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Sportsbook Sportsbook Review

With a history dating back to 1996, Sportsbook.ag is one of the true pioneers of the industry. After all these years (and multiple ownership changes), how does the platform hold up?

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Our Hot Take

The sportsbook 100 percent caters to US sports. For some that’s a huge pro, for others, that might be a con. Either way, the “big four” American sport leagues — the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL — have a strong presence at Sportsbook.ag. But overall, the site is lacking.

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Our Review

Pros & Cons

Basic Information

Sportsbook Key Facts

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    United States and most of the world


    Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, Cycling, eSports, Football, Golf, Horse Racing, Hockey, MMA, Motorsports, Soccer, Tennis


    Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, Slots



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Account creation

Membership Closed?

Get this, registration is closed on Sportsbook.ag. A quick Google search reveals this isn’t the first time Sportsbook.ag has done so. Online message boards are littered with threads — posted in different years, too — stating that the platform wasn’t taking new members. It’s a bit of a bizarre move, especially considering that new players are the lifeblood of any online betting site.

Forewarning for the rest of this review: without an active account, Sportsbook.ag locked us out of many of its site features. Some of the information we gathered to write this review came from research and speaking to current members, not our own personal experience.

Welcome Bonuses

Steep Rollover Requirements

Another aspect that Sportsbook.ag hides from non-account holders. However, word on the streets is the platform offers new players a 20 percent match on its first deposit. This can be maxed out at a whopping $2000 reward (which would require a $10,000 deposit to earn). 

That’s a steep award, but the playthrough requirement is even loftier. Sportsbook.ag has a 20X rollover before that bonus becomes withdrawable. And even then, the most that can be cashed out is $500, which really brings down the quality of this bonus. 


Limited Options

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Depositing Screenshot

Banking info was one of the few pieces of information that Sportsbook.ag readily gave out on its site — no login required to access. The platform accepts deposits done through Bitcoin and credit card only. No fees are tacked on to either method, well not from Sportsbook.ag’s side at least (you could be charged a foreign currency exchange fee by your card provider, for instance). 

Bitcoin: No Other Crypto Support Beside Bitcoin

You read the headline correctly, it’s Bitcoin or nothing on Sportsbook.ag when it comes to digital currency. Deposit limits are very loose with Bitcoin with the minimum being $5 and the max topping out at $10,000. To complete transactions, you’ll create a unique Bitcoin address, which can only be used once before another needs to be made. 

Credit Cards: Not Living Up To Its History

Here’s a neat history lesson: the original founder of Sportsbook.ag, Patrick Callahan, is widely recognized as one of the very first operators to accept credit cards. Considering this was back in the ‘90s, this feat is nothing short of impressive.

Given this unique backstory, you’d think Sportsbook.ag would be a leader at this today. Well, we thought wrong. The platform solely accepts VISA as a funding method, which is far too restrictive in our book.  

Withdraw Winnings

Necessary Documentation Needed

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Withdraw Screenshot

You won’t see an option to cash out on Sportsbook.ag until you’ve proven your identity and current address — make sure this info aligns with what you registered with. This can be done by uploading an image or a photocopy of your ID, passport, utility bill, or something like-minded. There’s no workaround to this rule either so take care of this as early as possible to get your winnings without a hitch. 

Cash out methods supported on Sportsbook.ag include Bitcoin, check, and wire transfer. Debit or credit cards are not options here. 

Bitcoin: Unnecessary Withdrawal Fees

At Sportsbook.ag, you’re entitled to one free-of-charge cashout per year. No, really. Only one and any after that is docked an automatic fee of 3 percent on the withdrawn amount per transaction. This applies across the board to Bitcoin, check, or wire transfers. What a rip off, right?

Even worse, the max cash out limit on Bitcoin is a very pedestrian $2500. The same goes for check, but wire transfers do go up to $5000. Those limits might not be suited for players with deeper pockets. 

Placing a Bet

Simple Enough To Do

Bettors, whether new or old, should have no issues with the Sportsbook.ag wagering experience. That’s because the whole sportsbook is laid out intuitively. Just use the left-hand menu to navigate through the betting selection, sorting by sport and league to narrow down the list.

Once there’s a line you like, a simple click on the odd will add it to your bet ticket, where you’ll be able to enter how much to risk. Now see that yellow “place bet” button? Yep, that’s the final step where you lock in the wager. See how simple that is?

Politics Betting

Big Presence For US Presidential Election

The politics scene at Sportsbook.ag is dominated entirely by the United States, particularly the presidential election that happens every four years. Odds aren’t just limited to who’ll win the nomination, either. There’s also props for state-by-state winners and VP nominees to get extra mileage out of the occurrence.


Bare Necessities Only

The popularity of eSports just continues to surge. You can notice that at Sportsbook.ag, which has steadily grown its markets in this “sport.” It’s still not the best, but it’s steadily improving. The site carries betting odds for all the major video game titles like Counter-Strike, NBA 2K, Rainbow Six, among others.

Virtual Sports Betting

New Addition To The Site

Sportsbook.ag is a relatively new player to virtual sports wagering. So new that it’s even labeled as such in the betting submenu (look for “sports sims *new*). The selection here is reserved strictly for simulations of tried-and-true video games like FIFA, MLB The Show, Madden, etc. 


An In-Play Staple

No surprise but Sportsbook.ag backs the NBA heavily in its betting catalogue. However, we’re especially big fans of the live wagering support. There’s just something about the NBA game that lends itself to real-time betting. Be sure to give that a try!

US Open

Serving Up Competitive Lines

The prices offered by Sportsbook.ag on tennis — and its whole sportsbook, really — are pretty so-so. Not the best, but not the worst, just in the middle. With that said, there is a litany of betting options in tennis. During Grand Slam tournaments, those options spike up even more. 


Big Game In Town

Make no mistake about it, NFL betting reigns supreme at Sportsbook.ag. We’re seriously blown away by the coverage here. Not only does the site carry all the necessary pregame lines from week to week, but they go above and beyond when it comes to futures and props. Football fanatics will struggle to find faults with Sportsbook.ag in this area.


A Gold Mine

Wagering on the MLB is like a trove of treasures. During the season, there’s an abundance of opportunities to make money every day, perhaps more than any other American sport. At Sportsbook.ag, it’s hard to miss those daily chances. Heck, if MLB isn’t your thing, the site even carries many foreign baseball leagues, too.  

More Betting Options

A Deep Racebook

Thoroughbred racing has a strong place at Sportsbook.ag, too. Click on “horses” in the top menu to bring up the whole selection. You’ll quickly realize the events span countries throughout the globe — US, Australia, Japan, etc. 


Second Fiddle To Sportsbook

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Casino Screenshot

Like most betting sites, the casino at Sportsbook.ag is a clear sidekick to the sportsbook. BetSoft is the software that powers its game, and while not a bad provider, it fails to stand out from the cluttered crowd. There’s 70 or so games carried, ranging from slots to table games to video poker.

Live Betting

Extensive Catalogue

The problem some online sportsbooks have with its live betting system is options, or lack thereof. Typically, it’s only offered on the top sports and matchups. No such problem exists with Sportsbook.ag, however. It’s in-play menu is very diverse. Just take a gander at its live betting schedule, which is planned three to five days in advance.

Parlay Betting

“Double Down” On Certain Picks

You probably already get the drift when it comes to parlays — high risk, high reward. But at Sportsbook.ag, you can conceivably “double down” on certain risks and rewards. That’s because the site gives you the option to split money apart in your parlay. For instance, if you’re feeling especially confident about one bet, you can add more money to it, while lessening the wagered amount on a different leg.  

Additional Betting Help

Nothing Here

We’ll keep this one short: Sportsbook.ag doesn’t give bettors too many wagering resources. No blog. No how-to guides. Nothing. So you better understand sports betting before you get started here cause the site isn’t holding anyone’s hand.


Racebook-Specific Bonuses

Sportsbook.ag is stingy with its bonuses. Few exist, but the exception is those found in the racebook. For one, there’s an eight-percent rebate given to players on a daily basis. This rebate applies to all bets made in the racebook, no matter if they’re winners or losers. Furthermore, your first bet into the racebook will be matched 100 percent up to $100. 

Customer Service

Check FAQ Section First

After some digging we found two ways to contact Sportsbook.ag — email and phone number. Mailing can be sent to support@sportsbook.ag, while the support phone line is 1-800-632-6088. We sent them a note asking about membership, which they confirmed was indeed closed “temporarily.”


Not Applicable

Like we said, we couldn’t sign up for an account at Sportsbook.ag. Therefore, we weren’t able to receive any emails from them, which is either good or bad depending on your perspective.

Live Streaming

Not Available

Just to continue the trend, live streaming is another feature that’s missing on Sportsbook.ag — and most bookies for that matter. Your best bet to watch games you have money on remains cable or channel-sponsored live streaming apps.


Mask Your IP Address

If you happen to find yourself barred from Sportsbook.ag, either because you’re located in a country that’s restricted or you just got yourself kicked out, you’re not completely out of luck. A virtual private network (VPN) can hide your IP address and make it appear to be coming from elsewhere.

HideMyAss: A Bettor’s Favorite

If a VPN seems like a need, then you can’t go wrong with HMA. It’s a preferred VPN of bettors throughout the world for a reason — it just flat out works. It has an abundance of servers around the world to connect to and hide your IP address from. No matter which you’re connected to, service remains tip-top. 


Could And Should Be Better

Given its history in the business, Sportsbook.ag should be an industry leader. But it’s not. Far from it actually.

The site has a number of issues holding it back:

Sportsbook Sportsbook Review

Look for a better brand

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