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12bet Sportsbook Review

You may have seen the 12Bet logo before on a soccer kit. Over the years, they’ve sponsored the jerseys of big-name clubs like Arsenal and Leicester City, among many others, which has spurred its growth and name recognition internationally.

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While the markets here are acceptable, it is quite strange that they don’t have any sort of casino. Also, the banking options are extremely limited.

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50% bonus up to $1000


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Pros & Cons

Basic Information

12bet Key Facts

  • HQ

    Possibly the Philippines




    Not disclosed


    Canada and throughout Europe and Asia


    Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, Cycling, eSports, Football, Golf, MMA, Motorsports, Soccer, Tennis, Virtual Sports


    Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Slot Machines



Account creation

Standard Sign-Up

The on-boarding process at 12Bet is nothing out of the ordinary. Just enter basic details about yourself — name, address, preferred currency, email, password, etc. — and you’ll be on your way to playing. Registration can be completed in a matter of moments. 

Welcome Bonuses

Bet 10, Get 5

12Bet’s sign-up bonus is underwhelming to say the very least. Essentially, it’s a $5 “free bet” that’s unlocked only after making a bet of at least $10. To qualify for the offer, make sure you place a bet within 30 days of registering an account with 12Bet. Once redeemed, the bonus expires after five days. A deal like this pales in comparison to promos offered by competitors that hover in the $1000 range. 


12Bet Needs More Variety

To be blunt, 12Bet misses the mark with its banking option. Bettors have two options on the platform and that’s it — e-wallets or bank cards. The lack of crypto support is a glaring omission. Heck, even bank wire deposits would’ve been nice to have. 

Bitcoin: Not at 12Bet

12Bet does not accept Bitcoin deposits.

Credit Cards: 12Bet Supports Mastercard and VISA

What is it with Mastercard and VISA? These two cards seem to be the industry’s de-facto bank card method, and only these two. It’s the norm at other sportsbooks and certainly the case at 12Bet. However, only debit cards will do the trick at 12Bet, not credit cards. Moreover, the deposit limit with this method is $10. 

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Depositing Screenshot

Withdraw Winnings

Slow Payouts?

A number of ex-12Bet players have flooded the Internet with complaints about the site’s slower-than-usual payout times. Some even allege that 12Bet refused to cash them out entirely. Most of these complaints are a few years old so perhaps 12Bet has cleaned up its act since then. Still, it’s probably best to proceed with caution at first. Make 12Bet prove its trustworthiness before depositing a huge sum of money into it.  

Credit Cards: Only Mastercard And VISA Again

12Bet will pay you out in the same fashion you first deposited. For debit card funders, that means your only options are Mastercard and VISA. 

Placing a Bet

Modernized Interface

Online sportsbooks don’t always get the best wrap for website design. However, you can’t bunch 12Bet into that group — it actually excels in the interface front. Not only is it cosmetically pleasing, but if functions just how it’s supposed to.

The 12Bet sportsbook menu is intuitively organized by sport and league. These act as filters to find a betting line easily. Once you have one you’re interested in, simply tap the odd, which will bring it your betting slip. There, you’ll be able to enter how much you’d like to risk. Finalize the wager by hitting the green “place bets” button. 

Politics Betting

Not At 12Bet

More and more, we’re seeing politics become an event to wager on, namely with the US Presidential election held every four years. Not at 12Bet, however. The site doesn’t offer betting lines for any non-sport events such as politics, the stock market, competitive eating, etc. 


Essential Titles Only at 12Bet

12Bet’s esport selection isn’t necessarily extensive, but it is deep. By and large, only the most popular video game titles are carried on 12Bet — Counter-Strike, Dota, Overwatch, Rainbow Six, Starcraft. But within each of those games, you’ll find a bevy of pro leagues from different parts of the world. That global nature of eSports means you can find action at a wide-variety of hours during the day thanks to all the different time zones.

Virtual Sports Betting

A Growing Trend in Europe

Not to be confused with eSports, virtual sports are completely simulated video games — with no human controlling the game. Betting on these simulated outcomes has been gaining popularity throughout Europe as of late. At 12Bet, virtual sports has a dedicated section, which can be found in the main menu. There’s about nine different games to choose from, ranging from soccer to racing (horses, motorcycles, greyhounds). 


Go On A Fastbreak

The international popularity of basketball lends itself well to a bookmaker like 12Bet. The on-site wagering catalog is not small by any means, and while dominated by NBA action, it still features a good amount of foreign leagues, too.

US Open

Major Coverage

Interest in tennis spikes during Grand Slam tournaments like the French Open, Australian Open, Wimbledon, and of course, the US Open. You can count on 12Bet to deliver a litany of betting lines during these peak moments for all events — singles, doubles, mens, and womens. 


Surprisingly Good Selection at 12Bet

12bet focuses more on international markets than US ones. Nonetheless, it’s American football offering holds up pretty well. During the football season, you’ll be able to find odds for most NFL and NCAA games on the site. Moreover, team and player props aren’t lacking either. This level of support should satisfy most fans of the gridiron.


1-2-3 Double Play

A lot of what we said about the NFL also applies to MLB at 12Bet. The platform outdoes itself for an “international sports bookie.” You’ll be hard-pressed NOT to find each game of MLB’s 162-game season, plus postseason, on here. Moreover, supplanting the MLB markets on 12Bet is other less-followed baseball leagues such as those in Japan, South Korea, just to name a few. 

More Betting Options

Soccer Stranglehold

No mistake about it, soccer takes precedence at 12Bet. You’ll find more betting lines for the sport than any other on the site and it’s not even close. Furthermore, those lines will cover the full breadth of pro leagues throughout the entire world. 


Very Limited Amount Of Games at 12Bet

Twenty-six slot machines and 11 live dealer games — that’s the 12Bet casino in a nutshell. A whopping 37 games in total. 12Bet should and needs to do better in this regard. That lack of variety all but guarantees you’ll bore quickly with the 12Bet casino. 

Live Betting

Soccer Heavy Selection

Any and all in-play wagers currently available can be found by clicking “live betting” in the top menu (next to sports). On this list, you’re more likely to find soccer games than anything else. Still, other sports are still represented which rounds out the choices. Most marquee sporting matches will have in-play capability. You can always double check if an upcoming game will by using 12Bet’s live wagering schedule.

Parlay Betting

Go For The Big Pay Day at 12Bet

Laying down a parlay is easy enough on 12Bet. First things first, add two or more odds to your betting slip. You can toggle the bet slip between single and combo, make sure it’s on the latter. Of course, enter how much you want to stake and 12Bet will auto-generate your possible winnings. Hit “place bets” and the parlay is confirmed. Now pray for a big win and pay out!

Additional Betting Help

The blog & other betting resources

Once upon a time, 12Bet sportsbook did maintain a blog with betting predictions and news. It’s still live — http://12betblog.co.uk/ — but dearly outdated. Since a post hasn’t been published on it since 2015, we’d be shocked if 12Bet ever returned it to old form. Given that, you’re better off finding wagering guidance from an external source than 12Bet. 


Light Parlay Protection

Few things are worse than having a perfect parlay shattered in the final leg. Thankfully, 12Bet offers ACCA protection. This promo is triggered on parlays of at least five legs and with a minimum stake of $5. If the parlay collapses on the final event, 12Bet will refund the original risk amount in full as a bonus token. However, this protection is exclusive to soccer parlays.  

12Bet Sportsbook Reviewiphone

Promotions Screenshot

Customer Service

Many Answers In Help Center at 12Bet

Before even reaching out to customer care, head over to 12Bet’s help center. There’s a strong possibility that whatever question you may have has already been covered in the help desk. But in case it hasn’t, then 12Bet has a live chat and email (support@12bet.uk) readily available. Operating hours are 7 am to 11 pm BST — which is more than reasonable for most players.

12Bet Sportsbook Reviewiphone

Costumer Service Screenshot


Communication Optional

During the very last step of registration, players can choose to opt in to marketing communication from 12Bet or not. Per usual, communication is usually reserved for special offers, events, and site news. You can select how to receive the communication — by physical mail, email, phone call, or text message — or skip out on it completely. We signed up for email notifications and didn’t regret it. Having a head start on site promotions is more than worth it.   

Live Streaming

Nothing To See at 12Bet

Nope, 12Bet doesn’t support any live streaming — despite it’s rather large in-play menu. While disappointing, the feature remains hard to find at competing bookies so we can’t really knock 12Bet for not having it. 


Needed If You’re Located In The US

Unfortunately, 12Bet sportsbook is restricted from use in the United States. However, there is a way to bypass those restrictions — use a virtual private network (VPN). These services will not only hide your IP address (which gives away your location), but also let you pick an external IP address to use (which can be located in another country). 12Bet is completely usable with VPNs. 

Let’s say you do need a VPN, which one should you pick? Our recommendation — and that of many online bettors — is HMA. This VPN meets all the criteria: multitude of servers around the world (300 or so to be exact), reliable, and secure. We turned on HMA and set our IP address to Canada (we’re actually in the United States) and “tricked” 12Bet. All of its features were suddenly unlocked for us despite regular US restrictions. 


A Few Features Away From Being A Powerhouse

Our 12Bet sportsbook review found that it does a lot of things right — strong branding, slick design, and big sportsbook menu. But it’s held back by a few shortcomings. For 12Bet to become a true powerhouse in the industry, they need to clean up a few things:

12bet Sportsbook Review

Avoid this sportsbook.

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