings

Collect That Deserved Pay Day

All withdrawals can be made from the cashier section when you’re signed in. You can be paid out in one of two ways — crypto or check. Due to long wait times with mailed checks, crypto should be most bettors preferred method.  

Bitcoin Withdrawals: Fast And Secure, But Has Limitations

Not only are crypto cash outs fast, they’re also safe and secure. Just don’t try to withdraw more than $4000 worth of Bitcoin or Litecoin at a time. That’s the max cashout limit at Skybook, which could be problematic for players with a bigger bank roll. 

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Additional Betting Help

Skybook Does Not Offer Much

To be blunt, you won’t find much betting help from Skybook themselves. They assume you already know what a spread, teaser, and such is. There’s no blog, guide, or FAQ section to speak of on-site. 


Communication Isn’t Spammy

There’s not a person on this planet that enjoys spam-y emails. Not one. While some online sportsbooks are guilty of this, Skybook is most definitely not. The email communication we received from them was infrequent. When one did land in our inbox, it typically had a promo attached to it — which is more than worthwhile if you’re getting a good deal out of it. 

Live Streaming

Not at Skybook

Unfortunately, you can’t stream games that you have action on at Skybook. The feature is slowly gaining traction in the industry but remains far from the norm. Still, having such a feature would be a big difference-maker for an on-the-rise platform like Skybook. It’s a missed opportunity for sure.   


Give It a Try

Skybook has enough good things going for it that it’s worth giving it a “trail run” per se. The features it has going for it includes:

Skybook more than shows its mettle and why it’s been in business since the late ‘90s.

Skybook Sportsbook Review

It's time to see what it's all about!

Editor's rating

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10% Bonus, up to $100

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