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Betmania Sportsbook Review

You can’t call Betmania stingy. Its bonus offering is stacked with one great deal after another. Players that stick around for the long-haul are the biggest winners because there’s seemingly always more to get out of these bonuses.

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Why do I like Betmania?

Betmania truly gives back to its players, whether they’re new or repeat customers. That’s evident by its bonus offerings and ManiAdvantages program.

50% bonus up to $1,000


$ 1000
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50% bonus up to $1000


$ 1000
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125% up to $2,500


$ 2500
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100% bonus up to $1000


$ 1000
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$ 500
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Pros & Cons

Basic Information

Betmania Key Facts

  • HQ

    Costa Rica






    United States, Canada, and much of Europe


    Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Poker, Roulette, Slots


    Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, eSports, Football, Golf, Horse Racing, Hockey, MMA, Motorsports, Soccer, Sports Sims, Tennis



Account creation

Nothing Out Of The Ordinary

Betmania’s sign-up process is par for the course. Just enter the basic details about yourself such as name, email, password, address, date of birth and they’ll give you a unique username in the next screen. Login using said username from there on out. That’s it — you now have a player’s account with Betmania in minutes.

Welcome Bonuses

Massive $3000 Prize

Online sportsbooks are constantly trying to one-up each other on sign-up bonuses, but few top Betmania in terms of total payout. Its welcome deal is a 150-percent match worth as much as $3000 (must deposit at least $2000 to earn the max reward). However, this is on cash or crypto deposits only, not credit cards. There’s a separate bonus for first-time deposits with cards that’s also 150 percent, but tops out at a more pedestrian $500.

Betmania Reviewiphone-placeholder
Betmania Reviewiphone-placeholder

Welcome Bonuses Screenshots


Multiple Routes To Take

There’s four ways to fund your playing account on Betmania. The two most popular options are bank cards and cryptocurrency (more on both shortly). There’s also bank transfer via ZPAY or eCash services like Moneygram, Ria, Boss Revolution, or Cash Code.

Bitcoin: Litecoin Also Accepted

Betmania only accepts two cryptos on its platform — Bitcoin and Litecoin. While both are two of the most-popular digital currencies around, we’d love for Betmania to step up their game and expand its crypto options like many other competitors have.

Credit Cards: Only The Usuals

For whatever reason, both Mastercard and VISA have become the standard in the online gaming industry. The two bank cards, whether debit or credit, are widely accepted on most sportsbooks, including Betmania. These two will be your only options as other big-wigs like American Express or Chase are not supported.

Withdraw Winnings

Take Off The Handcuffs

You can cash out on Betmania either through Bitcoin, mailed check, or person-to-person but each comes with hard-to-overlook downsides. The minimum withdrawal limit on checks is $1000, and while one payout is free a month, any after that comes with a $50 surcharge. P2P transfers are capped at a measly $450 per transaction. 

Bitcoin Withdrawals: No Litecoin Support

While Litecoin is a deposit option, it’s not available for pay outs — which is inexcusable on Betmania’s behalf. It’s Bitcoin or nothing in this department. But at least there’s no minimum withdrawals with Bitcoin, only a max of $4000 per transaction.

Placing a Bet

Easy As Can Be

Betmania’s sportsbook menu is sorted by bet type (e.g. straight, parlay, teaser, etc.). From there, you can narrow it down by sport. Within a few clicks, you should have it narrowed down enough to select a line. Once clicked on, that line will be added to your bet cart. Here is where you’ll enter how much you want to risk before finalizing the wager. How easy is that?

Politics Betting

Essentials And That’s It

If you’re looking for politics betting, you’ll see it tucked underneath the “other sports” tab inside the Betmania sportsbook. It’ll be alongside other odd-ball betting events like competitive eating and table tennis, to name a few. Betmania’s betting lines in this department are pretty bare bone. Sure, you’ll find odds for the US Presidential election winner, but that’s about it. Not much props or non-US politics betting to speak of.


Could Be Better

Make no mistake about it, the popularity of eSports is surging. Wagering on it is too and you’ll see eSports lines offered by most sportsbooks nowadays. However, the catalog for betting varies more from site to site. At Betmania, it’s a pretty subpar selection. Yes, popular leagues for League of Legends and Warcraft are represented, but we’d like to see more options besides the usual suspects offered elsewhere.

Virtual Sports Betting

24-Hour Betting

Betmania’s selection here is reserved for actual video game titles like Madden, NBA 2K, MLB The Show, etc. Not to be confused with eSports, virtual sports are strictly game simulations, no actual people behind the gameplay. Since it’s a computer simulation, you’ll see virtual sport odds available at all hours of the day for around-the-clock betting.


Basketball Beyond Border

Basketball’s popularity continues to surge, not just the NBA itself, but international basketball leagues, as well. That’s evident on Betmania, which offers a range of basketball-related bets. Of course, NBA gets the lion share of attention, but there’s a little something for every hoop head around the globe at Betmania.

US Open

Majors Are Covered

Bettors come out of the woodworks to bet on the four Grand Slam tourneys — the Australian Open, French Open, US Open, and Wimbledon. If you fall into that category, Betmania’s menu should suffice. Lines are prevalent for any of those events, whether it's the men, women, or doubles competitions.


Fall Takeover

During the months of August to February, football dominates the betting menu on Betmania. That applies both to the NFL and college games. If there’s a football line you’re looking for, you’ll likely find it here.


Endless Betting Options

No American sports league presents the sheer amount of betting opportunities that MLB does. Pick your bet type — run line, reverse run line, run total, props, futures — it’s there for the taking at Betmania. Those options exist seemingly every day during MLB’s 162-game regular season and ensuing postseason.

More Betting Options

Just For Kicks

Don’t overlook Betmania as a soccer betting destination. International soccer leagues across the globe from Europe to Asia to the Americas have a strong betting presence on the platform.


Classic And New Options

There’s two casino options at Betmania. There’s its older “Jade’s Fortune” casino, then there’s it’s newer “Lucky Dragon” casino. There’s an overlap in game types offered at the two with it being slot heavy, but also video poker and table games. If graphics is a sticking point for you, definitely opt for Lucky Dragon instead. 


Hardly On The Menu

There’s two casino options at Betmania. There’s its older “Jade’s Fortune” casino, then there’s it’s newer “Lucky Dragon” casino. There’s an overlap in game types offered at the two with it being slot heavy, but also video poker and table games. If graphics is a sticking point for you, definitely opt for Lucky Dragon instead. 

Live Betting

Bet Anywhere At Anytime

Any and all in-play wagers can be found by going to the “live premium” section in the main menu. The interface differs slightly from the regular sportsbook, but it’s a similar betting experience — minus the odds updating in real-time. Speaking of that, Betmania does a solid job at keeping pace with in-game action. Lines shift in a timely manner and doesn’t disrupt the live betting experience.

Parlay Betting

Risk It (More) To Get The (Bigger) Biscuit

Remember how we said Betmania organizes its sportsbook by bet type? Well, there’s an option for parlays on there. Click that on the menu to begin the process, then just add two or more lines to your bet cart. Finish off the ticket by adding how much you want to risk and you’re all set.

Additional Betting Help

The blog & other betting resources

If you’re a newbie to sports betting, you might want to take a gander at Betmania’s bettor’s guide. It’s a pretty comprehensive manual to the world of sports betting with topics like what are If-bets or what is buying points. Hardened sports bettors will probably find little value out of it, but it’s chock full of handy info for first-timers.



ManiAdvanatges is Betmania’s “player enhancement” program as they dub it. It’s available to all players that deposit at least $300 into their account. Enrolled players can select one of four perks — -108/-107 reduced juice (on football and basketball only), heavily-discounted teaser odds (football and basketball only again), shave half-point on spreads and totals (basketball only), or reduced dime lines (baseball only).

Betmania Reviewiphone

Promotions Screenshot

Customer Service

Help Is Only Taps Away

While Betmania does have an FAQ section, it’s pretty bare with only about a dozen questions listed. If you need assistance, your best bet is to contact customer service either via telephone (1-888-406-2642) or the live chat. The latter can easily be accessed by clicking on the green chat icon in the bottom of the screen.


Let’s Get Crazy

“Let’s get crazy” — those three words is how BetMania begins its first email to you after sign-up. This is the usual welcome email you should come to expect with login details, promos available, quick refresher on deposit options, etc. Emails after this one are more infrequent from Betmania, but when they do arrive, it’s typically regarding one of its killer promos!

Live Streaming

Available On An Array Of Games

If you’re inside the Live Premium section, you’ll see a “live tv” tab in the menu. Clicking that will open the site’s Live Sports Video Center. Here is where you can watch real sports in real-time. 

You’ll need to have Adobe Flash Player installed (which is archaic nowadays), but regardless, the feature itself is a difference-maker in an industry that rarely supports it. Not only can you watch individual sports, but entire sport channels too such as Sky Sports.


Possible If Needed

For those unfamiliar, virtual private networks (VPN) are online services that allow users to hide their IP address in favor of another located in a completely different country (without you actually being there). It’s a great way to access a sportsbook if it happens to be barred where you’re really located. Betmania, while legal in most parts of the world, is restricted in some places. If you happen to be in one of those locations, you can use a VPN to access the site just fine.

HideMyAss: A Favorite Among The Industry

There’s no shortage of VPNs online, but one that’s become a favorite among bettors is HMA. It has everything you need out of a VPN — 300-plus locations to mask your IP address from, reliable service, and security. Accessing Betmania from one of its many servers is a painless and easy-to-do process.


Betmania Means Big Bonuses

Few online bookmakers match Betmania in bonuses. Seriously, some deals where Betmania runs away from its competitors include:

Betmania Sportsbook Review

Are you ready for a bonus?

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