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Stan James Sportsbook Review

Stan James is not a great sportsbook – anyone who counts themselves as a frequent sports bettor will find very few issues with using Stan James, which was taken over by Unibet in 2018 and now mirrors their betting operations wager for wager and options for option.

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Our Hot Take

Stan James was the quintessential full-service sportsbook. They had an endless selection of sports, casino, and poker betting. They even had a bingo room. Their bonuses for new and existing users were available across all of their sections—yet again including bingo. The signing up process was unnecessarily complicated and required ID and address verification.

But being unavailable in the US and Canada made this sportsbook off-limits for many. In 2015, Stan James was taken over by Unibet.

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Pros & Cons

Basic Information

Stan James Key Facts

  • HQ

    Stan James is operated by Platinum Gaming Limited, whose registered office is at Suite 2B, 143 Main Street, Gibraltar, GX11 1AA, Gibraltar.


    Stan James was launched in 1973 and subsumed by Unibet operations in 2018.


    Stan James’ customer base isn’t public knowledge, but the Unibet company that now owns it claims to service over 11 million accounts worldwide.


    Bettors in more than 100 countries will have access to Stan James.


    Football, badminton, baseball, basketball, boxing, cricket, cycling, darts, esports, greyhound racing, hurling, soccer, golf, hockey, MMA, Formula 1,…


    Blackjack, Roulette, Video Slots, Video Poker, Bingo


    Yes, Stam James offers a loyalty program that rewards users with points that can be redeemed for free bets or actual cash. Your rewards are directly d…

Account creation

Too Lengthy

Although registering with Stan James is pretty simple, the entire process is too lengthy. It not only takes four steps, but it requires you to verify your account with proof of ID and your address, which can make things complicated for those who live outside accepted territories.

Welcome Bonuses

No Shortage of Variety

Stan James doesn’t have a blanket sportsbook bonus. They have a bunch of different ones instead. Unfortunately, none of them presently include a deposit match—unless you’re in the casino or poker room. But you can, however, receive a lucrative bonus if you refer a friend.



Making deposits at Stan James is easy enough. You first need to verify your account with proof of an ID and address, but after that, you can have your account funded within minutes once you select your preferred payment method.

Bitcoin: No Dice

Bitcoin deposits are not permitted at Stan James currently. However, if you’re desperate to pay with Bitcoin, you can open a third party e-wallet account, use Bitcoin to fund it and then transfer that money to your Stan James account.

Credit Cards: Visa and Mastercard Only

Zero surprises here. Stan James, like most other sportsbooks, only accepts Visa and Mastercard deposits. If you don’t have a card from one of those issuers, we recommend doing a bank transfer.

Withdraw Winnings

Extra Simple

Withdrawing your money from Stan James takes next to zero effort. Simply head to the withdrawal section once you’re logged in, choose your preferred payout method, confirm it and wait for your cash to land in your wallet.

Placing a Bet

Select Your Wagers in Seconds!

Placing a bet at Stan James is next-level simple. They have all sporting events sorted by category and then by start time. Once you select your desired competition, you’ll see all the available lines you can add to your betslip—which, by the way, is omnipresent at the bottom of your page.

Politics Betting

Incredible Selection

Stan James offers more political markets than we’ve seen at 99 percent of other sportsbooks. They have election odds for around the world—rather than just the United States or United Kingdom—and even offer prop lines for many of their markets.


Another Home-Run Market

The depth of Stan James’ esports market is positively wild. They have everything organized by tournament, start time (Gibraltar time) and live betting options. You’ll find all the big-time games available here—Dota, Counter-Strike, FIFA, etc.—and they once again give you the chance to dabble in props.

Virtual Sports Betting

Get Your Video Game On

Virtual sports are effectively video games that get simulated in real time after you’ve placed a wager. Stan James’ virtual sports options include basketball, soccer, football, tennis, horse racing and dog racing.


Extra Variety

NFL bettors will find everything they need at Stan James. All the usual wager types are available, such as single-game lines, conference champion odds, division winners, Super Bowl prediction and win totals. But they also take things a step further by offering a vast array of props, including everything from individual year-end awards to statistical over/under benchmarks for particular players to NFL draft lines.


Viva La Props

Certain sportsbooks fail to offer many options in their MLB market. Stan James isn’t one of them. Game lines, division winners, NL/AL champions and World Series odds are all standard. But they provide prop bets for year-end awards and player statistical achievements as well.


More Props

We have to hand it to Stan James: They offer a ton of optionality. Like their MLB and NFL markets, their NBA section is loaded with different types of wagers. There is, as always, the single game lines, win-total odds and predictions for the conference championships and NBA Finals winner. Beyond that, though, they carry prop lines for the NBA draft and, yet again, statistical feats for individual players.

US Open

Hits All The Right Notes

You won’t find as many props in Stan James golf section. That’s totally fine. They offer more than enough off-beat lines across other major sports. Plus, it’s not like their golf odds are barren. They have outright bets for all the tournaments you can think of.

More Betting Options

Just Keep Betting

Stan James also allows you to place wagers on badminton, boxing, cricket, cycling, darts, esports, greyhound racing, hurling, soccer, gaelic games, hockey, MMA, Formula 1, other motorsports, pool, rugby, snooker, tennis and volleyball.


A 100% Matching Casino Bonus



Stan James will currently match your first deposit in the casino for up to €200. They also offer 10 free spins for certain casino games.


With its own Bonus


The poker room at Stan James is on-brand, in that it offers a ton of options. Their poker games include Hold ‘Em and various versions of Stud, and they have everything from sit-and-go tables to winner-take-all tournaments.


For signing up with Stan James poker room, you can receive up to an additional €20 on your first deposit, as well as up to €500 in playthrough money, which is essentially a high rollover bonus.

Live Betting

So Many Options

Pretty much every sporting event that Stan James carries will include a live-betting option. The lines are updated in real time, and if your odds change before submitting your wager, Stan James will make sure you confirm the shift before withdrawing the money from your account.

Parlay Betting

Increase Your Winnings with One Click

Putting together parlays at Stan James is a matter of one click. After adding all the different lines you wish to wager on to your betslip, you only need to select the “multiple” tab. At that point, Stan James will show you the combined odds and how much you stand to win. As always, please remember that you need to correctly predict all your single bets for a parlay to qualify as successful. Miss on one, and your entire betslip is null and void.

Additional Betting Help

Plenty of Help at Your Fingertips

Stan James alternative resources include:

We wouldn’t call Stan James alternative list of resources a disappointment, but given all the betting options they offer across every sport, they’d do well to have a more organized blog that keeps users up to date with the latest news and betting advice.


Above the Industry Standard

Major props to Stan James for running an extensive selection of promotions. They offer bonuses for each of their different departments—freebies and extras that are specific to the sportsbook, casino, poker and even bingo room.

Customer Service

All the Help You Need

Stan James sorts their customer service by category, including a list of frequently asked questions and then subsequent questions related to those initial questions. Trust us when we say it’s thorough. If you’re still unable to find what you need, though, you’ll have the option of contacting them via email or, if they’re open, live chat.


No Spam to Report

Contact with Stan James will be as minimal or frequent as you want it to be. They will only email you to confirm your account creation and any other future transactions unless you sign up to receive special promotions.

Live Streaming

Stan James Has LOTS of Live Sports

They not only offer live streaming across more sports than most of their rivals, but you can see which competitions are available by sport simply by navigating to that betting field. That type of live-streaming accessibility is incredibly unique.



Registering at Stan James Betting from an unsupported territory using a VPN service worked for us without issue. We expect your experience to be along the same lines. That being said, be prepared to verify your account with a proof of ID. We didn’t run into any issues here, but it stands to reason prospective players from certain territories will be rejected.


You’re Going to Love It Here

Some sticklers may focus on Stan James’ select shortcomings. Creating an account is a little too complicated and time-consuming, and a sportsbook with its resources should have a more organized blog. Each criticism of Stan James Betting is fair.

But the downside effectively ends there. They are a sportsbook assembled to cater to the masses, and they successfully do that by offering a sleek and iterative interface; plenty of betting options across the sportsbook, casino and poker room; easy payouts; and a selection of bonuses and promotions to rival any other company in the industry. 

Stan James Sportsbook Review

Oh, and there’s also a good chance they carry more live streams and prop-betting options than any other sportsbook you come across. We’re being dead serious. If you enjoy betting on sports—or online gambling in general—you will find the Stan James experience grades out as an A-plus-plus-plus.

Editor’s rating