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OddsMaker Sportsbook Review

The Oddsmaker name is forever tainted by claims of fraudulent behavior. The Internet is rife with such accusations. That’s why we recommend either avoiding Oddsmaker altogether or just playing it safe and only depositing a small sum of money to start with.

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Our Hot Take

On the surface, Oddsmaker checks a lot of the boxes — huge sportsbook, loft bonuses, rewards program, among others. But its shady history gives us second thoughts about the credibility of any of these features and the site as a whole. 

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100% Initial Deposit Bonus

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Our Review

Pros & Cons

Basic Information

OddsMaker Key Facts

  • HQ

    Curaçao islands




    Not public information


    Canada and much of Europe


    Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, Cycling, eSports, Football, Golf, Horse Racing, Hockey, MMA, Motorsports, Soccer, Tennis


    Blackjack, Craps, KENO, Poker, Roulette, Slots



Account creation

Not Taking In New Members Currently

At the time of this review, Oddsmaker has closed account registration. Betting remains doable for those that hold accounts, but non-members are out of luck. One would have to think this is a temporary thing and not permanent. After all, new members are the lifeblood of any online sportsbook and right now, the blood is running dry over at Oddsmaker. 

Welcome Bonuses

It Pays To Use Bitcoin (We Think)

Oddsmaker doesn’t offer a standard sign-up bonus that can be redeemed with any deposit method. Nope, it only offers one on first-time deposits made via Bitcoin. Sure, that’s limiting, but Oddsmaker more than makes up for it.  

Here’s how: they’ll match an initial deposit made through Bitcoin by a whopping 150 percent. But it gets better. The promo can be maxed out at an eye-popping $10,000, which is perhaps the biggest bonus (in terms of dollar value) in the entire industry. But given Oddsmaker’s not-so-reputable history, this bonus very well might be “too good to be true” as they say. 


Welcome Bonus Screenshots


Check, Credit, or Crypto

The Cashier section is only accessible to account-holders. However, we did some digging and discovered what banking methods that Oddsmaker supports. Turns out, you can deposit with any one of the “three c’s” — check (electronic, of course), credit, or crypto.

Bitcoin: Only Crypto Accepted

The headline is true, Bitcoin is the sole cryptocurrency that can be used for banking at Oddsmaker. While we’d like more crypto options, at least Oddsmaker doesn’t skimp on the Bitcoin deposit limits. And that’s because there is no max limit — players are free to deposit as much coin as they please!

Credit Cards: Three Card Providers Supported

It seems like every online sportsbook defaults to Mastercard and VISA as deposit methods — and only these two card providers. So does Oddsmaker, but the bookie goes one step further and also supports American Express. 

Withdraw Winnings

History Of Issues

Paying players out is where Oddsmaker’s long-stemming issues start. Ex-users claim the site stiffed them all together, while others contend it took them months to get their rightful earnings back. A quick Google search of “Oddsmakers.ag scam” will bring hundreds of these stories to light. We’re of the belief that where there’s smoke, there’s fire and there’s something to these claims. With that in mind, take precautions with Oddsmaker. Take extra precautions until the site proves it can be trusted.

Placing a Bet

Lots Of Odds To Pick From

What Oddsmaker does have going for it is a huge sportsbook. Despite an overwhelming amount of lines offered on a daily basis, the book is organized in a neat enough fashion that bettors will be able to find just what they’re looking for. Once you have a line you like, click on it. This will bring it to your betting ticket. Enter how much you want to risk and click “place bet” to confirm it. 

Politics Betting

US President Odds Here

The politics menu at Oddsmaker consists of US affairs and that’s about it. You’ll see this menu get busy as the US Presidential election nears. Oddsmaker offers a decent selection outside of just which candidate will win the nominee, including odds on certain state winners.


Few Games, Many Leagues

Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Starcraft — that’s practically all the video games carried on Oddsmaker for wagering. Not a lot of titles, but the amount of pro leagues offered within each game is much more deep. 

Virtual Sports Betting

Kill Some Time With A Simulation

Oddsmaker labels these as “sports sims” and it’s not located in the actual sportsbook itself. No, there’s actually a separate section for gambling on virtual games, which can be found in the main site menu. Oddsmaker only offers betting on published games like FIFA, Madden, or NBA 2K. 


Full-Court Press

Spread, over/under, in-play, futures, props — you name the bet and Oddsmaker probably has it available for NBA wagering. NCAA basketball is also supported, just not to the same extent as the NBA. 

US Open

Big Presence During Grand Slams

Tennis is a staple of the Oddsmaker sportsbook year-round. But it picks up extra steam during the major tournaments — Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open. For any one of those, you’ll have your pick at a litany of bets for singles and doubles events. 


Prominent Fixture

Have you ever heard of the Australian Football League? No? We hadn’t either until we entered Oddsmaker. The league — which is American-style football with an Australian twist, not to be confused with soccer — can be bet on at the bookie, along with NFL and NCAA football. We point out the AFL because those are the extremes that Oddsmaker goes to provide football betting. Seriously, the selection is tip-top.  


Large Selection

Like football, Oddsmaker doesn’t keep its baseball choices limited to just MLB. The sportsbook also carries foreign baseball leagues in Japan, Korea, and elsewhere. But of course, MLB has the most action available by far. 

More Betting Options

An Abundance Of Soccer

Soccer is definitely the king of the Oddsmaker sportsbook. You’ll find more lines for the sport than any other one. Odds will cover most prominent club or national team games. 


Wide Array Of Games

Game options are not lacking in the Oddsmaker casino. Players have their pick at a plethora of games such as KENO, slots, tables games, video poker, and a bunch more. What’s more is the site offers tournaments and leaderboards to keep the game action lively and competitive. 


Casino Screenshot

Live Betting

Could Be Better Selection

When inside the Oddsmaker sportsbook, on the top menu there’s a tab titled “live” — this is where all in-play games are listed. The selection is so-so. While Oddsmaker carries live betting for marquee leagues (e.g. NFL or NBA), it could diversity its menu more with lesser-followed sports. 

Parlay Betting

More Risk, More Reward

Laying down a parlay is easy enough on Oddsmaker. Just add two or more betting lines to your slip. Oddsmaker allows bettors to split money apart on individual legs of a parlay, too. For instance, you could bet $15 on one leg, then $8 on the second leg if you’re less confident about it. The platform will auto-adjust potential winnings based on how you split money throughout the parlay. 

Additional Betting Help

Even better than a blog

We’re not sure if we’d call this a “resource” per se, but boy, is it a real unique offering of Oddsmaker. The bookie openly advertises annual trips to hot-spot destinations like Las Vegas for select “VIP players.” To become a VIP, either a Silver or Gold one, you simply need to apply. If Oddsmaker thinks you’re up to snuff, you’ll be entered for a chance at one of these lavish trips that includes accommodations, private games, and more. Akin to the Bitcoin bonus, this feels too good to be true. 


Players Club Program

Similar to how physical casinos offer “comps” to loyal players, so does Oddsmaker, only in virtual form. All players are automatically enrolled into the Players Club upon sign-up. Consistent playthrough — either in the casino or sportsbook or both — will accumulate users points that they can later redeem for cashback, tournament entries, or merchandise.


Promotions Screenshot

Customer Service

Help Is Ready

If you’re hung up while on Oddsmaker, its customer service team isn’t hard to reach whatsoever. You can get in contact with them either via email (support@oddsmaker.ag), phone (1-877-633-7238), or the live chat. We used the latter option to confirm whether membership was closed. We received a quick response back that it in-fact was “until further notice from the management.” 


Not Applicable

Remember earlier when we mentioned sign-ups are closed at Oddsmaker? Welp, since we don’t even have an account, then we’re sure not getting any emails from the book either. Therefore, we can’t speak to how Oddsmaker uses email to communicate with its players.  

Live Streaming

Won’t Find It Here

Before you cut the cord, just know Oddsmaker has no live-streaming capabilities on its site, nor does very many other online sportsbooks for that matter. This feature, while in high demand, is in low supply by the industry at-large. 


Overcome Site Restrictions

Oddsmaker’s legality is different from country-to-country. Sure, it’s mostly legal to use most of the world, but there are a few countries that restrict its use. Though, bypassing those restrictions comes easy with virtual private networks (VPN). These online services will hide your real IP address — which is what gives away your location — and gives you an alternate one, which can be located anywhere in the world. 

HideMyAss: Works Without A Hitch

If VPN sounds like something you’ll need to access Oddsmaker or any other website for that matter, then HMA should get your attention. This VPN is a popular choice among bettors for a good reason — it works exactly like it’s supposed to. HMA has around 300 different servers throughout the map that users can freely connect to. We used multiple to access Oddsmaker and the website experience remained unchanged each time. 


Can’t Overlook Its Controversial Past

Online sportsbooks are made or broken based on the trust players have in it. For Oddsmaker, that trust has been compromised and at this point, it might never be restored. Our advice is to avoid Oddsmaker for reasons we’ve already outlined:

OddsMaker Sportsbook Review

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Editor's rating

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100% Initial Deposit Bonus

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