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The rise and fall of EZStreet Sports is a cautionary tale to all seeking to join an online sportsbook that it's always wise to go with an established entity with a proven track record that is reliable, trustworthy, a place where you can rest assured that your funds will be safe and secure. [+]

The problems for the site began in 2011, when a casino player hadn't been paid $46,000 in winnings. EZStreet representatives insisted they'd seized the money because they said player was utilizing a bot to play his poker hands but offered no proof to back up this assertion. And when the hand logs were released for perusal, experts in the field stated that the evidence suggested human play.

Perhaps it was too good to be true. EZStreet drew a faithful following of a small but high-end group of bettors when it waded into the online sportsbook scene in 2008. EzStreet attracted baseball bettors baseball bettors by offering a dimeline. EZStreet looked to be a solid choice for horse bettors too as they offered a three per cent rebate on net losses, to be paid out once a month. Their VIP Lounge provided access to sports news, statistics and game broadcasts.


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EZ Street Sports Sportsbook Review

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