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Expekt Sportsbook Review

Expect Review covers every step of the way from sign up to withdrawing winnings. Most sports bettors will register with more than one site, if only to keep their options open. Expekt is the sportsbook for those who already have another home or two.

Editor’s rating

Our Hot Take

What stood out most in our Expekt Review was their creativity in the NFL market. They offer all the usual betting types: game lines, win totals, division winners, conference champions and Super Bowl predictions. But they really up the ante in the props department, where they have not only player-specific wagers, but also entire-team props. Some examples to whet your whistle: Which team will have the worst offense? Which team will lead the league in interceptions? Which team will rack up the most passing yards. Etc., etc., etc.

But being unavailable in the US and Canada makes this sportsbook off-limits for many.

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Pros & Cons

Basic Information

Expekt Key Facts

  • HQ

    The headquarters for Expekt are located at Level 3, Tagliaferro Business Centre, High Street c/w Gaiety Lane, Sliema, SLM 1551, Malta.


    Expekt was founded in 1999.


    Nearly 2 million users have registered with Expekt sportsbook.


    Expekt’s international license allows them to offer their services to almost anywhere, though folks in the United States and Canada may need a VPN s…


    Football, badminton, baseball, basketball, boxing, cricket, cycling, darts, esports, greyhound racing, hurling, soccer, gaelic games, golf, hockey, MM…


    Blackjack, Roulette, Video Slots, Video Poker, Site-exclusive games such as Great Rhino Megaways, Temple Tumble and Fat Rabbit


    Expekt does not currently have a VIP program.

Account creation

Too Lengthy

Expekt sportsbook breaks the registration process into three steps. You enter your name, date of birth and email; then you enter your address and phone number; and then you pick your username, password and security question.

After doing all this, you’ll need to confirm your account creation via email. Upon doing that, you should be done and ready to make a deposit.

Welcome Bonuses

Enticing…at First Glance

New sportsbooks users at Expekt are eligible to receive a 50 percent match on their first deposit. That’s great, obviously, but it comes with a few caveats.

First and foremost, Expekt didn’t indicate a maximum value on this bonus. Beyond that, our research shows that not all new users received it, suggesting that this bonus has either expired or is only offered at certain times. Contacting customer service to clarify is the way to go.


Rough Experience

Notice something missing here? That would be pictures of the deposit workflow. We couldn’t gain access to it. First off, it took us forever to open an account using a VPN service, which isn’t great to begin with. And then, even after confirming our account creation, it wouldn’t give us the option to make a deposit because our account, again, we had confirmed—wasn’t active in the system.

From what we can tell, though, Expekt sportsbook does offer a wide variety of payment options, including various credit cards and third-party e-wallets. We’ll have to take the word of their homepage, because once more, they don’t even have an FAQ section that breaks down different processes.

Bitcoin: Invalid Payment Option

Bitcoin users will need to find another home if they want to make direct deposits. Expekt doesn’t accept cryptocurrency during deposits. 

If you still really want to use Bitcoin, you’ll need to fund one of the approved e-wallets—Skrill, NETELLER, etc.—and then transfer the money from there to your Expekt account.

Credit Cards: Visa and Mastercard are A-OK

No surprises here. Most online sportsbooks accept only Visa and Mastercard. Expekt keeps up with that theme. If you don’t have one of those cards, we suggest doing a bank transfer instead.

Withdraw Winnings


Expekt’s withdrawal process is similar to the payout procedure at most other sportsbooks. All you have to do is select your preferred method, confirm it and wait for your funds to roll in. Though Expekt doesn’t list specific processing times for each method, there have been reviews posted about users not getting their payouts for a while. Be prepared to wait.

Placing a Bet

Super Straightforward

Placing a bet at Expekt is no different from any other sportsbook. They have their competition, betting types and lines separated by sport. Once you find what you’re looking for from the menu, you can add your desired wager to your betslip, which is located on the right hand side of the page on a desktop or the bottom of the page on a mobile device.

Politics Betting

A Very Small Market

Don’t hold your breath for extensive political markets at Expekt. They have odds for the French presidential election and on who will be the next Pope. That’s it at the time of our review.


Nicely Assembled

Forced to choose, we’d say Expekt has an above-average number of esports options. They carry all the usual tournaments, but they really outdo themselves with extra specialty selections for Counter-Strike events.

Virtual Sports Betting

Not Offered

Virtual sports are basically video games that get simulated in real time. If you register at Expekt, you won’t have to worry about them. They’re not offered.


A Nice Mix

Expekt review found a balanced mix of outrights and props in their NFL market. They offer all the usual wager types—single-game lines, division winners, conference champions, win totals, Super Bowl odds—but go the extra mile with both individual player (over/under statistical benchmarks) and team (who will have the best defense?) prop lines.


Nothing to Write Home About

Expekt’s MLB market has all the basics: single-game lines, division-winner odds, AL/NL championship predictions and World Series futures. That’s the extent of their baseball menu. They don’t offer props beyond win-total bets.


Pleasantly Plain

After scrolling through Expekt’s MLB selection, we were a little concerned they’d fall short in the NBA department. They didn’t. You’re free to bet on win totals, single games, conference champions and NBA Finals victors.

US Open

Outrights Alone

Save yourself from looking for golf props at Expekt. They don’t have them. They only offer outright odds on all the major tournaments.

More Betting Options

Endless Alternatives

You won’t have trouble finding other sports to bet on. Aside from all we just talked about, Expekt also has markets for badminton, boxing, cricket, cycling, darts, greyhound racing, hurling, soccer, hockey, MMA, Formula 1, other motorsports, pool, rugby, snooker, tennis and volleyball.


A Qualified Casino Bonus


Casino gaming options in our Expekt Review include:


The casino bonus in our Expekt Review is conditional upon wagering at least €33 on a qualifying game. Once you do that, you’ll be eligible to win up to 33,333 free spins in other qualifying casino games. This isn’t so much a welcome bonus as it is a recurring promotion—that, for the record, you aren’t guaranteed.


No Specific Bonuses


Players on Windows computers and Android devices can download Expekt’s poker software. You’re unfortunately out of lock if you’re using IOS. If you can get the software, you’ll get to choose from a ton of different tournaments, most of which fall under the Texas Hold ‘Em umbrella.


There aren’t currently any poker-specific bonuses at Expekt. With that in mind, you will be eligible for special bonus tournaments and extra incentives once you register and join your first table.

Live Betting

Odds, Odds and More Odds

Expekt’s live-betting section is pretty robust. They separate all their in-play odds by sport, and they’re constantly updating all the lines for each event. Building a betslip for live games and matches is no different from placing another bet, aside from the fact that your odds may change in real-time.

Parlay Betting

Painless Construction

Parlay bets at Expekt can be assembled in the matter of one click. Simply select all the wagers you wish to place, head over to your betslip and choose the “multiple” tab at the top of the page. Expekt will then show your combined odds and potential payout. 

As always, remember that you must successfully hit on all your bets to convert a parlay. Getting even one wager wrong will ruin the whole thing.

Additional Betting Help

Not Nearly Enough

The alternative resources available at Expekt include:

Expekt misses the mark with their extra resources, mostly because they have none. Never mind a blog that delivers news updates and betting advice; they don’t even have an FAQ section.


Unimpressive Selection

Indeed, Expekt’s 50 percent deposit bonus at the sportsbooks is an attractive option. But as we already went over, it’s not a consistent offering. Beyond that, they don’t offer enough incentives at the casino or in their poker room. Everything is predicated on placing bets and earning bonuses at random. 

Customer Service

Not Great, Bob

Customer service is anything but a given at Expekt. And that’s putting it kindly. They mostly force you to use the email option. They don’t provide a customer service number, and while live chat is an option, it wasn’t available when we attempted to use it during regular business hours.

To make matters even more complicated, Expekt doesn’t even have a frequently asked questions section. So you can’t help yourself even if you wanted to.


Contact on Your Terms

No one needs to worry about getting spammed by Expekt. They contact you on your terms. After verifying your account creation, you’ll only hear from them if you sign up for promotions or process transactions.

Live Streaming

Not Here

Although Expekt carries plenty of live odds, they do not currently have live streaming set up for their customers.



We had major issues registering with Expekt when using a VPN service. They kept saying our account-creation attempts were fraudulent, and then, when it finally went through, we were not able to log in or make a deposit.


Expekt the Unexpected

Bettors strictly looking to gamble on sports and dabble in casino gaming can get a lot of mileage out of Expekt. If they’re looking for anything else, though, they’re plum out of luck

Expekt Sportsbook Review

Expekt Review doesn’t find anything that wows users with extras or simple processes. Everything is simultaneously basic and complicated. Their bonuses are inconsistent to impossible, they don’t have a blog, strong customer support or live-streaming options, and the functionality of their mobile app is, at best, bland. Unless you’re looking for a backup sportsbook, we strongly endorse using another site as your primary betting option.

Editor’s rating