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YouWager Sportsbook Review

The YouWager brand has been around since the early days of online gambling. It’s gone through one too many different management groups, but it’s finally finding a good footing in the industry.

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YouWager Sportsbook Bottom Line

The YouWager sportsbook has a little bit of everything — a stocked sportsbook, a good casino counterpart, multiple bonus deals, plenty of money transfer options, among others. Altogether, it’s a worthwhile betting experience for bettors. 

50% bonus up to $1,000


$ 1000
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50% bonus up to $1000


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125% up to $2,500


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Pros & Cons

Basic Information

YouWager Key Facts

  • HQ

    San Jose, Costa Rica




    Not Available


    United States, Canada, France, Germany, and many other countries


    Baccarat, Blackjack, KENO, Poker, Roulette, Slot Machines, Video Poker


    Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, eSports, Football, Golf, Horse Racing, Hockey, MMA, Soccer, Tennis, Virtual Sports, Among Others



Account creation

Simple And Seamless

See that “join now” button atop the YouWager sportsbook menu? Click that to start the sign-up process. Enter a few pertinent details — name, birthday, email, etc. — and when complete, you’ll get an account number that you’ll use to login from here on out.

YouWager will prompt you to fund your account next, which you’ll need to do before being able to plop down a bet. More on those deposit options shortly.

Customer Service

Mostly There When You Need It

YouWager has a live chat available around-the-clock for helping users. Not surprisingly, response times are much quicker during normal business hours. 

The live chat can be accessed by clicking on the orange chat icon on the bottom right corner of the screen. Once there, you can select between support departments — casino, cashier, customer, or wagering — to get assistance.

In the event that you need to reach customer service via phone, YouWager’s helpline can be reached at 1-800-968-9243.

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Live Chat


Security Is Paramount

Before making a deposit with the YouWager sportsbook, you’ll need to answer three security questions. It’s all part of YouWager’s top-notch security system that weeds out scammers early. But don’t freak — the questions are details only you would know such as your address, what state your social security card was registered, etc. 

Bitcoin: YouWager Accepts Five Cryptos

While Bitcoin is the world’s most popular digital currency, it’s one of six that are accepted at YouWager. The others are Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Etherum, Litecoin, and Ripple. There’s a host of crypto wallets throughout the Internet that can help you buy cryptocurrencies and transfer them into sportsbooks like YouWager. 

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Crpyto Deposit

Credit Cards: Four Credible Options at YouWager

When it comes to credit or debit cards, VISA and Mastercard seem to be universally accepted at most online sportsbooks. The same applies at YouWager. However, in addition to those two, YouWager also supports American Express and Discover. Those four major card providers should have most bettors covered. 

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Credit Deposit

Welcome Bonuses

Great Offer To Try YouWager

The sign-up bonus at the YouWager Sportsbook is better suited for players that want to give the platform a “test drive” than reap heaps of free play. The deal functions like this: YouWager will match a bettor’s first deposit by 50 percent with a max payout of $500 and rollover of 10X. Sure, $500 is subpar compared to some competitors, but a playthrough requirement of only 10X is very beatable for a newbie player. 

Placing a Bet

Plain and Simple Approach

To look for a bet, click “straight bet” while signed in. This will lead you to a long list of all sports/events currently available for wagering. Check-marking any one of them, then clicking the green submit button/arrow will filter down the results further by category. Find a bet and go through the same checkmark/submit process. 

Lastly, you’ll be led to your betting ticket. This is where you enter how much you want to wager. Additionally, you can buy points — one-half all the way to two points — to bring down the spread or over/under total. When you’re all set, hit “submit” to confirm the bet. Assuming you have sufficient funds in your account, the bet is now locked in!

Politics Betting

Slim To None at YouWager

While other online sportsbooks have expanded its betting menu outside of the sports realm to include politics, award shows, and such, YouWager sportsbook has not followed suit, at least not yet. The closest thing to non-sport wagers it carries are eSports and virtual sports, though, depending on who you ask, they could be considered sports themselves. If you’re looking to bet events like the US Presidential election, you’ll have to find it elsewhere.


Good Selection Of Video Games

Unlike traditional sport leagues, video game-based ones fluctuate greatly in popularity. Fresh franchises and sequels mean new competitions and leagues springing up left and right. But if a new video game does catch fire, there’s a good chance it’ll be available for betting on YouWager. As of this writing, we saw odds for popular titles like Counter-Strike, Overwatch, and Rainbow 6, among others. 

Virtual Sports Betting

Simulated Fun

Virtual sports and simulation sports are used almost interchangeably in the industry. Either way, it’s an offshoot of eSports betting, however, this removes the human element. The video games are 100-percent simulated by the CPU and bettors can predict the outcome. YouWager’s selection in this department is reserved for sports titles like Madden, NBA 2K, FIFA, etc. 


Options Are Plentiful at YouWager

The NBA’s popularity continues to ascend globally and YouWager sportsbook backs it with a bevy of betting lines. Pre-game and half-time lines are a given, but almost all NBA contests also come with in-play odds at YouWager. Live betting is a great way to mix things up during an 82-game regular season.  

US Open

If It’s A Major, It’s At YouWager

The US Open, along with the other three Grand Slam tournaments — Australian Open, French Open, and Wimbledon — are well-represented at YouWager. It won’t be hard to find mens, womens, singles, or doubles event lines during tournament time for any one of those majors.


King of American Sports

You won’t see a sports league with more betting lines available than the NFL — and fittingly so given its stranglehold on the attention span of United States gamblers. We’re particularly impressed with the amount of prop bets available every Sunday for the sport. At YouWager, the biggest problem with NFL betting might be narrowing down your picks due to the sheer amount of options at your disposal every week.


Play Ball

“Play ball” indeed. Between the months of April and October, you’ll have an MLB betting opportunity almost every day at YouWager. Sure, there’s the usual spreads and run totals, but betting on reverse run lines and props really breaks the monotony over the course of the calendar.

More Betting Options

Entire Racebook

We can’t gloss over the fact that YouWager has a fully-dedicated racebook for horse-racing betting lines. It can be accessed via the top menu by clicking “racebook.” The section carries race odds for thoroughbred-racing around the globe — United States, Canada, Australia, and more.


Rebate Program Is A Winner

YouWager offers a classic casino that’s more or less what’d you come to expect from an online offering — video slot machine heavy, but a decent mix of video poker and table games, too. But what really makes this casino worthwhile is the rebate program. Cashback is determined by overall net losses, but can reach as high as 5 percent. Rebates can be earned once every 24 hours. That’s a great fallback in case you ever go cold!


A Nice Complement To The Casino

There’s a full-on poker room for YouWager players, too. Access it using the same account number and password you use to log-in to the sportsbook. Before joining, you’ll be prompted to type in a screen name while playing that’s public to other players. Inside, you’ll find many poker game variants to join including Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha, among others. 

Live Betting

So-So Interface, Better Results

While logged in, in-play betting options can be accessed while on your main account page and clicking “live betting” (with its red Wi-Fi logo icon). This will bring you to a menu listing all ongoing live bets across sports. 

Clicking into any line will add it to your betting slip. There, you can adjust the risk amount to your liking. Don’t be surprised to see the odds update in real-time while in the betting slip. In our experience, YouWager does a solid job of keeping up with the action and adjusting lines accordingly.

Parlay Betting

More Legs, More

Creating a parlay is easy in the YouWager sportsbook. Just multi-select on different odds to add them to your betting slip. Once all legs are added, you’ll be able to risk one lump sum on the entire parlay — you will not be able to split the money apart on different legs like some competitors offer. However, you can buy points on different legs of the parlay. Hit the green “continue” button to finalize the wager. 

Withdraw Winnings

Bitcoin Payouts Work Well

To initiate a withdrawal, click “cashier” in the main menu. On the next drop-down menu, tap “payout.” You should see a list of withdrawal methods that includes cryptocurrency, direct deposit, eCheck, mailed check, and money transfer. 

Bitcoin Withdrawals: Same-Day Transfers from YouWager

First things first, in order to cash out with Bitcoin, your last deposit must’ve also come from Bitcoin. With that out of the way, the max cashout using Bitcoin is $10,000 per transaction. Two withdrawals can be requested per week. But best of all, Bitcoin payouts are typically completed on the same day as they’re requested.  

Bitcoin isn’t the only crypto payout available, however. All the same currencies that you can use to deposit on YouWager — Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Etherum, Litecoin, and Ripple — can also be used to withdraw. 

Credit Cards: Not Valid for Withdrawals

While you can use cards to deposit into YouWager, you can’t use them for payouts, which is almost universal across the industry. In lieu of cards, we suggest using electronic checks. These typically clear in three business days or less and are applicable to most bank accounts.   

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Additional Betting Help

Unique Search System

When using the live chat, some questions/topics will have “knowledge base entries” that closely match it. When there’s a match, a series of articles around the topic will be auto-recommended for you to browse through. These articles are essentially FAQ pieces. We like this unique system because it gets you an answer to your question more quickly. 


YouWager Rewards Loyalty

YouWager doesn’t just give out bonuses to new players. No, they also have promos for tried-and-true players in the form of reload bonuses. Every time you deposit between $100 to $2000, YouWager will match 20 percent of it. The best part? There’s no cap on the number of times you can redeem this bonus!

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Not Spammy, But Sometimes Too Frequent

After creating an account, we received four different emails from YouWager on the first day. One was an introduction to the platform, the second was a promo message, and the other two were chat recaps with the customer service team (these can be flipped off easily in the chat settings). While the emails were far from spam, they still felt like an overkill especially for day one. 


Steadily Improving Over The Years

After close to three decades in business, YouWager is finally peaking. Bettors will enjoy the overall betting experience thanks in large part to:

YouWager Sportsbook Review

It's a good time to jump in!

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