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Heritage Sports Sportsbook Review

There’s no shortage of bonuses/promos on Heritage Sports. There’s a little something for every player here whether it’s in the form of cashback, reduced juice, or traditional sign-up bonuses.

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50% cash on deposits of $300 or more

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Why do I like the Heritage Sportsbook?

Whereas many online sportsbooks would make you choose between earning cashback or getting reduced betting lines, Heritage sportsbook players are eligible for both. It’s a double-play deal that proves its value over the long run.

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50% cash on deposits of $300 or more

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Our Review

Pros & Cons

Basic Information

Heritage Sports Key Facts

  • HQ

    Costa Rica




    Not available


    United States, Canada, and much of Europe


    Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Slots, Video Poker


    Baseball, Basketball, Badminton, Boxing, Cycling, Darts, eSports, Football, Golf, Horse Racing, Hockey, MMA, Motorsports, Soccer, Tennis



Account creation

Security Measures Slows It Down

At first glance, registering at Heritage sportsbook is no different from other online sportsbooks in that you need to give them basic information about yourself such as name, email, password, address, etc. However, things get complicated after this filling out the details.

First, you’ll receive an automated call from Heritage with a four-digit verification code that you need to enter — so be sure to use a real phone number when singing up. Next, you will have to call them back and give them a reference number which is shared with you on-screen. 

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Account Creation

Customer Service

Clunky Live Chat at Heritage

We’re not big fans of live chat on the Heritage sportsbook. The system itself is fine — customer service agents are readily available to answer questions and troubleshoot issues. No, our complaint is with the interface. Instead of being a small pop-up box, the chat takes the full-length of the screen, meaning you’ll have to open another window to browse while you wait on answers from customer service. There’s no way to minimize the chat either without ending the conversation completely. The user experience could use some serious work here.  

Of course, you could just bypass the live chat entirely. Heritage customer support can also be reached via telephone, 1-800-800-7777, or email, customerservice@heritagespots.com.


Heritage Has The Essentials

Without question, Heritage sportsbook has two popular deposit methods: prepaid/credit card and Bitcoin. However, it’s not the only options. They also accept bank wires, cashiers checks, and money orders. That should pretty much cover most bettors.

Bitcoin: Setting Up An Address Is Automatic

Those unfamiliar with Bitcoin might think getting set-up is difficult. Welp, it’s not. There’s a bunch of easy-to-use crypto wallets online for buying and storing Bitcoin. At Heritage, when you choose to deposit with Bitcoin, they’ll generate you a unique address to link with said crypto wallet. From there, transactions are processed within the hour for quick turnarounds.  

Credit cards: Heritage accepts Three

At the Heritage sportsbook, you can use either American Express, Mastercard, and VISA to fund your account. The option for AMEX is a nice bonus, since it’s not widely-accepted at many competitors. Also, keep the deposit limits in mind. On a per transaction basis, the max is $500, while the minimum is $15. 

Welcome Bonuses

A Modest Bonus

First-time players to Heritage sportsbook are eligible for a 50-percent-match bonus on deposits of $300 or more. The max award is capped at $250, however, and comes with a steep 12X playthrough requirement. The welcome promo leaves a lot to be desired, but Heritage’s bread and butter is more cashback and reduced juice rather than initial deposit bonuses. 

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Bonuses Screenshot

Placing a Bet

Keep the Heritage Alive

More or less, Heritage’s interface is akin to many competitors, which isn’t a slight. When inside the sportsbook, the left-hand menu is intuitively categorized by sport and league. Filter this down until you find the odds you want. Tapping on the line will send it to your bet slip where you add your stake total. Just be sure to look out for the “max risk” which is where Heritage caps certain bets at. Hit the confirm button to finalize the wager. 

Politics Betting

US Presidential Props

It’s pretty common to see most online sportsbooks offer some betting around politics, usually the US Presidential election. Heritage does as well, but takes it one step further with a range of props for the election such as which political party will win which US state. Props like those are a nice added bonus that many competitors don’t have. 


In A Class Of Their Own

Few online bookmakers rival Heritage when it comes to eSports support. The platform has odds for a plethora of games. Of course, you’ll see popular titles like Call of Duty or Counter-Strike on there. However, Heritage separates itself from competitors by carrying lines for less-followed games such as Pro Evolution Soccer or Valorant, too. If you’re serious about eSports gambling, you’ll find comfort in Heritage’s service. 

Virtual Sports Betting

Not at Heritage

Despite it’s large eSports presence, Heritage actually doesn’t carry odds for virtual or simulated sports. That could be a deal-breaker for some players, but then again, interest in virtual sport wagering remains relatively niche.

NFL Betting

-108 Lines Are Magical

Remember the reduced juice lines we mentioned before? Well, it’s not applicable to all sports. However, it is on football bets, which the NFL falls into. While -108 might not seem far off from the usual -110 line, it does add up in the long run big time.  

MLB betting

Swing For The Fences

MLB doesn’t get in on the reduced juice fun like the NFL and NBA. Nonetheless, Heritage still gives baseball and MLB bettors some value with eight-cent progressive baseball lines.Copy

NBA Betting

Sharpen Those Betting Lines

Reduced juice lines are also applicable to NBA betting, and all of basketball, for that matter. Like the NFL, it’s only on pre-game lines so typical -110 odds are shaved down to -108 on Heritage. Sharper lines such as these outpace much of the market, which is no small thing. 

US open betting

Check Out Tennis Pro

It’s obvious the Heritage sportsbook has a serious commitment to tennis because on top of its regular tennis wagering menu, there’s also a “pro” version exclusively for the sport. Between the two, you’ll find lines for a never-ending amount of matches and tournaments. Of course, the US Open and the other three Grand Slam tournaments is a part of that, but far from the only thing offered. 

More Betting Options

Soccer Selection Is Phenomenal

Heritage sportsbook actually has two separate soccer menus for wagering — its regular one and a “plus” version (similar to the aforementioned Tennis Pro). The latter has extended offerings for a litany of international leagues. You’ll have a more difficult time finding soccer matches that aren’t available for betting than ones that are. Seriously, the soccer selection is beyond belief. 


Free Or For Real

The beauty of Heritage’s casino is you can either play for free or for real. Atop the game selection, you can easily toggle back and forth between the two options. Even better, the number of games inside the casino will keep you busy for a long time. From slots to table games to video poker, this should cover the bases of most players.   


No Heritage Poker Room

Heritage has a live casino, but unfortunately, poker is not part of the selection. That feels like a big miss for Heritage in an industry where poker is still the most-coveted table game. Its live casino does offer blackjack, baccarat, and roulette, though.

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Live Betting

Real-Time Betting at Heritage Sportsbook

First things first, hit the “live betting” tab in the top menu. You’ll be led to a separate experience that lists every in-play wager currently available on site. Placing a bet is no different than a regular straight bet, aside from the odds perhaps updating on you before you can confirm it. From our experience, Heritage sportsbook does a top-notch job of refreshing lines as game action unfolds.  

Parlay Betting

High Risk, High Reward

Placing a parlay in the Heritage sportsbook is pretty self-explanatory. Just add multiple events to your betting slip. While there, hit the “parlay” tab. On this screen, you’ll add the exact amount you want to risk. You can only add one lump sum for the entire parlay, not split up money between different legs. Hit “confirm” and you’re off to the races!

Withdraw Winnings

Two Routes At Heritage

You can cash out winnings either via Bitcoin or a mailed check. Word of caution with checks: Heritage gives you one free cashout per month with it. Any more after that comes with a $50 flat fee. This applies to checks only as Bitcoin is always free-of-charge. 

Bitcoin withdrawals: The More Convenient Way To Get Paid at Heritage

Bitcoin definitely beats out check in convenience factor thanks to quicker transfers, more security, and fee-less transactions. However, in order to be paid out in Bitcoin you must’ve also deposited with the digital currency. It’s not doable if the funds in your account were originally deposited with credit, for instance. The minimum withdrawal amount with Bitcoin is $100. 

No Credit Card withdrawals at Heritage

Not available.

Additional Betting Help

Heritage offers little

You won’t find much betting guidance from Heritage themselves. There’s no blog or even an FAQ section. Any advice on betting will have to come from Google searches.


Cashback For Loyal Players

Tried-and-true players of the Heritage sportsbooks are eligible for a once-a-quarter rebate on sports wagers. The amount will all depend on the amount of wagers you placed that quarter (e.g. under 150 equals a 0.4% rebate, while it’s doubled to 0.8% for 500-plus bets). Better yet, there’s zero rollover requirements on cashback rewards.  

Occasional Email

If you absolutely hate spam email — then again, who doesn’t, right? — you don’t have to worry about it with Heritage. They won’t flood your email inbox with countless messages. Instead, communication is more sporadic, but worthwhile. When you do receive a note from Heritage, it usually has to do with a great promo they’re currently running. 

Push notifications: Doesn’t Apply

Heritage is fully accessible from a mobile device, but just not through a native app. Its website is fully-responsive so the experience you get on desktop and mobile is virtually the same. Without a downloadable app, there’s no functionality for them to send push notifications to your phone.   

Live Streaming

Not Supported

If you want to stream the game you have money on, you’ll have to do it elsewhere. Unfortunately, Heritage doesn’t have this feature, so maybe think twice about cutting the cord on cable. 


In It For The Long Haul

To see Heritage Sports’ true value, you’ll need to wager on the platform for an extended time. If you do, you’ll benefit from:

Heritage Sports Sportsbook Review

I totally recommend sign-up at HeritageSports.

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50% cash on deposits of $300 or more

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