Ontario Sports Betting

Not only is Ontario the most populated province in Canada, but it’s also the only Canadian region that has a local team in three of the “Big Four” North American pro leagues. It’s safe to say that the sports gambling industry in Ontario is a busy one. At SBS, our sports betting review team has dug deep to bring the best sports wagering options available to handicappers in the Heartland Province.

Sports Betting Sites In Ontario

While localized sports wagering sites do exist in Ontario, the betting choices they present are not the full meal deal we expect. Ontario handicappers looking for more complete options, such as single bet wagering, are advised to check out the SBS top-rated sports betting websites below.

Sports Betting Options in Ontario

Licensed and operated by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG), which is a Provincial Crown corporation, the proline.olg.ca website is the only “government certified” sports betting method in Ontario. Branded as Pro Line, this quasi-gambling option consists of three main wagering offerings. 

Pro Line Sports Betting In Ontario

Pro Line, which is loosely modeled after the standard money line betting options found in Las Vegas, is the self titled and most popular of the three wagering methods offered by the OLG. Handicappers playing Pro Line are required to pick at least three and up to six outcomes from two or more sporting events.

Point Spread Betting In Ontario

As the name suggests, Point Spread betting is offered to handicappers who are looking to wager on events that come with predetermined betting odds. With this option, bettors choose between two and 12 contests from sports that include pro or college football, MLB action, and of course puck betting action from the NHL. 

Ontario Pro Picks Sports Wagering

Pro Picks sports wagering is a facsimile of the proposition betting methods offered by offshore sports betting websites. Consisting of Picks, Pools and Prop betting cards, handicappers can wager on individual players as well as team totals with Pro Picks. “The Tipster” offers all the details at the OLG gambling website.