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BetRoyal Sportsbook Review

BetRoyal is a relic from the Internet twenty years ago.

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BetRoyal doesn’t offer much to like. Perhaps “like” is too strong of a word in this instance. While there are some okay features at BetRoyal, the site remains underwhelming by and large. 

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Basic Information

BetRoyal Key Facts

  • HQ

    Believed to be the Curaçao Islands






    Primarily in European countries


    Baseball, Basketball, eSports, Football, Golf, Horse Racing, Hockey, MMA, Soccer, Tennis


    Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, KENO, Poker, Roulette



Account creation

Not Taking In New Members?

Everytime we tried to register at BetRoyal, we were met with the same exact response — “BetRoyal is not receiving customer requests from the United States.” We even used VPN’s to mark our location from other countries and still got the same message. The site also recommended us to use MyBookie.ag and BetNow.eu for real money play. As far as we can tell, the site isn’t taking in new members from any country.  

Since we weren’t able to sign up, we were locked out of many different website features. Keep that in mind while you read our review. Some of the information provided had to be digged up with research, not our own experience. 

Welcome Bonuses

Too Good To Be True

The new player bonus that BetRoyal advertises sounds good — perhaps too good to be true. They claim to match new signees first deposit by 50 percent, a promo that can reach as much as $10,000. If that figure is honest, then it would be one of the highest bonus amounts across the entire industry. But let’s be honest, does a middle-of-the-road bookie like BetRoyal really have the pockets to shell out that type of money to players? We have a hard time believing so. 


The Great Unknown

One of the site features that’s locked to non-account holders is the banking section. For whatever reason, BetRoyal is tight-lipped about this, not even including any information about deposit methods supported in its terms and conditions statement. Furthermore, Google searches returned little information on what’s accepted, too. Therefore, we can’t definitely say what is or what isn’t accepted for funding at BetRoyal. 

One has to wonder, why even hide this information if your BetRoyal? It’s one of many red flags we get from browsing the site. Speaking of red flags, none is bigger than its bonus, which we’ll cover next. 

Withdraw Winnings

Remains A Mystery

Not to rehash what we already covered, but just like deposits, BetRoyal isn’t outwardly stating what withdrawal methods are supported on its platform. Reliable information was also missing from the Internet. Instead of feeding you misinformation, we’ll just politely say we don’t have an answer here.  

Placing a Bet

Terrible User Interface

To be completely blunt, BetRoyal’s website design is an eyesore to look at. It looks like it hasn’t been updated since the turn of the century. To say the design needs to be modernized is an understatement.

As for betting itself, it’s doable, at least. The sportsbook is organized by sport and league. That makes finding a bet easy. Once you’ve found a game, you’ll see a purple “bet now” icon that looks absolutely archaic. But it does work. Just tap on that icon, enter how much you want to bet, and finish off by confirming the wager.    

Politics Betting

Not Available

The sportsbook at BetRoyal is void of wagers on non-sporting events. That means oddball things like politics or competitive eating are not available for betting, despite being carried by some betting sites. Those looking for US Presidential election odds will need to find it elsewhere.


Could Be Easier To Find

When it comes to eSports, BetRoyal only offers betting on sport-based video games like Madden or NBA 2K, for instance. However, there’s no eSports tab in the sportsbook where all these odds can easily be found. Instead, BetRoyal places the betting under the sport. For example, to find Madden odds, you’ll need to go to the football submenu, which also houses real-life NFL betting.


Great In-Play Action

The NBA has a solid presence at BetRoyal. In particular, we’re big fans of the in-play experience of pro basketball. The natural ebbs and flows of the game lends itself well to real-time betting. We strongly advise to give that a spin (or two) in BetRoyal’s live wagering sportsbook (more on that soon).

US Open

Grand Slam Action

Tennis markets are plentiful on BetRoyal. However, the action really picks up around Grand Slam tourneys like Wimbledon or the US Open. It’s during these peak moments that BetRoyal pulls out all the stops to offer gambling on each event, whether it be the mens, womens, singles, or doubles competition.  


So-So Selection

Speaking of the NFL, it’s definitely a staple of BetRoyal’s sportsbook. Inside, you’ll find pregame lines (halftime, quarter, and full game) for every single NFL contest. However, BetRoyal’s prop and futures selection for the league is a little underwhelming.


Only The Essentials

Not unlike what we said about the NFL, the MLB selection could really use more side bets like props or futures. At the moment, BetRoyal really only sticks to game lines in regards to its MLB menu. Those are essential but do run dry after a while. Props are a great way to break the monotony and something BetRoyal should embrace more across its entire sportsbook.

More Betting Options

Racebook With Rebates

Horse racing is a big deal at BetRoyal. You’ll find betting lines for about 200 different tracks from across the whole world. Better yet, BetRoyal offers an eight-percent rebate on horse betting. The rebate applies to losers only and can be redeemed every week.    


Needs A Drastic Update

Like the rest of the BetRoyal site, the casino looks incredibly outdated. The low-rent graphics really brings down the playing experience, especially compared to other competitors. If you can get past that, though, there are a bunch of games available. Players will have their pick at table games, slots, and video poker machines. 

Live Betting

Beware Of This Rule

BetRoyal does indeed offer in-play wagering on select games. However, while glancing at its live betting rules, we were surprised by one mandate in particular: “markets do not include overtime unless otherwise stated.” What? Are you serious? Few things are as exciting as overtime action and to not offer it at all is an oversight to say the very least.

Parlay Betting

Special Features Available

Ah, parlays, a favorite among bettors everywhere. Of course, parlays are accepted at BetRoyal. But the site actually offers a few unique twists to the popular bet type. One is the no-can-lose parlay. Get this, if you place a 7, 8, 9, or 10-team parlay and every single one loses, you’ll actually get paid out. How’s that for a change? A sportsbook that pays you to lose!

Another feature is the second-chance parlay. Bettors know the agony of failing on a parlay by a single bet. With this feature, BetRoyal will refund your original stake if a 7, 8, 9, or 10-leg parlay misses by a single leg.

Additional Betting Help

Nothing Here

No one ever said betting would be easy — and that goes for experienced or newbie bettors alike. That’s why some online sportsbooks offer free betting analysis and advice through a blog. BetRoyal is not one of those sites, however. If you’re looking for betting guidance, you’ll need to look for it externally.


Get Paid To Play

BetRoyal has a loyalty program that awards bettors for consistent playthrough across all its platforms — the sportsbook, casino, or horse racebook. Accumulated points can be redeemed for cash back every single week. The maximum amount that can be earned on a weekly basis is $1,000, which is no small sum (if true). 

Customer Service

Check FAQ Section First

As far as we can tell, the only way to reach BetRoyal customer service is through email (csmanager@sbgsupport.com). That means no live chat or telephone. We can’t help but feel that’s more than antiquated in today’s climate.


Couldn’t Join Mailing List

Remember earlier when we mentioned we couldn’t even sign up for a playing account at BetRoyal? Welp, that also means we couldn’t join its e-mailing list. Therefore, we can’t speak on the site’s email marketing tactics. 

Live Streaming

No Watching On BetRoyal

C’mon, take a look at the BetRoyal interface. You really think a site like this could even support a live streaming feature? No way. The site is way too old school to do so. For watching games in real-time, a cable or satellite TV subscription remains your best bet, not BetRoyal. 


Mask Your IP Address

We alluded to this earlier, but it bears repeating: virtual private networks (VPN) work just fine on BetRoyal. For those unfamiliar, a VPN service can hide your IP address, which is what websites use to know your location. Moreover, a VPN will disguise your IP address as coming from an entirely different location.   

HideMyAss: A Favorite Among Bettors

If you’re in the market for a reliable and easy-to-use VPN, then look no further than HMA. It comes well-recommended by us and many in the online betting community. HMA hosts 300 servers throughout the globe that users can connect to and mask their IP address from. We used a slew to access BetRoyal and saw no issues whatsoever.  


Avoid This Archaic Site

Look, the online betting industry is ultra-competitive. To keep pace, you need to update your site regularly. That’s why we have a tough time recommending BetRoyal sportsbook, which has remained stagnant over the years. The platform has a long way to catch up with competitors, little less pass them. Here’s our wishlist to improve the site:

BetRoyal Sportsbook Review

The betting site, while functional, needs to drastically evolve to keep pace in this quickly-evolving industry. Look for a better option.

Editor’s rating